As for movies this past week... amazingly enough, even though I was on vacation from class I didn't end up watching much. I took me a while to work my way through Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Bonus Disc. They seem to have learned from the complaints about the bonus disc from the first movie in that now you can see the deleted scenes without the hassle of playing the game on the disc. I really enjoyed the interview they had with J.K. Rowling and Steven Kloves (who wrote the screenplay). On the subject of the deleted scenes, they were all of finished quality- its amazing to me they would've spent all the money on the special effects and such and still cut the scenes.

I just got done watching The King and I. I tell you, Yul Brynner was one heck of an actor- I wonder whether the Moses references were related to The Ten Commandments which was also released in 1956. My favorite number is Mr. Brynner's solo in "Its a Puzzlement", that song really does express what science and agnosticism is all about.
Got back from a Jewish singles retreat in the Connecticut Berkshires this past weekend. Although it rained the only full day we were there, I had a very nice time anyway. Met lots of great people, women and men too for that matter. I went off of Atkins again for the weekend. How could I resist the relaxation of not having to worry about whether the food was kosher and continue to be uptight about carbs? One weekend doesn't make a difference anyway, as long as it doesn't become a habit. Anyway, I did meet one young lady I really liked, and even though she lives not so close, it would be nice if something develops.

In class; we took our A&P final on Monday. I would've only have gotten a couple of answers wrong but I filled in the wrong bubbles on the answer sheet for a bunch of answers so I ended up with a 96%- We got our averages back for the A&P portion of the course today... A+ with a 98.2% average. Not to shabby I suppose. Of course the challenge for me is not to slack off now- believe me the temptation is there to take a vacation from working hard.

For work- well I had to skip a couple of shifts to go on the retreat. Last night we only ended up doing a couple of calls, both transfers to Mount Sinai Hospital. That place makes me so sad, especially now that St. Francis has managed to get the E.D. closed. People think I'm kidding when I grouse about how the Catholic hospital bought out and killed the Jewish hospital.

I noticed that my bike's drive train is really in dire need of replacement. While I was biking around in the Berkshires this weekend, it actually made me take a spill when the chain slipped at a critical point. I've got an about 6 inch superficial laceration on my left arm to remember the spill by. I also think I need to buy a road bike for the commute since I'm getting more and more unsatisfied with the speed I'm getting out of the mountain bike.