I've really gotta' do a better job of keeping this thing up!

Anyway, we had a week off from class last week; boy was it good! I think I'm getting a little bit "toasty" from all the studying while working full time. Did my Patient assesment quiz make-up and my make up for the Pulmonology and Cardiology exams I missed.

This last weekend I attended the J-weekend up at Club Getaway in Kent CT. I didn't really make any connections, but that's because I'm a dumb, moronic, shy guy. Ah well, I had a good time cycling, hiking, drinking, eating, and learning new things like archery. We did a little hiking on the Appalachian Trail... I thought it was going to be bigger, but it looks just like any other small woods path.

At work, not much is going on, just the usual stuff which I can't go into detail about anyway!

I bought some summer cycling shoes I'm going to try out for the first time today, along with a second pair of cycling shorts. I've decided to try to train for the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride in 2004. They completely by-passed Connecticut this year, so maybe I can get some other Nutmegers together to bike down and meet up with them in NYC.

Pongo's got an ear infection that he's getting ear drops for... poor guy- he's only got one good ear to start with so I do worry a bit.