Well, it's been a long time since my last post. Dad's been in and out of the hospital twice since my last post. He's doing much better now- he's eating better and breathing better... I think they've finally got his medications right. He wants to go to Florida, but I'm uncomfortable with that because I don't trust him to take care of himself on his own.

To accommodate spending more time with Dad, I switched my schedule around to working day shifts. Unfortunately this has the secondary effect of forcing me to work on Shabbos... I do have an "out" since I work in a life saving profession... but I'm uncomfortable with it nonetheless. However I think taking care of Dad is more important. I've gotten and additional med control out of Hartford Hospital and am now doing the occasional shift down in Glastonbury for ASM.

Paramedic Class continues to go okay, although my average has dropped due to our weekly drug quizzes. Oh well...

Let's see: Nephew Aaron fell off his bicycle a couple of weeks ago and broke his clavicle and got a basilar skull fracture as he wasn't wearing his helmet. He's doing okay but it'll be a bit before the blood drains from inside his ear.

Going to do the EMS bike response team for the Manchester Road Race again this year. We're short a couple of paramedics and at this time I'm in the process of trying to help get a couple of volunteers from Hartford Hospital's ranks... it's not easy on short notice.

I've hardly ridden my bike at all since Dad moved back in. I'm going to ride into work in the morning for sure this time! I've got to get my wind back in time for the road race anyway!

I'm hosting a singles event on Sept. 29th in Manchester at the Adam's Mill with movies afterwards... I've already got an idea for another event since I just found out that the Avon Old Farms Inn has a Kosher a la carte meal each Wednesday night...


Well, Dad called up out of the blue at 2pm saying he was coming back over here to stay, so I spent the afternoon frantically cleaning up. Well, here he is (w/out Rocky the dog, yet) without any of his medicines, and without a toothbrush or razor. Will have to figure out schedule changes so I can spend more time with him... that is once I have figured out where his medications are etc.


A call I did Saturday night give yet more credence to my opinion that Hartford Hospital's Lifestar Helicopter is of very limited usefulness here in a small state like Connecticut. I responded with my Paramedic partner to an ATV accident in Ellington. We drove from Manchester and were at the scene only twelve minutes from dispatch. Lifestar landed just prior to our arrival. I went into assist at the scene while my partner started care on the one patient who had been packaged. I helped get the other two packaged and assisted the Rockville Paramedic in starting care on his patient. They both left, and I had to get my rig over to the hospital... I had to be backed out of the long dirt road, turn around, and then I double checked with the command post to make positively sure that my partner had indeed left the scene. Lifestart was already in the process of assessing their patient when I left. I got all the way to Columbus Blvd in Hartford before the helicopter took off! I ended up beating them to the hospital by a good fifteen to twenty minutes! And that's not to mention the patient who left the scene first with my partner! Anyway, I think that helicopter is plain silly.

Otherwise, work is as normal, nothing much spectacular to relate.

In class we're doing cardiology right now. Its very interesting to learn how to interpret those rhythm strips and twelve leads!

Yesterday I decided to go on a little bike ride after class, I biked up to Windsor Locks and got on a bike trail along the canal that leads all the way up to Suffield. Then I found out that bicycles were prohibited from the bridge there, so I biked back down to Windsor Locks to cross there and go home. A nice ride, really... good training if I want to go on that EMS Memorial bike ride.


I've really gotta' do a better job of keeping this thing up!

Anyway, we had a week off from class last week; boy was it good! I think I'm getting a little bit "toasty" from all the studying while working full time. Did my Patient assesment quiz make-up and my make up for the Pulmonology and Cardiology exams I missed.

This last weekend I attended the J-weekend up at Club Getaway in Kent CT. I didn't really make any connections, but that's because I'm a dumb, moronic, shy guy. Ah well, I had a good time cycling, hiking, drinking, eating, and learning new things like archery. We did a little hiking on the Appalachian Trail... I thought it was going to be bigger, but it looks just like any other small woods path.

At work, not much is going on, just the usual stuff which I can't go into detail about anyway!

