I saw Dad on Thursday afternoon, he had been extubated and had been on BYPAP for two days to help his breathing. When I got there he was off the BYPAP and was just getting oxygen with nebulized sterile water via a scoop mask. He was still very out of it and mostly grunted rather than actually spoke real words. He still had a NG tube in his nose, and he was restrained because he had nearly pulled it out while trying to scratch the welt on his nose from the BYPAP mask.

Alan sent me a text message on Saturday morning as follows, "Dad looks much better.just has tube in nose & talking a little"

So, things are looking up.
Watched My Fair Lady yesterday... the commentary track is great and explains a lot about the amount of effort that goes into a restoration and how close we are to losing some of the 20th century's great art treasures.

In class we did drug calculations. No big deal for me since I just use dimensional analysis and come to the units I want.

At work last night all we did were psychs, we had to restrain two of them. One who was ripping out her own hair and the other who was schizophrenic with homocidal ideations. My partner said she saw the devil in his eyes- that he looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in End of Days when he was fighting with the devil for control of his own mind. I haven't seen the movie yet, but its number 500 on my netflix rental queue, so I'll get to it in a couple of years, maybe :-)