A call I did Saturday night give yet more credence to my opinion that Hartford Hospital's Lifestar Helicopter is of very limited usefulness here in a small state like Connecticut. I responded with my Paramedic partner to an ATV accident in Ellington. We drove from Manchester and were at the scene only twelve minutes from dispatch. Lifestar landed just prior to our arrival. I went into assist at the scene while my partner started care on the one patient who had been packaged. I helped get the other two packaged and assisted the Rockville Paramedic in starting care on his patient. They both left, and I had to get my rig over to the hospital... I had to be backed out of the long dirt road, turn around, and then I double checked with the command post to make positively sure that my partner had indeed left the scene. Lifestart was already in the process of assessing their patient when I left. I got all the way to Columbus Blvd in Hartford before the helicopter took off! I ended up beating them to the hospital by a good fifteen to twenty minutes! And that's not to mention the patient who left the scene first with my partner! Anyway, I think that helicopter is plain silly.

Otherwise, work is as normal, nothing much spectacular to relate.

In class we're doing cardiology right now. Its very interesting to learn how to interpret those rhythm strips and twelve leads!

Yesterday I decided to go on a little bike ride after class, I biked up to Windsor Locks and got on a bike trail along the canal that leads all the way up to Suffield. Then I found out that bicycles were prohibited from the bridge there, so I biked back down to Windsor Locks to cross there and go home. A nice ride, really... good training if I want to go on that EMS Memorial bike ride.