Well, it's been a long time since my last post. Dad's been in and out of the hospital twice since my last post. He's doing much better now- he's eating better and breathing better... I think they've finally got his medications right. He wants to go to Florida, but I'm uncomfortable with that because I don't trust him to take care of himself on his own.

To accommodate spending more time with Dad, I switched my schedule around to working day shifts. Unfortunately this has the secondary effect of forcing me to work on Shabbos... I do have an "out" since I work in a life saving profession... but I'm uncomfortable with it nonetheless. However I think taking care of Dad is more important. I've gotten and additional med control out of Hartford Hospital and am now doing the occasional shift down in Glastonbury for ASM.

Paramedic Class continues to go okay, although my average has dropped due to our weekly drug quizzes. Oh well...

Let's see: Nephew Aaron fell off his bicycle a couple of weeks ago and broke his clavicle and got a basilar skull fracture as he wasn't wearing his helmet. He's doing okay but it'll be a bit before the blood drains from inside his ear.

Going to do the EMS bike response team for the Manchester Road Race again this year. We're short a couple of paramedics and at this time I'm in the process of trying to help get a couple of volunteers from Hartford Hospital's ranks... it's not easy on short notice.

I've hardly ridden my bike at all since Dad moved back in. I'm going to ride into work in the morning for sure this time! I've got to get my wind back in time for the road race anyway!

I'm hosting a singles event on Sept. 29th in Manchester at the Adam's Mill with movies afterwards... I've already got an idea for another event since I just found out that the Avon Old Farms Inn has a Kosher a la carte meal each Wednesday night...