Me and the 'puter just got done being sick. Had to reformat my hard drive, which brought back my sound and ability to get onto the internet. However my DVD player is still doing the hiccups it was doing before I had the sound problem a couple of months ago. I actually watched a couple of the DVDs that I've been paying Netflix for w/out watching them! "Best of Times" and "Bad Boys"... not exactly high-brow stuff but what the hey, you know? Went out to buy some food, but arrived at the store in West Hartford at 22:08, just 8mins after they closed! The Adam's store next door had some Empire Fried Chicken so I bought that... so much for staying in ketosis! I've got to go back out this morning all over again to buy the groceries that I still need.


Biked into work in the midst of the "Major Nor'easter" (God, TV is so panic driven!) Was lots of fun, it was a nice dry snow and actually cleaned up my bike and boots. I actually saw two plow trucks in East Windsor, I didn't know they had that many! You can't tell by how long it takes them to plow the Broad Brook and Windsorville sections of town... must save the resources for the Wal-mart and Showcase cinemas in the Warehouse point section...

I tell you, people just completely freak out in the snow. I was actually outdistancing some drivers! Then there were the mongoloid types who felt they needed to roll down their windows and make obscene comments on my method of transportation. I just waved and smiled. I get to work and the day shifters were just flabbergasted, they haven't been seeing me doing this for these past few weeks.

Started our shift did an ALS transfer to Hartford Hospital then responded as the paramedics for a sick person in Coventry. Roads were very slick, but I wasn't going as slow as the people I passed on my bike! I do have to admit that I felt safer and in better control on my bike then in the ambulance. Stayed at work this morning because I had to take my Blood Bourne Pathogens recert. Talked about Smallpox among other things including getting the atropine autoinjectors... like they're going to help... if you get hit with nerve agent you're not going to have time to use it before you fall dead onto the floor.

The roads were "clear" for the ride home, however all the wet sand and salt got me and the bike filthy... much more enjoyable to be cyling in the powder!

Oh yeah, my furnace boiler developed a large hole and I'm now heating the house with a space heater and an oven. If you don't hear from me I'm likely dead from CO poisoning... only kidding, this house has so many leaks that no CO buildup is likely...


I had a several day hiatus from riding my bike. On Thanksgiving I had to be in too many places in too short a time to be able to bicyle to them all (Road Race, My Sister's, then a work shift), On Friday I went out with a young lady to see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" in Hartford. On Saturday I went to a public Chanukah Menorah lighting in Glastonbury, then I went to a shift in Manchester. On Sunday when I figured I'd finally have a chance to ride, I found that my front brake was messed up beyond my meager skills to repair it. Made a special trip on Monday to get it fixed (required a new cable), and was finally able to bike again for last night's shift. Of course the bike's underside got covered with sand/salt because of the heavily treated roads in some parts. As usual, East Windsor's snow removal was very sub-par compared with the surrounding towns. I hope they don't pay much in taxes, at least.

Well, my dinner's done so I'll be going now...


Well the road race went well, was actually won by an Australian this year, narrowly beating the Kenyans who usually win, of course the Irish team was right up there too. There was the usual assortment of ordinary runners and walkers, along with the folks in goofy costumes... can you imagine running in just a loincloth and warpaint when temps are in the low teens? I sure can't!

On the EMS side, I figured we were going to get a lot of exercise induced asthma, especially since I could already hear people coughing and weasing at my post at the first corner (Charter Oak at the I-384 exit ramp); luckily the temperature rose up in time before they hit heartbreak hill, mitigating the situation greatly. What we did get a lot of were twisted/sprained ankles secondary to slipping on the ice from the snowstorm the day before. It was fun, and after four years of doing this I was for the first time dressed properly and was able to adjust my layers for the changing temperatures.

I missed hearing "Alice's Restaurant" on the radio... but I did have a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat at my sister's house, but I stayed up 'till the next morning because I had to work a shift last night. I was pretty tired though, on our only call (a half hour before the end of the shift, of course) I was so groggy that Genny had to order me around like I was a robot or something. Unfortunately I couldn't bike to/from work because of all the places I had to be yesterday.