I bought some summer cycling shoes I'm going to try out for the first time today, along with a second pair of cycling shorts. I've decided to try to train for the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride in 2004. They completely by-passed Connecticut this year, so maybe I can get some other Nutmegers together to bike down and meet up with them in NYC.

Pongo's got an ear infection that he's getting ear drops for... poor guy- he's only got one good ear to start with so I do worry a bit.


Happy Independence Day, and Good Shabbos!

Today I went to see the play The Big Bang with my nephew Jesse and his friend Jeremy. It was a Jewish Singles event, but the organizer told me she had extra tickets and to bring some friends... so I did! It was an extremely funny play and everyone enjoyed it immensely! We went for ice cream afterwards- of course I only had diet soda as I'm back on my diet. I went off Atkin's for a week before Marrissa's wedding and gained two inches! Gotta work that all back off now...

I'm going to do some clinical rounds tonight in the psych pod at Hartford Hospital... probably will have lots of business!

Had a good psych last night at work; at the start he was cooperating, but just when he got near the ambulance, he flew off the handle! It took three cops to hold him down... we got the paramedics to come and give him some medication to calm him down a bit... he was much nicer after that.


Its been a long time since my last post, so I'll give a quick update.

Dad left Johnson Hospital for Manchester Manor where he spent about two and a half weeks. He then stayed with Alan. He spent another short time at Rockville Hospital and is now splitting time between staying with Alan and Irene. I'm sort of out of the loop as to developments, I suppose because I'm at work and school a lot.

Marrissa's wedding was Sunday, it was a very nice ceromony. I finally got to me Yanki, my new "nephew-in-law", seems like a nice guy. The reception was very nice, a kind of a cross between traditional and liberal. Men and women were sitting together, but the dancing was separated. Irene hosted a Sheva Brucha last night at our shul here in Ellington. A lot of our cousins and relatives who couldn't come to the wedding were there last night. I good time was had by all and the happy couple are headed back to Texas today.

At work; our operations manager, Joe Kilraine, has left us for a new home in AZ, I wish him all the best. Paramedic Terry Cote has taken over Joe's old job. Hope he can do as well or better with the schedule as Joe!


I saw Dad on Thursday afternoon, he had been extubated and had been on BYPAP for two days to help his breathing. When I got there he was off the BYPAP and was just getting oxygen with nebulized sterile water via a scoop mask. He was still very out of it and mostly grunted rather than actually spoke real words. He still had a NG tube in his nose, and he was restrained because he had nearly pulled it out while trying to scratch the welt on his nose from the BYPAP mask.

Alan sent me a text message on Saturday morning as follows, "Dad looks much better.just has tube in nose & talking a little"

So, things are looking up.
Watched My Fair Lady yesterday... the commentary track is great and explains a lot about the amount of effort that goes into a restoration and how close we are to losing some of the 20th century's great art treasures.

In class we did drug calculations. No big deal for me since I just use dimensional analysis and come to the units I want.

At work last night all we did were psychs, we had to restrain two of them. One who was ripping out her own hair and the other who was schizophrenic with homocidal ideations. My partner said she saw the devil in his eyes- that he looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in End of Days when he was fighting with the devil for control of his own mind. I haven't seen the movie yet, but its number 500 on my netflix rental queue, so I'll get to it in a couple of years, maybe :-)


Just got done watching The Professionals, what an excellent movie. It sure doesn't look like it was filmed in 1966, it has a very modern feel to it. I've always liked Lee Marvin and he was shining in this movie. Excellent themes and lots of good action too.

Got to chat on the telephone last night with one of the young ladies I met at the retreat the other weekend... it was a very nice conversation and... well let's wait and see what develops.

I've got a big zit on my nose, yeechh! Must be from this past week's stress since I haven't had acne in a long time.

Cool and wet today... when's summer scheduled to start already?


Dad was still intubated, but was breathing on his own when I visited him yesterday afternoon. The nurse seemed optomistic that he'd be able to be extubated that very night. He looked much better than when I saw him on Sunday too. Hopefully he'll be out of the hospital soon.

