Just wasting time today websurfing instead of studying like I should be! Two items of interest I found out about today... Firstly I hear that Jeep is going to release a Diesel version of their Jeep Liberty next year... I think that's something I would be interested in. While browsing Jeep's website I found that their 2003 Bicycle models are out... How about this one? They've actually got an ALL WHEEL DRIVE BICYCLE, all you need is three grand and its yours! Sounds pretty crazy and inventive... I'd like someone to ride it and review it... Its not like I'm getting one soon- I don't have three grand just lying around at the moment!


Well, after all that self discussion I ended up driving into work anyway since I still had to pick up and drop off laundry since I wasn't ever able to get into the place all weekend! I like biking better- it doesn't take any longer considering dealing with traffic, parking, and walking from the lot to class. Had the great irony of when I got home of getting the Jeep hung up in the snow. That is after I asked the plow guy not to plow in front of the car... well I can use the excuse that its his snow bank I hung up on? Hmmm...

In my Paramedic class we've been studying Acid Base Balance and Arterial Blood Gas Measurements... cool stuff. We get to start on airway interventions on Friday.

As for EMS calls, I got to take a one year old in who'd been puking for a day... at one in the morning of course. You know, it makes a person wonder... the kid wasn't feeling good and was crying, but wasn't dehydrated (yet) and was stable. Mom cared enough to call an ambulance in the dead of night, but didn't bother to get her kid some Pedialyte or Tylenol or anything. Of course I loved the blank look they had when we asked if they had a car seat for us to use... I was hoping they'd complain about taking it out of their car so I could point out that they were perfectly free to take the kid in themselves if they chose to. Why do people think they're going to be seen faster if they come in with us? In cases like this you just end up in the waiting room that much faster since we already triaged it as low priority for them.

Of course the kid was legitimately sick anyway. Not like the guy I brought in a couple of weeks ago who at 5am called 911 because he was congested and couldn't sleep!


I thought about cleaning off my bike and re-lubing the drivetrain before today's ride... but I looked at the road and thought, "What's the point?" The bike's going to be covered in gunk within a mile anyway, might as well leave what's on there, on there!

Got lots of snow, somewhere between two and three feet worth... but I never lost power and the road's clear- I guess life's continuing... who'da figured that? I mean the guy on the TV said to have several days of food on hand! LOL! I especially love how the local channnel had people all over the state and even in Washington to use up satelite time to give live reports that amounted to, "Yep, its snowing here too!" What a waste... feh!

Pongo usually loves the snow, but I don't think he appreciates it when its higher than his head! He does look funny trying to forge his way through it though... a little spotted snowbank bounding along... haha!


Okay, I've gotten some complaints about my lack of keeping my poor old Blog updated. I suppose its been because I've been getting adjusted to the time requirements of my Paramedic class at Hartford Hospital. Anyway, that is the big news in my life... my Paramedic class started on January fifth. So far, so good... keeping an A+ average but we'll see what happens when clinicals start and I have to actually start doing stuff with my hands! Its a pretty cool class- we're going over Anatomy & Physiology right now and I'll be starting clinical rounds in March. Of course this really messes with my schedule- leaves me only Monday and Wednesday nights along with Shabbos off. When I start clinicals I won't even have Monday nights anymore. Sacrifices I guess.

I've been continuing to ride my bicycle to work and class- I only drive once a week to exchange dirty clothes for clean so I don't have to lug them to & fro on the bike (besides, you can't keep a good press on a shirt when you pack it up... at least I can't!) I'm kind of frustrated this week because I've tried three times to drop off my clothes for class and the rooms have been locked up each time! Since it cost me $40 to fill up my gas tank, I'm not appreciating the repeated trips to Hartford for no purpose!

My nephew Aaron's Bar Mitzvah was this weekend- I got him an "atomic" watch that sets itself by using government time keeping signals, and several t-shirts and a poster from Israel. It was great to see siblings I haven't seen in a while. I also went on a "vacation" from my Atkins diet for a couple of days... boy oh boy was that cheesecake good!

As for calls the other night- well the only one of interest was the rollover on the highway which continues my personally observed trend that in rollovers patients are either seriously f-cked up/dead or have minimal injuries and refuse transport. Last night's gentleman fit into the latter category even though I made the effort of seriously trying to talk him into going with us- he was a bit tachycardic with an elevated BP, signs of early shock- but he insisted on refusing- saying his mom would take him in.

Just watching the snow pile up in the back yard from the big storm we're having... From the TV reports you'd think civilization was coming to an end! Hey, its just snow people- if you live in New England you should know how to deal with it! Day off from class today and no work so I can just sit back and enjoy the pretty view instead of having to ride through it, I'll be doing that tomorrow afternoon! Love getting all that road salt onto the bike.