Chanukah started tonight, and I lit the first candle in my menorah just before I lit my Shabbos candles. That's on my little store bought menorah, I actually today built my own menorah out of a cut up yard stick, bottle caps, silver spray paint, and Elmer's glue. It'll fit Shabbos candles instead of those little candles that fit in store bought menorim. I couldn't use it tonight 'cause it's still drying, but it'll be ready for the rest of the week and especially for the last night which is also on Shabbos this year.

Still need to get down to the bike shop to fix my headlight issues, maybe I just need a bulb for my cateye... that would be the simplest thing.


We had our first stint of winter weather today, and on my ride home from work I got to do my first shot at "icebiking". It wasn't bad at all, really. Of course everyone at work thougth I was seriously disturbed and would probably get killed, though the fact of the matter is I passed/was passed by Alpha one twice when the responded to some call in South Windsor. The biking was obviously easier then the driving evidenced by all the swervy skid tracks I saw in the snow, and by the fact that cars were barely passing me! The only part of me that got cold was my face due to melting snow, and even that warmed up by the second half of the ride... By that time I was in East Windsor. I've lived around here all my life and East Windsor has NEVER had anything near decent snow removal. That' s where my face warmed up because I was working so hard to make headway... its also where my chainset started to get iced up and I nearly took some diggers due to the horrible ruts in the snow. The icebike webpage says you should try to ride through the unrutted portions... Guess I'll try that next time. The one thing that really annoyed me was that the new headlight I had just bought, and only really used twice before today, quit about three quarters through the ride. I recharged the battery when I got home, but the light still doesn't work. I'm going to have to buy a new light if I'm to continue my resolution to keep on commuting to work. Hopefully I can get a refund for this light- I mail ordered it- but if I'm to get a replacement by this weekend I'll have to purchase one at a local bike shop $$$.

I have got to say that even after only a few days of commuting to work on the bicycle, my legs aren't really achy anymore... though I still want to thank the man or woman who discovered Ibuprofin! I've got to get the bike ready for the road race tomorrow morning... wash off the crud that splashed up onto it during the ride, not to mention washing my riding gear. Its already half past eleven and I'm still procrastinating about doing it... I guess I just want to relax for a day.

The snow has brought other news... my brother has obviously hired the same guy to plow the driveway here at the house and filling plant. I was watching as the guy put the snowbanks right by the gates to the filling plant again, so that the gates can't open all the way. I went out to talk to him, and I thought I was being diplomatic, but he just gave me the old smile and nod routine, obviously dismissing me as some kind of moron. He left the snowbanks where they were and proceeded to also plow in the back dock making it completely inaccesable. At least he didn't plow in the dumpster (this time). I truly hate people who take money to supposedly do a professional job and then don't even take the effort to do a good job. I wrote Alan an email that he should draw the guy a picture or something...


Funny, FUNNY link.... Deer Season
Wow, nearly two weeks since the last post... I'm getting remiss at doing this

Anyway, I've pretty much blown my last paycheck outfitting me and my bike in preparation for wintertime commuting. I've gotten a lot of information from the Icebike webpage. I've done test rides into both locations of work and found that oddly enough it takes the same amount of time to each one, even though our East Hartford office has got to be about five miles farther than our Manchester office. Turns out I can get to work on time just by getting up an hour earlier. The way I figure it, the extra time spent is about equivalent to joining a gym, but without paying ~$100/month, add to that saving ~$100/month in gasoline and $70/month for parking in Harford (for my upcoming paramedic class) and that's nearly $300/month savings just by bicyling to work with the side benefit of getting into much better shape! Very efficient, which is something I love.

Actually did my test ride to East Hartford just yesterday. Went quite well even with headwinds for about half the route. Then I crossed the "Riverwalk" on the Founders' Bridge just to see how to get down on the other side. It was very useful since I found out you have to walk your bike on the other side... so I just took the elevator down to Columbus Blvd since I was walking anyway. After that I pedaled my way up to Windsor Locks to mail some novels I had sold on half.com, on the way it got dark, and my legs started to give out... luckily a friend of mine called and I asked her to meet me at the post office and she gave me a ride home.

Thanksgiving's this week, I think I'm prepped and in shape for the EMS bike team. A little different than regular cool/cold weather cyling since most ot the race we're just standing around waiting for something to happen. Since you're not pedaling to make heat it can get downright frigid, which requires a different dressing strategy.