We only did one transfer at work last night, so I got to finish the book I was reading.

In class, we finished up critical thinking with a quiz where we read a research paper about whether ambulances using lights and sirens in a rural area saved any time in their responses. We then had to state whether we agreed with the paper's conclusions and back it up with evidence. After that we did a review of IV meds and advanced airway control.

Nothing else going on other than that I got the Jeep's oil changed and headlight fixed... really exciting, I know! :-)


Dad's still in the hospital, and still intubated and on the respirator as of this morning- the doctors keep teasing us everyday with the hope they'll be able to extubate him "soon". I still want him down at Hartford Hospital, but Alan says that the doctors have told him that due to Dad's kidney function, he's not stable enough for a transfer. I don't really get that because we transfer sick people all the time, even those on dopamine drips.

I've written to/talked to a couple of the ladies I met at the Basherte weekend- but its tough. I'm just getting to know them, really, and I don't really want to talk to them about my troubles- but its hard to talk about other things right now.

My sleep patterns are messed up- I was supposed to go for clinicals last night but I couldn't sleep all day and finally fell asleep when I should've been getting ready to go. I woke up late and called in to say I wouldn't be making it. I'm trying to keep an auto-immune skin irritation on the webbings of my fingers under control. Of course my bowels are all messed up too. Funny thing is that I don't feel stressed out mentally or emotionally, guess I'm good at bottling it all up, if that can be considered a good thing.

I found out that the patient I took in for an altered mental status on Saturday night had an aspiration pnuemonia. That call really irritated me because the town paramedics downgraded it and even told us that this was the patent's normal mental status. The family told us that he was usually very high functioning for an alzheimers patient and that he was really not himself. He was practically panting, although his oxygen saturation was okay. On top of this, I was working with a non-driver, so I couldn't even bring him in with an intermediate level of care. The family had just come from a long car trip and I thought he might have a pulmonary embolism, but I'm glad its something a little simpler.

In class we did an introduction to pharmacology yesterday... lots to keep track of! All the drugs do frighten me a bit, I'm going to have to work hard to memorize all of them.

Just got done watching Magnum Force, I think its a pretty solid movie despite what some reviewers say about it. Hey a man's got to know his limitations!

Without any take home reading in class, I'm finally getting to finish a book I was reading before class started. Its called Enchanter, by Sara Douglass. Its the sequel to The Wayfarer Redemption and is followed by Starman. So far its a pretty exciting and interesting read.


Biggest news of the past few days in my life is that my Dad's in the hospital. He had been hospitalized down in Miami just last week for a heart problem that required angioplasty, but insisted on coming home on his May first flight. Well, my brother Alan picked him up at the airport and found that Dad was feeling sick. Alan called to see if I was at home so I could take care of Dad, but I was at work, so he took him to his house in Somers. Dad got really sick during the night and had to be brought to Johnson Memorial Hospital where he had an emergency bowel resection. Things were looking better, but on Saturday his Blood Pressure crashed and his Heart rate shot up, so they opened him back up to see if they missed anything- the doctor's prognosis that day gave us all quite a scare. Anyway, he made it through the surgery and things are a little more stable right now. Its pretty weird, I don't feel stressed out mentally, but my body is indeed giving my signals that I'm having a stress reaction.

Haven't been riding my bike in about a week now... not enough time if I want to spend any time with Dad. I really need to get a road bike anyway, the mountain bike was great for the winter, but the full suspension and fat wheels are slowing me down this time of year.

At work, well nothing really notable I suppose. I volunteered to take transfers out of Johnson Hospital last night, but none came up.

In class we're doing "critical thinking" which means we're just learning to think for ourselves really, a habit I'm already in. The one caveat I would give to this whole section of the course is that especially in emergency situations, you can run the danger of thinking too much about something and end up making things worse due to failure to come to a decision or due to overcomplicating the situation.

