Boy, it sure was nice to have all my bike's gears working for yesterday's ride! I love being able to work up a good speed where the cars are barely passing me (except for the speed demons). I am thinking seriously of getting a new bike with the drive train I described in my last post... it'll be pricey, but as I spent $70 just to get my derailers and rear brakes working again (i.e. not truly repaired) I think it'll be worth it over time.

I can't think of any memorable calls from Thursday night's shift. The thing that did irritate me is that our company now has an extra paramedic car on until midnight. However, even at times when they've got four alpha cars and two or three bravo cars, the paramedics aren't going into the rotation... I frankly think its illogical for me to have to post at the town line when we've got two or three available paramedic cars in both towns!

Yesterday was our last long lab day in Paramedic class. Yay! It'll be very nice to be able to go home at noon- I'll be able to do Shabbos properly again! Anyway, this lab was the second part of airway... I frankly thought that endotracheal intubation was going to be harder- but of course dummies aren't the same as real people. Clinicals are going to be delayed a week, so I don't get to play in the hospital for a little bit. Oh well.

I've got a lot to read about the Skeletal & Muscular systems, so I'll sign off for now.


I've got some kind of GI thing going and can't get very far away from my potty. Skipped out on work last night and class today.

I did occupy my extra time though... I ordered some pannier racks and bags for my front shock fork from Delta Cycle this is the first place where I found panniers designed for suspension forks... they've also got pannier systems for rear racks attached to the seat post- but with a twenty-five pound weight limit, I don't really see the utility in that. Anyway, now my bike will be able to carry my books resulting in less strain on my back and butt!

While the bike was in the shop, the Vistalight that was clipped to the rear rack seems to have dissapeared (maybe I knocked it off somewhere? Can't prove anything else!) so I ordered a Reallight from Harris Cyclery. There's a lot of good information on their site! I've decided to get another bike over the summer that has a drivetrain more suited to winter conditions. It'll have a Shimano Nexus 7-speed internally geared rear hub w/ integral roller brakes and a Schlumpf Mountain Chainwheel. I'd also want a front disk brake and full coverage fenders. The fenders precludes the possibility of getting rear suspension, so I'm thinking a shock seatpost along with a shock fork should do me. Of course a rear rack and panniers, lighting system, airzound horn, and good wheels and tires. To save a little bit of money, I'm hoping I can use my old Autobike frame as a base for all of this.


While I was going to work on Thursday afternoon, the chain slipped off the rear cogs. Its been doing that a lot lately, but after this time the bike wouldn't shift past about third gear even though the shifter was up at seven... if I tried to bring it down lower than about four the chain would fall off the cogs again! I had so much grease on my hands when I got to work it was unbelievable! Anyway, I thought to get it fixed/adjusted during my classtime on Friday at the bikeshop in Hartford on Franklin Ave, but when I pedaled on over there during lunch I found the entrance all covered with uncleared snow. The shop's still full of merchandise, so maybe he/she's just closed for the season. Regardless, I couldn't get my derailer fixed. I dropped the bike off on Saturday at Vernon Cycle and they told me it wouldn't be ready until Tuesday! *Sigh* I only got to pedal once this past week and here I'm missing another day!

All this trouble has got me thinking I need to get another bike... one with a more reliable all-weather drivetrain, and one that's maybe a little better suited to commuting than the Jeep bike... After Googling for a bit I ran across Breezer Bikes' website- I really attracted to the "uptown" model. The problem is that the nearest Breezer Dealer is about 86 miles away... maybe I can convince one of my local bike shops to carry the brand?

In other news: Like I previously mentioned, I had been slacking from studying last week- watching movies and websurfing. The Anatomy and Physiology exams were moved to Mondays from Fridays so I've been furiously reading to catch up... even used up some Vivarin today (something I don't usually do). I think I'm up on the Integumentary system now though...

As for interesting calls- the most outstanding one was a person who was arrested for DUI in East Windsor... while the guys locked up he's pissed off at the cops (since its all THEIR fault you see) and yelling how they're going to make him lose his job and he should just kill himself. Well, the PD took the opportunity to write him up as a psych and had us ship him off to a hospital...He didn't like me and my partner either by the end of the trip. This guys self centered, belligerent attitude just rubbed me the wrong way, not to mention I'm predisposed against drunk drivers to begin with, and once he got me going I admit I almost wanted the shmuck to take a swing at me! Oh well, live and learn- I'll controll myself better next time. Also, I'll remember to take such patients to facilities with the resources to handle them... this guy wanted to go to Johnson so that's where we took him- well Johnson's night time security consists of a single, older security guard... I'm trying to wave him outside to help us while things are escalating with the patient outside their front door, and he's just staring at me! Gosh that call sucked!

Well, I've still got to Iron a work shirt and get underclothes for the rest of my work week, so I'll see you all later!