Happy Independence Day, and Good Shabbos!

Today I went to see the play The Big Bang with my nephew Jesse and his friend Jeremy. It was a Jewish Singles event, but the organizer told me she had extra tickets and to bring some friends... so I did! It was an extremely funny play and everyone enjoyed it immensely! We went for ice cream afterwards- of course I only had diet soda as I'm back on my diet. I went off Atkin's for a week before Marrissa's wedding and gained two inches! Gotta work that all back off now...

I'm going to do some clinical rounds tonight in the psych pod at Hartford Hospital... probably will have lots of business!

Had a good psych last night at work; at the start he was cooperating, but just when he got near the ambulance, he flew off the handle! It took three cops to hold him down... we got the paramedics to come and give him some medication to calm him down a bit... he was much nicer after that.


Its been a long time since my last post, so I'll give a quick update.

Dad left Johnson Hospital for Manchester Manor where he spent about two and a half weeks. He then stayed with Alan. He spent another short time at Rockville Hospital and is now splitting time between staying with Alan and Irene. I'm sort of out of the loop as to developments, I suppose because I'm at work and school a lot.

Marrissa's wedding was Sunday, it was a very nice ceromony. I finally got to me Yanki, my new "nephew-in-law", seems like a nice guy. The reception was very nice, a kind of a cross between traditional and liberal. Men and women were sitting together, but the dancing was separated. Irene hosted a Sheva Brucha last night at our shul here in Ellington. A lot of our cousins and relatives who couldn't come to the wedding were there last night. I good time was had by all and the happy couple are headed back to Texas today.

At work; our operations manager, Joe Kilraine, has left us for a new home in AZ, I wish him all the best. Paramedic Terry Cote has taken over Joe's old job. Hope he can do as well or better with the schedule as Joe!