For movies- I'm working my way through the extra features on the This Is Spinal Tap DVD. Its quite a funny movie and I didn't realize so many stars were in it, such as Rob Reiner, Ed Begley Jr., Fran Drescher, Dana Carvey, Billy Crystal, Paul Shaffer, etc., etc., etc.... (hey, I did just watch The King and I this week!)


As for movies this past week... amazingly enough, even though I was on vacation from class I didn't end up watching much. I took me a while to work my way through Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Bonus Disc. They seem to have learned from the complaints about the bonus disc from the first movie in that now you can see the deleted scenes without the hassle of playing the game on the disc. I really enjoyed the interview they had with J.K. Rowling and Steven Kloves (who wrote the screenplay). On the subject of the deleted scenes, they were all of finished quality- its amazing to me they would've spent all the money on the special effects and such and still cut the scenes.

I just got done watching The King and I. I tell you, Yul Brynner was one heck of an actor- I wonder whether the Moses references were related to The Ten Commandments which was also released in 1956. My favorite number is Mr. Brynner's solo in "Its a Puzzlement", that song really does express what science and agnosticism is all about.
Got back from a Jewish singles retreat in the Connecticut Berkshires this past weekend. Although it rained the only full day we were there, I had a very nice time anyway. Met lots of great people, women and men too for that matter. I went off of Atkins again for the weekend. How could I resist the relaxation of not having to worry about whether the food was kosher and continue to be uptight about carbs? One weekend doesn't make a difference anyway, as long as it doesn't become a habit. Anyway, I did meet one young lady I really liked, and even though she lives not so close, it would be nice if something develops.

In class; we took our A&P final on Monday. I would've only have gotten a couple of answers wrong but I filled in the wrong bubbles on the answer sheet for a bunch of answers so I ended up with a 96%- We got our averages back for the A&P portion of the course today... A+ with a 98.2% average. Not to shabby I suppose. Of course the challenge for me is not to slack off now- believe me the temptation is there to take a vacation from working hard.

For work- well I had to skip a couple of shifts to go on the retreat. Last night we only ended up doing a couple of calls, both transfers to Mount Sinai Hospital. That place makes me so sad, especially now that St. Francis has managed to get the E.D. closed. People think I'm kidding when I grouse about how the Catholic hospital bought out and killed the Jewish hospital.

I noticed that my bike's drive train is really in dire need of replacement. While I was biking around in the Berkshires this weekend, it actually made me take a spill when the chain slipped at a critical point. I've got an about 6 inch superficial laceration on my left arm to remember the spill by. I also think I need to buy a road bike for the commute since I'm getting more and more unsatisfied with the speed I'm getting out of the mountain bike.


Well, now that I think of it, I'm not sure if Sheena's graduating this year or if she's already graduated... she does live way down in TX after all...

Just got finished watching Election... boy that's one funny flick!


Hmmm... some other things I didn't mention:

My bike slipped on the ice in Constitution Plaza sometime in Mid-March, and I broke my rear wheel, so I got two new ones... they've been holding up really well since.

A new federal privacy regulation called HIPAA went into effect on April 14. I don't really think they increase patient privacy really, since before we used to have to actually have a patient's permission to get information for insurance etc. and now we don't- at least according to the handout we're giving every patient now.

We had a snowstorm the week by dad was supposed to come home from FL, so he postponed his trip until May 1st.

My second oldest niece, Marrissa, is getting married at the end of June.

My oldest niece, Jennie, is getting a divorce.

And my third and fourth oldest nieces (Maurine & Sheena) are graduating High School.

All this simcha... makes me JEALOUS! Oh well...
Okay, so its been a while since I published a posting, so sue me! LOL! Anyways...

I'm on spring break from my paramedic class right now, we're having our final for the Anatomy and Physiology section of the course on Monday after we get back. I've got a 98% average so far so I could probably completely bomb the final and still do well, but I'm studying anyway! We had to do our class pathophysiology presentations last week, I did mine on peanut allergies... quite the interesting subject especially with the new developments in research that came up just a couple of months ago. Clinicals at the hospital are going really well, my percentage of succesful IVs has shot way up- same as the way to Carnegie Hall I guess (practice, if you don't know the joke).

