Long ride home from class yesterday due to heavy winds and low temps... I put on two wicking layers and then my rain coat to be a windbreaker... when I got home and took off the rain coat it was full of ice on the inside... all my sweat had wicked up and frozen inside! I thought that was pretty neat. I actually didn't get to ride all the way home, Wapping Rd, in East Windsor of course, was impassable due to about four inch thick, jagged broken ice- I could barely walk on the stuff, If I'd tried to ride I'd have broken my neck.

We've gotten to the nervous system in class. Had our exam on musculoskelatal in the morning, I tell you the change of exams from Fridays to Mondays sucks... it would've been nice if our instructor had asked the whole class if they wouldn't mind the change rather than just catering to the few who weren't doing as well. Maybe we would've switched anyway, but it sure would've been a whole lot nicer to be involved in the decision at least.

Belly pain was the theme of Sunday nights shift, and mostly in Glastonbury for that matter!