Working the 19:30 to 07:30 shift... we've done one call... a lady who got burned by wax at Pratt & Whitney. That was early, now I'm pretty tired, although I slept a good part of the day. ho hum...


Okay, it figures... got boned 45 minutes before the end of the shift, for a BS call of course... the nursing home was suctioning this guy with a tracheostomy and banged up against his trachea, causing some bleeding. Of course they panic and call 911. The patient tells me it's happened before, he's never gone to the hospital for it, and it's always stopped on its own. BTW, the nursing home staff claimed they never suctioned him, even though there was a partially full suction unit sitting on the window sill. Ended up going home a half-hour late. ----sigh---
Well, only an hour left in the shift and we only did two calls so far tonight... and those were before 22:00! Both transfers, a nice lady (post CVA) from Rockville Hospital to Roncalli South Windsor. Then a psych patient from Hartford Hospital's purple pod to the Institute Of Living. That HH to IOL xfer is one of the dumbest xfers we do! It is literally just around the corner! Good deal for the company though, I suppose. I mailed back my netflix movies tonight, but I haven't gotten any homework done whatsoever. I'm being bad, especially with all the opportunity I've had tonight!