I've been bad about keeping up with my bicycle riding these last couple of weeks, I WILL ride tomorrow though, I can almost feel my waistline bulging. Besides I hate paying for all that gasoline. Been pretty warm lately, but still dipping into the thirties occasionally.

I'm going on a Jewish singles retreat up in the CT Berkshires this weekend. I don't really know what to expect, though it would be nice if I met someone... hopefully not somebody who lives a four hour drive away though! Of course, I was planning on moving to NYC when I finish my paramedic class anyway, so maybe that doesn't really matter and I'm being sillily picky (is sillily a word? it is now!)

The sticky part of going on the retreat is that I have to have someone take care of Pongo while I'm away. My sister Irene said she'd do it, but only if I leave him out in his pen all weekend- she'll come and feed him a couple of times. Poor Pongo, he'll be so lonely, he's a real people dog- people just don't see that.

Recent movies I've watched (on DVD of course)
Funny Girl- Seen it on Cable before, pretty good stuff.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets- Well done movie, but it seemed kind of cramped with all the stuff they tried to fit in from the book. I can only imagine what's going to happen as the longer books in the series come up... Sure miss Richard Harris- just watched "Camelot" a couple of weeks ago and that's how I'll always remember him, not as the old Dumbledore...
The Sound of Music- Okay, I inherited my love for this movie from my Mom- but I still love it lots anyway... the DVD had lots of extra information on it.. I didn't even finish it all!


Long ride home from class yesterday due to heavy winds and low temps... I put on two wicking layers and then my rain coat to be a windbreaker... when I got home and took off the rain coat it was full of ice on the inside... all my sweat had wicked up and frozen inside! I thought that was pretty neat. I actually didn't get to ride all the way home, Wapping Rd, in East Windsor of course, was impassable due to about four inch thick, jagged broken ice- I could barely walk on the stuff, If I'd tried to ride I'd have broken my neck.

We've gotten to the nervous system in class. Had our exam on musculoskelatal in the morning, I tell you the change of exams from Fridays to Mondays sucks... it would've been nice if our instructor had asked the whole class if they wouldn't mind the change rather than just catering to the few who weren't doing as well. Maybe we would've switched anyway, but it sure would've been a whole lot nicer to be involved in the decision at least.

Belly pain was the theme of Sunday nights shift, and mostly in Glastonbury for that matter!


Boy, it sure was nice to have all my bike's gears working for yesterday's ride! I love being able to work up a good speed where the cars are barely passing me (except for the speed demons). I am thinking seriously of getting a new bike with the drive train I described in my last post... it'll be pricey, but as I spent $70 just to get my derailers and rear brakes working again (i.e. not truly repaired) I think it'll be worth it over time.

I can't think of any memorable calls from Thursday night's shift. The thing that did irritate me is that our company now has an extra paramedic car on until midnight. However, even at times when they've got four alpha cars and two or three bravo cars, the paramedics aren't going into the rotation... I frankly think its illogical for me to have to post at the town line when we've got two or three available paramedic cars in both towns!

Yesterday was our last long lab day in Paramedic class. Yay! It'll be very nice to be able to go home at noon- I'll be able to do Shabbos properly again! Anyway, this lab was the second part of airway... I frankly thought that endotracheal intubation was going to be harder- but of course dummies aren't the same as real people. Clinicals are going to be delayed a week, so I don't get to play in the hospital for a little bit. Oh well.

I've got a lot to read about the Skeletal & Muscular systems, so I'll sign off for now.


I've got some kind of GI thing going and can't get very far away from my potty. Skipped out on work last night and class today.

I did occupy my extra time though... I ordered some pannier racks and bags for my front shock fork from Delta Cycle this is the first place where I found panniers designed for suspension forks... they've also got pannier systems for rear racks attached to the seat post- but with a twenty-five pound weight limit, I don't really see the utility in that. Anyway, now my bike will be able to carry my books resulting in less strain on my back and butt!

