Well, now that I think of it, I'm not sure if Sheena's graduating this year or if she's already graduated... she does live way down in TX after all...

Just got finished watching Election... boy that's one funny flick!


Hmmm... some other things I didn't mention:

My bike slipped on the ice in Constitution Plaza sometime in Mid-March, and I broke my rear wheel, so I got two new ones... they've been holding up really well since.

A new federal privacy regulation called HIPAA went into effect on April 14. I don't really think they increase patient privacy really, since before we used to have to actually have a patient's permission to get information for insurance etc. and now we don't- at least according to the handout we're giving every patient now.

We had a snowstorm the week by dad was supposed to come home from FL, so he postponed his trip until May 1st.

My second oldest niece, Marrissa, is getting married at the end of June.

My oldest niece, Jennie, is getting a divorce.

And my third and fourth oldest nieces (Maurine & Sheena) are graduating High School.

All this simcha... makes me JEALOUS! Oh well...
Okay, so its been a while since I published a posting, so sue me! LOL! Anyways...

I'm on spring break from my paramedic class right now, we're having our final for the Anatomy and Physiology section of the course on Monday after we get back. I've got a 98% average so far so I could probably completely bomb the final and still do well, but I'm studying anyway! We had to do our class pathophysiology presentations last week, I did mine on peanut allergies... quite the interesting subject especially with the new developments in research that came up just a couple of months ago. Clinicals at the hospital are going really well, my percentage of succesful IVs has shot way up- same as the way to Carnegie Hall I guess (practice, if you don't know the joke).

I've been bad about keeping up with my bicycle riding these last couple of weeks, I WILL ride tomorrow though, I can almost feel my waistline bulging. Besides I hate paying for all that gasoline. Been pretty warm lately, but still dipping into the thirties occasionally.

I'm going on a Jewish singles retreat up in the CT Berkshires this weekend. I don't really know what to expect, though it would be nice if I met someone... hopefully not somebody who lives a four hour drive away though! Of course, I was planning on moving to NYC when I finish my paramedic class anyway, so maybe that doesn't really matter and I'm being sillily picky (is sillily a word? it is now!)

The sticky part of going on the retreat is that I have to have someone take care of Pongo while I'm away. My sister Irene said she'd do it, but only if I leave him out in his pen all weekend- she'll come and feed him a couple of times. Poor Pongo, he'll be so lonely, he's a real people dog- people just don't see that.

Recent movies I've watched (on DVD of course)
Funny Girl- Seen it on Cable before, pretty good stuff.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets- Well done movie, but it seemed kind of cramped with all the stuff they tried to fit in from the book. I can only imagine what's going to happen as the longer books in the series come up... Sure miss Richard Harris- just watched "Camelot" a couple of weeks ago and that's how I'll always remember him, not as the old Dumbledore...
The Sound of Music- Okay, I inherited my love for this movie from my Mom- but I still love it lots anyway... the DVD had lots of extra information on it.. I didn't even finish it all!