Remember to VOTE today! Ellington's got something like a dozen referenda on the ballot this year, most of which I couldn't care less about. The trick bit is that because of constuction at the High School, we'll be voting at the Junior High today. Has it really been twenty years since I was at Longview? Doesn't seem like that long.

As for that senator who died in the plane crash... I heard that Governor Ventura appointed an independant to fill the post. I wonder where exactly that leaves the senate for now? I mean each party has 49 seats, does that mean that since Dick Cheney in his capacity as President of the Senate makes the Senate Republican? I'm not sure...
I made my first sale on ebay's half.com just the other day. To clear up space I'm not only donating my unworn clothes to good will, but I'm selling off some of my books. Its easy to post the books for sale at half.com, and I just mailed out "How We Speak" to a young lady in Wisconsin. Hope she like it, I know I did.

Now for telling you what we did on Saturday night... Its been a few days and the thing I remember best is that I was exhaustedly tired. I hadn't been able to sleep all day long on Saturday, although I went on an extra long bike ride and did lots of housework. When I got in for my shift with Stuart Geres, I let him know I was darn tired... it didnt' help that we didn't really get a breather until after 2am, back to back to back calls etc... including one OB transfer (w/ twins!) whose contractions started to increase as we got closer to St. Francis. She held it in until we got there though... I'm glad because I have no wish to clean up that sort of mess! Yuck!

I wonder what I wrote so much about on Sunday before I lost it all? Ah, well... it must be the Allzheimer's kicking in early!
Happy election day! Vote early, and vote often!

I wrote a nice long post just the other day, but just as I was putting in the last few phrases, my 'puter locked up! I do get so very frustrated by inanimate objects that don't do what I want!

Anyway, worked last night with New Guy, Matt. He's an 8th district volunteer and dispatcher, so he's a walking mapbook of Manchester. Too bad he's 18 and can't drive for three years by the new rules, at least he can keep his partners from getting lost. We did a couple of emergencies and a couple of transfers... I'm hazy on details because I drove all night of course. On the last call, though, we did find out that the brand new truck we were in didn't have heat in back. 518 is Ayla's truck and since she works during the day, I suppose the issue of heat hasn't come up for her yet this year. I imagine the valve for the coolant to reach the module's heater core aren't open, but I had no plans to crawn under the truck during a call!

On Sunday night I worked with Mike Ferguson... all we did was one transfer, although it was interesting because we dragged Peg from MMH's ED along with us because the guy had blood running. Stopped at Bess Eaton Doughnuts on the way back, I stayed in the truck because I'm on the Atkins diet and other than maybe tea (which I don't like) there's nothing whatsoever in there I can have. Nevertheless the young lady working there walks out to the ambulance and gives me a doughnut. My mother taught me to always accept gifts graciously, so I thanked her very much. Of course then I had to figure out what to do with the doughnut. Mike didn't want it, and neither did Peg. When we got back into town, I managed to catch up with Alpha 2 (Brian Eaton & Paula Kenehan), made them roll down their window at the corner of Spencer & Hartford, Shouted, "Happy Chanukah!" and threw them the doughnut. Mission accomplished! The only other interesting thing we did was to get a bottle cap to serve as a water dish for our mascot for Alpha 3... the other week I bought a toy EMS stuffed dog at Walgreens, he's a yellow Lab who wears a little pack, a ball cap, and even has a stethoscope! Mike and I named him Rhonchi... I was thinking of getting one of the other dogs in the series, maybe the St. Bernard mountain rescue, and naming him Rales. Mike thinks Stridor would be a better name, lol!

Saturday night was the one I wrote that big long post about and lost it! grrr. You know, I should probably post this one now just to be safe...