Good Shabbos! Gee, using the 'puter on Shabbos... guess I'll be using the down elevator one of these days! "If in Heaven we don't meet, hand in hand we'll share the heat!"

At least I don't actually *work* on Shabbos, so I don't have a shift from last night to summarize. What I have been doing is lots of laundry. I've realized I have far too many articles of clothing that I never wear. So I decided to wash everything (some are actually covered in dust!) and sort out the stuff I'll be donating to charity. Maybe I should let my sister have fist dibs though, my nephew might like some hand-me-downs...

Its really too bad about that poor senator and his family that died in that plane crash. The one good thing is that Minn. state law won't allow his name to stay on the ballot, so there won't be any silliness of a dead man being elected like we had in 2000. Neither of CT's senators are up for re-election, so I haven't got any direct input, but I'm very interested because of how close the Senate is... I would like it if the GOP got the majority again.

Didn't get in any bicycling today because of the rain. I really want to get my legs back up to par in time for the Manchester Road Race. I'll be on the EMS bike team for the fourth year. Its almost become a Thanksgiving tradition for me.

I found a few websites you all should pay a visit to;

The first one's funny, yet has a good point about firearm safety http://www.twincities.com/mld/pioneerpress/news/local/4362541.htm

Has Phizer gone all environmentalist on us? http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99992972

Finally, now that the sniper hubbub is over, let us not forget what's going on elsewhere http://www.walk4israel.com/


No shift last night, cleaning house instead... amazing how much hair one little Dalmatian can put out!

The sniper's name is Mohammed? Not exactly a shocker, is it?


Three calls last night... a guy with seizures which might have been caused by either the cold he has, the prednisone he was prescribed for it, or because of a traumatic brain injury he had a couple of years ago. Then there was the guy from the nursing home whose feet were swelled up, he says they're usually like that though... The third one was a poor old guy with pulmonary edema right at the end of the shift.

And the sniper story gets bigger... now including tree stumps in Washington state? Life is indeed stranger than fiction!


Well for today's installment I have to report that last night we did precisely... nothing! Well... we did go to the town line for coverage while the truck from East Hartford did a call, and we topped off the fuel tank, but that was it!

All the news today is about that darn sniper down around DC. People ask me why I don't look too concerned and I point out that DOZENS of people were killed, maimed, and injured in a bus bombing in Israel just the other day and that's not getting any coverage, why should I care any more about people I don't know around Washington? Is that cold hearted? I don't think so. A life is a life, and dead is dead... no matter where it happens. The Israelis have been putting up with far worse than this for decades now and we make it like its something new and special. Guess that's the American way. I just wish the Israelis would solve their problems with their neighbors the American way... just drop a bunch of bombs and cruise missles on them... its a lot faster and cleaner... too bad they're more ethical than we are...


Well I've decided to start doing this again... hmmm.. seems like it's been almost exactly six months since my last post! What's happened since then... I'm taking a break from classes due to burnout and finances, just working full time at the ambulance. Nothing exciting to report really, just the usual stuff- shortness of breath, double fatal MVAs, etc...

Of interest on the homefront, now that the weather has gotten colder I've had rats move in from the barns and shed out back into the house. They liked Pongo's food so much that they chewed a hole through the plastic container I keep it in! Plastic shavings were everywhere. I set out poison Sunday night and they ate three boxes. But I still hear them scratching around in the walls so I guess I'll have to get some more.

Oh yeah! How could I forget how my computer's file system is all messed up and I'm going to have to recover the system? I bought a CD-RW drive to back up all my stuff, but I have yet to work up the chutzpah to do it... I don't really want to have to reinstall all that software...

Dad's down in FL, so me and Pongo have the run of the place again. Its very convenient to be able to do laundry at 3am when I'm up!

I bought a new Jeep mountain bike and I'm trying to shape up for next month's Manchester Road Race. We have a bike EMS team for the race every year. The race committee really needs to inform people to get out of our way when they hear the whistle though! I came darn close to running several people over last year. Wonder what weather we'll have this year. I've been through cool, wet, & warm. Just have to wait and see I guess!

I think that just about catches everyone up with what's going on in my life... I'm signing off now so you can all wake up!

-Eli & Pongo (well actually he's sleeping on the floor, but I'm sure he would if he could (I don't know what that means!))