Wow, has it been that long since I last logged on? Anyway, I worked from our East Hartford station over the weekend, so I actually got to do some calls! Though I did miss all the excitement with the double stabbing right in front of our station on Friday night, I did get to go to the MVA with all the bystanders going nutty and having a near riot... the cops weren't too useful until we started throwing people off of us! All in all did about a dozen calls Saturday and Sunday nights. Made up for it though by only doing one solitary call on Monday night. Had last night off so I've been surfing the web all night and watching PBS... Pongo (my Dalmatian, if you don't know) is napping on the sofa, which is exactly the way I like it. Planning on making some bachelor style chicken soup for dinnner... no not from a can! I throw in wing gourmands in with tomato sauce and pasta and nuke for 20-30 min. yummy.