Of course, right after Thanksgiving, Chanukah starts this year. Various organizations have sent me postcards telling of their various events for the upcoming week. Hmmm... I think I'm going to have to take a short vacation from the Atkins diet, how can a person go to someone's house and refuse to eat the food they've made for you? My mother would roll over in her grave!

Right now I'm waiting for my winter weight cycling tights from Col d'Liz�rd to show up. Hopefully they'll come before I leave for work. I'd rather wear those than my sweatsuit.


Its been a week since I made an entry, so I'm not going to bother with describing a week's worth of calls on the trucks... the only thing memorable is from just last night when this lady knocks on the door of 10-2 (our East Hartford office), then asks up to take her to Manchester Hospital. My partner asked her why she wanted to go, she replied because she was 5 1/2 months pregnant, was depressed, and wanted to hurt herself. After the call, my partner tells me the lady told him that she had this pregnancy aborted in August, but that she thought that she had twins and that the doctors had missed the other one!

Big event of the past week in my life: I've been accepted into Hartford Hospital's Day Paramedic program. It starts this January and runs through April 2004. Now I've got to figure out a way to pay for the tuition, I'm hoping the bank will let me attach a credit line to my checking account. One thing I do have tenatively solved about the classes, when I took my intermediate class the parking situation was a mess (I should tell you sometime about the time I was involved in a slow speed chase with Hartford Hospital security through the employee parking garage!) They told me that parking for the day classes hasn't improved whatsoever, but that I could fork over $70/month to park in the employee garage. Things are going to be tight enough already without shelling out for parking, so I decided to ride my bicycle into the city from 10-2. I imagine it will actually be the faster during the morning rush hour anyway. I've been reading up about commuting on bikes and about winter bicycle riding. The website of the Connecticut Bicycle Coalition was quite informative and had lots of great links.

I've got to get up at 4am tomorrow morning to drive up to the New England Trauma Conference, up north of Boston. (What a guy has to do for CMEs...) So I'll be signing off for now since I should really be getting some sleep before I drive up there. Catch y'all later and stay safe!


Remember to VOTE today! Ellington's got something like a dozen referenda on the ballot this year, most of which I couldn't care less about. The trick bit is that because of constuction at the High School, we'll be voting at the Junior High today. Has it really been twenty years since I was at Longview? Doesn't seem like that long.

As for that senator who died in the plane crash... I heard that Governor Ventura appointed an independant to fill the post. I wonder where exactly that leaves the senate for now? I mean each party has 49 seats, does that mean that since Dick Cheney in his capacity as President of the Senate makes the Senate Republican? I'm not sure...
I made my first sale on ebay's half.com just the other day. To clear up space I'm not only donating my unworn clothes to good will, but I'm selling off some of my books. Its easy to post the books for sale at half.com, and I just mailed out "How We Speak" to a young lady in Wisconsin. Hope she like it, I know I did.

Now for telling you what we did on Saturday night... Its been a few days and the thing I remember best is that I was exhaustedly tired. I hadn't been able to sleep all day long on Saturday, although I went on an extra long bike ride and did lots of housework. When I got in for my shift with Stuart Geres, I let him know I was darn tired... it didnt' help that we didn't really get a breather until after 2am, back to back to back calls etc... including one OB transfer (w/ twins!) whose contractions started to increase as we got closer to St. Francis. She held it in until we got there though... I'm glad because I have no wish to clean up that sort of mess! Yuck!

I wonder what I wrote so much about on Sunday before I lost it all? Ah, well... it must be the Allzheimer's kicking in early!
Happy election day! Vote early, and vote often!

I wrote a nice long post just the other day, but just as I was putting in the last few phrases, my 'puter locked up! I do get so very frustrated by inanimate objects that don't do what I want!

Anyway, worked last night with New Guy, Matt. He's an 8th district volunteer and dispatcher, so he's a walking mapbook of Manchester. Too bad he's 18 and can't drive for three years by the new rules, at least he can keep his partners from getting lost. We did a couple of emergencies and a couple of transfers... I'm hazy on details because I drove all night of course. On the last call, though, we did find out that the brand new truck we were in didn't have heat in back. 518 is Ayla's truck and since she works during the day, I suppose the issue of heat hasn't come up for her yet this year. I imagine the valve for the coolant to reach the module's heater core aren't open, but I had no plans to crawn under the truck during a call!

