I just realized that I already used the Republican Jewish Coalition as a link a few days ago... so in a fit of a lack of inspiration, why don't you all look at a picture of the bike I'll be riding for the Manchester Road Race EMS Bike team.
As my previous post makes obvious, I'm putting my Engineering education on hold for a while. I came to this conclusion because when I looked around for employment in NYC (where I wanted to continue my education) I found that the market for Engineers w/ an A.S. is pretty flat right now, so that leaves me with the EMS option. While there's always employment opprotunities in EMS, there's much higher demand and wages for paramedics then there is for intermediates... thus my decision to go for my paramedic license. It means staying up here in CT for about another year, but patience is a virtue they say.

No shift last night (Shabbos). And frankly I've not been getting much accomplished around the house. This past week I've practically been sleeping around the clock. Its weird... I have had some sinus infection, but I don't think that's the whole of it... I'm going to do some experiments to try to improve the situatioin and I'll keep you updated

With election day coming up, here's a link in a political vein, the Republican Jewish Coalition


Oh yeah... I'm going to hold off on going to NYC for about another year... I'm going to get into Hartford Hospital's Paramedic Program (or as I prefer to call it, Hogwart's School of Paramagic), the interview's on Tuesday...
Hi everybody! Well it was real exciting last night, NOT! We didn't take care of a single patient- a continuing effect of managment's dropping the ball in terms of scheduling and the new insurance rule about people under 21 not being able to drive. Last night one of our paramedics was reduced to driving an EMT around, so we were left with 2 medics and 2 BLS cars... tactically that means that the medics are held for calls that need our medics, or in other words the BLS cars get to go to all the calls where the fire dept's own medics will be responding.

Well... we didn't quite end up doing nothing, I did buy a bunch of candy and handed it out to what kids we could find. Unfortunately it was a 7:30 to 7:30 shift so most of the kids were done by the time we could go out and look for them. I wound up giving it to people at the hospital, to co-workers, and everything that was left in the morning I gave to the town's homeless shelter.

I got my flu shot today, the RN was all concerned because I had checked the box about having previously had a reaction to the vaccine. Of course that was only after the first time I ever had such a shot, and hasn't happened ever since. In addition I got my new uniforms today too, nothing like fresh uniforms... so of course I dumped them staight into the washing machine!

Now I've been writing checks for Continuing Medical Education classes that seem to all be crammed into November. Sigh. The money from my paycheck hasn't even been in my account for 24 hours and I've already spent half of it... and that's with holding back on my car payment!

Hey, here's an interesting medical web site... check it out


Uhg.... I've been listening to beautiful music all night long on public radio... but now that annoying "Morning Edition" has started. Why does public radio have to do news and talk in the morning and the afternoon JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE??? I thought they were supposed to be DIFFERENT!!! GRRRR!!!
I've been trying to add my email address to the bar at the left so I can see if anyone's actually reading this thing other than me, so far, no go. Anyway, if anyone wants to write me use this.
Is my Blog HOT or NOT?
I think everyone should read this story


Did absolutely nothing at all last night and today, except sleep and surf... well I did broil and eat some steak. Pretty fascinating stuff, eh?

Site of the day The Republican Jewish Coalition


Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was exhausted when I got home. I've had a low grade fever, congestion, headache, etc for a few days and its just whipping me.

Anyway, for Sunday night I only did two calls. First we got sent to South Coventry for a diabetic, almost got to the scene, got canceled, was back in Manchester and got called back to the scene again, was two blocks from the scene and was detoured by constuction, finally intercepted with the volunteers and xported to Windham. Then we got sent up to Crystal Lake for another call. My partner was wondering if she was the only medic in eastern CT.

Last night we did five calls. Fevers seemed to be a theme early on. The two I teched were a man with an elevated temp and an altered mental status, then I did a transfer where we took the lady we had brought to Manchester with a high temp and difficulty breathing over to St. Francis to be admitted.

Here's a nice link where you can learn about what that snake around a stick we use for a medical symbol is all about.


Got done with the longest night of the year. Did three calls, unresponsive lady, possible OD; unresponsive teen how had done 42 shots!; and the guy who fell asleep at the wheel and rammed a pole... You know, I can never figure it out how people almost always hit dead on center with their hoods a pole or tree that's only about a foot in diameter. People so often have such good aim that it seems like they were *trying* to hit the pole!

Due to new insurance restrictions, managment has sprung a surpise on people under the age of 21. ASM has always allowed people to drive so long as they were 18, now they have to be 21. About a half dozen people have suddenly lost their driving privileges, and its making a real mess in the schedule, especially for those of us at night. Last night we should've had three paramedic cars to one Basic car, but a medic was paired with a non-driver so we ended up 2-and-2.

Here's a link for you A Random Joke