While the bike was in the shop, the Vistalight that was clipped to the rear rack seems to have dissapeared (maybe I knocked it off somewhere? Can't prove anything else!) so I ordered a Reallight from Harris Cyclery. There's a lot of good information on their site! I've decided to get another bike over the summer that has a drivetrain more suited to winter conditions. It'll have a Shimano Nexus 7-speed internally geared rear hub w/ integral roller brakes and a Schlumpf Mountain Chainwheel. I'd also want a front disk brake and full coverage fenders. The fenders precludes the possibility of getting rear suspension, so I'm thinking a shock seatpost along with a shock fork should do me. Of course a rear rack and panniers, lighting system, airzound horn, and good wheels and tires. To save a little bit of money, I'm hoping I can use my old Autobike frame as a base for all of this.


While I was going to work on Thursday afternoon, the chain slipped off the rear cogs. Its been doing that a lot lately, but after this time the bike wouldn't shift past about third gear even though the shifter was up at seven... if I tried to bring it down lower than about four the chain would fall off the cogs again! I had so much grease on my hands when I got to work it was unbelievable! Anyway, I thought to get it fixed/adjusted during my classtime on Friday at the bikeshop in Hartford on Franklin Ave, but when I pedaled on over there during lunch I found the entrance all covered with uncleared snow. The shop's still full of merchandise, so maybe he/she's just closed for the season. Regardless, I couldn't get my derailer fixed. I dropped the bike off on Saturday at Vernon Cycle and they told me it wouldn't be ready until Tuesday! *Sigh* I only got to pedal once this past week and here I'm missing another day!

All this trouble has got me thinking I need to get another bike... one with a more reliable all-weather drivetrain, and one that's maybe a little better suited to commuting than the Jeep bike... After Googling for a bit I ran across Breezer Bikes' website- I really attracted to the "uptown" model. The problem is that the nearest Breezer Dealer is about 86 miles away... maybe I can convince one of my local bike shops to carry the brand?

In other news: Like I previously mentioned, I had been slacking from studying last week- watching movies and websurfing. The Anatomy and Physiology exams were moved to Mondays from Fridays so I've been furiously reading to catch up... even used up some Vivarin today (something I don't usually do). I think I'm up on the Integumentary system now though...

As for interesting calls- the most outstanding one was a person who was arrested for DUI in East Windsor... while the guys locked up he's pissed off at the cops (since its all THEIR fault you see) and yelling how they're going to make him lose his job and he should just kill himself. Well, the PD took the opportunity to write him up as a psych and had us ship him off to a hospital...He didn't like me and my partner either by the end of the trip. This guys self centered, belligerent attitude just rubbed me the wrong way, not to mention I'm predisposed against drunk drivers to begin with, and once he got me going I admit I almost wanted the shmuck to take a swing at me! Oh well, live and learn- I'll controll myself better next time. Also, I'll remember to take such patients to facilities with the resources to handle them... this guy wanted to go to Johnson so that's where we took him- well Johnson's night time security consists of a single, older security guard... I'm trying to wave him outside to help us while things are escalating with the patient outside their front door, and he's just staring at me! Gosh that call sucked!

Well, I've still got to Iron a work shirt and get underclothes for the rest of my work week, so I'll see you all later!


Just wasting time today websurfing instead of studying like I should be! Two items of interest I found out about today... Firstly I hear that Jeep is going to release a Diesel version of their Jeep Liberty next year... I think that's something I would be interested in. While browsing Jeep's website I found that their 2003 Bicycle models are out... How about this one? They've actually got an ALL WHEEL DRIVE BICYCLE, all you need is three grand and its yours! Sounds pretty crazy and inventive... I'd like someone to ride it and review it... Its not like I'm getting one soon- I don't have three grand just lying around at the moment!


Well, after all that self discussion I ended up driving into work anyway since I still had to pick up and drop off laundry since I wasn't ever able to get into the place all weekend! I like biking better- it doesn't take any longer considering dealing with traffic, parking, and walking from the lot to class. Had the great irony of when I got home of getting the Jeep hung up in the snow. That is after I asked the plow guy not to plow in front of the car... well I can use the excuse that its his snow bank I hung up on? Hmmm...