On Sunday night I worked with Mike Ferguson... all we did was one transfer, although it was interesting because we dragged Peg from MMH's ED along with us because the guy had blood running. Stopped at Bess Eaton Doughnuts on the way back, I stayed in the truck because I'm on the Atkins diet and other than maybe tea (which I don't like) there's nothing whatsoever in there I can have. Nevertheless the young lady working there walks out to the ambulance and gives me a doughnut. My mother taught me to always accept gifts graciously, so I thanked her very much. Of course then I had to figure out what to do with the doughnut. Mike didn't want it, and neither did Peg. When we got back into town, I managed to catch up with Alpha 2 (Brian Eaton & Paula Kenehan), made them roll down their window at the corner of Spencer & Hartford, Shouted, "Happy Chanukah!" and threw them the doughnut. Mission accomplished! The only other interesting thing we did was to get a bottle cap to serve as a water dish for our mascot for Alpha 3... the other week I bought a toy EMS stuffed dog at Walgreens, he's a yellow Lab who wears a little pack, a ball cap, and even has a stethoscope! Mike and I named him Rhonchi... I was thinking of getting one of the other dogs in the series, maybe the St. Bernard mountain rescue, and naming him Rales. Mike thinks Stridor would be a better name, lol!

Saturday night was the one I wrote that big long post about and lost it! grrr. You know, I should probably post this one now just to be safe...


I just realized that I already used the Republican Jewish Coalition as a link a few days ago... so in a fit of a lack of inspiration, why don't you all look at a picture of the bike I'll be riding for the Manchester Road Race EMS Bike team.
As my previous post makes obvious, I'm putting my Engineering education on hold for a while. I came to this conclusion because when I looked around for employment in NYC (where I wanted to continue my education) I found that the market for Engineers w/ an A.S. is pretty flat right now, so that leaves me with the EMS option. While there's always employment opprotunities in EMS, there's much higher demand and wages for paramedics then there is for intermediates... thus my decision to go for my paramedic license. It means staying up here in CT for about another year, but patience is a virtue they say.

No shift last night (Shabbos). And frankly I've not been getting much accomplished around the house. This past week I've practically been sleeping around the clock. Its weird... I have had some sinus infection, but I don't think that's the whole of it... I'm going to do some experiments to try to improve the situatioin and I'll keep you updated

With election day coming up, here's a link in a political vein, the Republican Jewish Coalition


Oh yeah... I'm going to hold off on going to NYC for about another year... I'm going to get into Hartford Hospital's Paramedic Program (or as I prefer to call it, Hogwart's School of Paramagic), the interview's on Tuesday...
Hi everybody! Well it was real exciting last night, NOT! We didn't take care of a single patient- a continuing effect of managment's dropping the ball in terms of scheduling and the new insurance rule about people under 21 not being able to drive. Last night one of our paramedics was reduced to driving an EMT around, so we were left with 2 medics and 2 BLS cars... tactically that means that the medics are held for calls that need our medics, or in other words the BLS cars get to go to all the calls where the fire dept's own medics will be responding.

Well... we didn't quite end up doing nothing, I did buy a bunch of candy and handed it out to what kids we could find. Unfortunately it was a 7:30 to 7:30 shift so most of the kids were done by the time we could go out and look for them. I wound up giving it to people at the hospital, to co-workers, and everything that was left in the morning I gave to the town's homeless shelter.

I got my flu shot today, the RN was all concerned because I had checked the box about having previously had a reaction to the vaccine. Of course that was only after the first time I ever had such a shot, and hasn't happened ever since. In addition I got my new uniforms today too, nothing like fresh uniforms... so of course I dumped them staight into the washing machine!

Now I've been writing checks for Continuing Medical Education classes that seem to all be crammed into November. Sigh. The money from my paycheck hasn't even been in my account for 24 hours and I've already spent half of it... and that's with holding back on my car payment!

