Just got done watching The Professionals, what an excellent movie. It sure doesn't look like it was filmed in 1966, it has a very modern feel to it. I've always liked Lee Marvin and he was shining in this movie. Excellent themes and lots of good action too.

Got to chat on the telephone last night with one of the young ladies I met at the retreat the other weekend... it was a very nice conversation and... well let's wait and see what develops.

I've got a big zit on my nose, yeechh! Must be from this past week's stress since I haven't had acne in a long time.

Cool and wet today... when's summer scheduled to start already?


Dad was still intubated, but was breathing on his own when I visited him yesterday afternoon. The nurse seemed optomistic that he'd be able to be extubated that very night. He looked much better than when I saw him on Sunday too. Hopefully he'll be out of the hospital soon.

We only did one transfer at work last night, so I got to finish the book I was reading.

In class, we finished up critical thinking with a quiz where we read a research paper about whether ambulances using lights and sirens in a rural area saved any time in their responses. We then had to state whether we agreed with the paper's conclusions and back it up with evidence. After that we did a review of IV meds and advanced airway control.

Nothing else going on other than that I got the Jeep's oil changed and headlight fixed... really exciting, I know! :-)


Dad's still in the hospital, and still intubated and on the respirator as of this morning- the doctors keep teasing us everyday with the hope they'll be able to extubate him "soon". I still want him down at Hartford Hospital, but Alan says that the doctors have told him that due to Dad's kidney function, he's not stable enough for a transfer. I don't really get that because we transfer sick people all the time, even those on dopamine drips.

I've written to/talked to a couple of the ladies I met at the Basherte weekend- but its tough. I'm just getting to know them, really, and I don't really want to talk to them about my troubles- but its hard to talk about other things right now.

My sleep patterns are messed up- I was supposed to go for clinicals last night but I couldn't sleep all day and finally fell asleep when I should've been getting ready to go. I woke up late and called in to say I wouldn't be making it. I'm trying to keep an auto-immune skin irritation on the webbings of my fingers under control. Of course my bowels are all messed up too. Funny thing is that I don't feel stressed out mentally or emotionally, guess I'm good at bottling it all up, if that can be considered a good thing.

I found out that the patient I took in for an altered mental status on Saturday night had an aspiration pnuemonia. That call really irritated me because the town paramedics downgraded it and even told us that this was the patent's normal mental status. The family told us that he was usually very high functioning for an alzheimers patient and that he was really not himself. He was practically panting, although his oxygen saturation was okay. On top of this, I was working with a non-driver, so I couldn't even bring him in with an intermediate level of care. The family had just come from a long car trip and I thought he might have a pulmonary embolism, but I'm glad its something a little simpler.

In class we did an introduction to pharmacology yesterday... lots to keep track of! All the drugs do frighten me a bit, I'm going to have to work hard to memorize all of them.

Just got done watching Magnum Force, I think its a pretty solid movie despite what some reviewers say about it. Hey a man's got to know his limitations!

Without any take home reading in class, I'm finally getting to finish a book I was reading before class started. Its called Enchanter, by Sara Douglass. Its the sequel to The Wayfarer Redemption and is followed by Starman. So far its a pretty exciting and interesting read.


Biggest news of the past few days in my life is that my Dad's in the hospital. He had been hospitalized down in Miami just last week for a heart problem that required angioplasty, but insisted on coming home on his May first flight. Well, my brother Alan picked him up at the airport and found that Dad was feeling sick. Alan called to see if I was at home so I could take care of Dad, but I was at work, so he took him to his house in Somers. Dad got really sick during the night and had to be brought to Johnson Memorial Hospital where he had an emergency bowel resection. Things were looking better, but on Saturday his Blood Pressure crashed and his Heart rate shot up, so they opened him back up to see if they missed anything- the doctor's prognosis that day gave us all quite a scare. Anyway, he made it through the surgery and things are a little more stable right now. Its pretty weird, I don't feel stressed out mentally, but my body is indeed giving my signals that I'm having a stress reaction.

Haven't been riding my bike in about a week now... not enough time if I want to spend any time with Dad. I really need to get a road bike anyway, the mountain bike was great for the winter, but the full suspension and fat wheels are slowing me down this time of year.

At work, well nothing really notable I suppose. I volunteered to take transfers out of Johnson Hospital last night, but none came up.

In class we're doing "critical thinking" which means we're just learning to think for ourselves really, a habit I'm already in. The one caveat I would give to this whole section of the course is that especially in emergency situations, you can run the danger of thinking too much about something and end up making things worse due to failure to come to a decision or due to overcomplicating the situation.

For movies- I'm working my way through the extra features on the This Is Spinal Tap DVD. Its quite a funny movie and I didn't realize so many stars were in it, such as Rob Reiner, Ed Begley Jr., Fran Drescher, Dana Carvey, Billy Crystal, Paul Shaffer, etc., etc., etc.... (hey, I did just watch The King and I this week!)