In my Paramedic class we've been studying Acid Base Balance and Arterial Blood Gas Measurements... cool stuff. We get to start on airway interventions on Friday.

As for EMS calls, I got to take a one year old in who'd been puking for a day... at one in the morning of course. You know, it makes a person wonder... the kid wasn't feeling good and was crying, but wasn't dehydrated (yet) and was stable. Mom cared enough to call an ambulance in the dead of night, but didn't bother to get her kid some Pedialyte or Tylenol or anything. Of course I loved the blank look they had when we asked if they had a car seat for us to use... I was hoping they'd complain about taking it out of their car so I could point out that they were perfectly free to take the kid in themselves if they chose to. Why do people think they're going to be seen faster if they come in with us? In cases like this you just end up in the waiting room that much faster since we already triaged it as low priority for them.

Of course the kid was legitimately sick anyway. Not like the guy I brought in a couple of weeks ago who at 5am called 911 because he was congested and couldn't sleep!


I thought about cleaning off my bike and re-lubing the drivetrain before today's ride... but I looked at the road and thought, "What's the point?" The bike's going to be covered in gunk within a mile anyway, might as well leave what's on there, on there!

Got lots of snow, somewhere between two and three feet worth... but I never lost power and the road's clear- I guess life's continuing... who'da figured that? I mean the guy on the TV said to have several days of food on hand! LOL! I especially love how the local channnel had people all over the state and even in Washington to use up satelite time to give live reports that amounted to, "Yep, its snowing here too!" What a waste... feh!

Pongo usually loves the snow, but I don't think he appreciates it when its higher than his head! He does look funny trying to forge his way through it though... a little spotted snowbank bounding along... haha!


Okay, I've gotten some complaints about my lack of keeping my poor old Blog updated. I suppose its been because I've been getting adjusted to the time requirements of my Paramedic class at Hartford Hospital. Anyway, that is the big news in my life... my Paramedic class started on January fifth. So far, so good... keeping an A+ average but we'll see what happens when clinicals start and I have to actually start doing stuff with my hands! Its a pretty cool class- we're going over Anatomy & Physiology right now and I'll be starting clinical rounds in March. Of course this really messes with my schedule- leaves me only Monday and Wednesday nights along with Shabbos off. When I start clinicals I won't even have Monday nights anymore. Sacrifices I guess.

I've been continuing to ride my bicycle to work and class- I only drive once a week to exchange dirty clothes for clean so I don't have to lug them to & fro on the bike (besides, you can't keep a good press on a shirt when you pack it up... at least I can't!) I'm kind of frustrated this week because I've tried three times to drop off my clothes for class and the rooms have been locked up each time! Since it cost me $40 to fill up my gas tank, I'm not appreciating the repeated trips to Hartford for no purpose!

My nephew Aaron's Bar Mitzvah was this weekend- I got him an "atomic" watch that sets itself by using government time keeping signals, and several t-shirts and a poster from Israel. It was great to see siblings I haven't seen in a while. I also went on a "vacation" from my Atkins diet for a couple of days... boy oh boy was that cheesecake good!

As for calls the other night- well the only one of interest was the rollover on the highway which continues my personally observed trend that in rollovers patients are either seriously f-cked up/dead or have minimal injuries and refuse transport. Last night's gentleman fit into the latter category even though I made the effort of seriously trying to talk him into going with us- he was a bit tachycardic with an elevated BP, signs of early shock- but he insisted on refusing- saying his mom would take him in.

Just watching the snow pile up in the back yard from the big storm we're having... From the TV reports you'd think civilization was coming to an end! Hey, its just snow people- if you live in New England you should know how to deal with it! Day off from class today and no work so I can just sit back and enjoy the pretty view instead of having to ride through it, I'll be doing that tomorrow afternoon! Love getting all that road salt onto the bike.