Hey, here's an interesting medical web site... check it out


Uhg.... I've been listening to beautiful music all night long on public radio... but now that annoying "Morning Edition" has started. Why does public radio have to do news and talk in the morning and the afternoon JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE??? I thought they were supposed to be DIFFERENT!!! GRRRR!!!
I've been trying to add my email address to the bar at the left so I can see if anyone's actually reading this thing other than me, so far, no go. Anyway, if anyone wants to write me use this.
Is my Blog HOT or NOT?
I think everyone should read this story


Did absolutely nothing at all last night and today, except sleep and surf... well I did broil and eat some steak. Pretty fascinating stuff, eh?

Site of the day The Republican Jewish Coalition


Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was exhausted when I got home. I've had a low grade fever, congestion, headache, etc for a few days and its just whipping me.

Anyway, for Sunday night I only did two calls. First we got sent to South Coventry for a diabetic, almost got to the scene, got canceled, was back in Manchester and got called back to the scene again, was two blocks from the scene and was detoured by constuction, finally intercepted with the volunteers and xported to Windham. Then we got sent up to Crystal Lake for another call. My partner was wondering if she was the only medic in eastern CT.

Last night we did five calls. Fevers seemed to be a theme early on. The two I teched were a man with an elevated temp and an altered mental status, then I did a transfer where we took the lady we had brought to Manchester with a high temp and difficulty breathing over to St. Francis to be admitted.

Here's a nice link where you can learn about what that snake around a stick we use for a medical symbol is all about.


Got done with the longest night of the year. Did three calls, unresponsive lady, possible OD; unresponsive teen how had done 42 shots!; and the guy who fell asleep at the wheel and rammed a pole... You know, I can never figure it out how people almost always hit dead on center with their hoods a pole or tree that's only about a foot in diameter. People so often have such good aim that it seems like they were *trying* to hit the pole!

Due to new insurance restrictions, managment has sprung a surpise on people under the age of 21. ASM has always allowed people to drive so long as they were 18, now they have to be 21. About a half dozen people have suddenly lost their driving privileges, and its making a real mess in the schedule, especially for those of us at night. Last night we should've had three paramedic cars to one Basic car, but a medic was paired with a non-driver so we ended up 2-and-2.

Here's a link for you A Random Joke


Good Shabbos! Gee, using the 'puter on Shabbos... guess I'll be using the down elevator one of these days! "If in Heaven we don't meet, hand in hand we'll share the heat!"

At least I don't actually *work* on Shabbos, so I don't have a shift from last night to summarize. What I have been doing is lots of laundry. I've realized I have far too many articles of clothing that I never wear. So I decided to wash everything (some are actually covered in dust!) and sort out the stuff I'll be donating to charity. Maybe I should let my sister have fist dibs though, my nephew might like some hand-me-downs...

Its really too bad about that poor senator and his family that died in that plane crash. The one good thing is that Minn. state law won't allow his name to stay on the ballot, so there won't be any silliness of a dead man being elected like we had in 2000. Neither of CT's senators are up for re-election, so I haven't got any direct input, but I'm very interested because of how close the Senate is... I would like it if the GOP got the majority again.

Didn't get in any bicycling today because of the rain. I really want to get my legs back up to par in time for the Manchester Road Race. I'll be on the EMS bike team for the fourth year. Its almost become a Thanksgiving tradition for me.

I found a few websites you all should pay a visit to;

The first one's funny, yet has a good point about firearm safety http://www.twincities.com/mld/pioneerpress/news/local/4362541.htm

Has Phizer gone all environmentalist on us? http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99992972

Finally, now that the sniper hubbub is over, let us not forget what's going on elsewhere http://www.walk4israel.com/


No shift last night, cleaning house instead... amazing how much hair one little Dalmatian can put out!

The sniper's name is Mohammed? Not exactly a shocker, is it?


Three calls last night... a guy with seizures which might have been caused by either the cold he has, the prednisone he was prescribed for it, or because of a traumatic brain injury he had a couple of years ago. Then there was the guy from the nursing home whose feet were swelled up, he says they're usually like that though... The third one was a poor old guy with pulmonary edema right at the end of the shift.

And the sniper story gets bigger... now including tree stumps in Washington state? Life is indeed stranger than fiction!


Well for today's installment I have to report that last night we did precisely... nothing! Well... we did go to the town line for coverage while the truck from East Hartford did a call, and we topped off the fuel tank, but that was it!

All the news today is about that darn sniper down around DC. People ask me why I don't look too concerned and I point out that DOZENS of people were killed, maimed, and injured in a bus bombing in Israel just the other day and that's not getting any coverage, why should I care any more about people I don't know around Washington? Is that cold hearted? I don't think so. A life is a life, and dead is dead... no matter where it happens. The Israelis have been putting up with far worse than this for decades now and we make it like its something new and special. Guess that's the American way. I just wish the Israelis would solve their problems with their neighbors the American way... just drop a bunch of bombs and cruise missles on them... its a lot faster and cleaner... too bad they're more ethical than we are...


Well I've decided to start doing this again... hmmm.. seems like it's been almost exactly six months since my last post! What's happened since then... I'm taking a break from classes due to burnout and finances, just working full time at the ambulance. Nothing exciting to report really, just the usual stuff- shortness of breath, double fatal MVAs, etc...

Of interest on the homefront, now that the weather has gotten colder I've had rats move in from the barns and shed out back into the house. They liked Pongo's food so much that they chewed a hole through the plastic container I keep it in! Plastic shavings were everywhere. I set out poison Sunday night and they ate three boxes. But I still hear them scratching around in the walls so I guess I'll have to get some more.

Oh yeah! How could I forget how my computer's file system is all messed up and I'm going to have to recover the system? I bought a CD-RW drive to back up all my stuff, but I have yet to work up the chutzpah to do it... I don't really want to have to reinstall all that software...

Dad's down in FL, so me and Pongo have the run of the place again. Its very convenient to be able to do laundry at 3am when I'm up!

I bought a new Jeep mountain bike and I'm trying to shape up for next month's Manchester Road Race. We have a bike EMS team for the race every year. The race committee really needs to inform people to get out of our way when they hear the whistle though! I came darn close to running several people over last year. Wonder what weather we'll have this year. I've been through cool, wet, & warm. Just have to wait and see I guess!

I think that just about catches everyone up with what's going on in my life... I'm signing off now so you can all wake up!

-Eli & Pongo (well actually he's sleeping on the floor, but I'm sure he would if he could (I don't know what that means!))


Wow, has it been that long since I last logged on? Anyway, I worked from our East Hartford station over the weekend, so I actually got to do some calls! Though I did miss all the excitement with the double stabbing right in front of our station on Friday night, I did get to go to the MVA with all the bystanders going nutty and having a near riot... the cops weren't too useful until we started throwing people off of us! All in all did about a dozen calls Saturday and Sunday nights. Made up for it though by only doing one solitary call on Monday night. Had last night off so I've been surfing the web all night and watching PBS... Pongo (my Dalmatian, if you don't know) is napping on the sofa, which is exactly the way I like it. Planning on making some bachelor style chicken soup for dinnner... no not from a can! I throw in wing gourmands in with tomato sauce and pasta and nuke for 20-30 min. yummy.


Working the 19:30 to 07:30 shift... we've done one call... a lady who got burned by wax at Pratt & Whitney. That was early, now I'm pretty tired, although I slept a good part of the day. ho hum...


Okay, it figures... got boned 45 minutes before the end of the shift, for a BS call of course... the nursing home was suctioning this guy with a tracheostomy and banged up against his trachea, causing some bleeding. Of course they panic and call 911. The patient tells me it's happened before, he's never gone to the hospital for it, and it's always stopped on its own. BTW, the nursing home staff claimed they never suctioned him, even though there was a partially full suction unit sitting on the window sill. Ended up going home a half-hour late. ----sigh---
Well, only an hour left in the shift and we only did two calls so far tonight... and those were before 22:00! Both transfers, a nice lady (post CVA) from Rockville Hospital to Roncalli South Windsor. Then a psych patient from Hartford Hospital's purple pod to the Institute Of Living. That HH to IOL xfer is one of the dumbest xfers we do! It is literally just around the corner! Good deal for the company though, I suppose. I mailed back my netflix movies tonight, but I haven't gotten any homework done whatsoever. I'm being bad, especially with all the opportunity I've had tonight!