Well yesterday was kinda' weird... I was scheduled to work with a new girl and in the course of conversation it came out that she didn't have her Connecticut certification yet... and she had never hid this from management. But this day she went to Don for help and he couldn't find her number online so he told her she couldn't work the road until she got it. She started crying, poor girl. Hopefully everything will be straightened out soon.

Anyway, after she left the dispatchers couldn't find me a partner- but Metro -our wheelchair van division- was desperate for a driver, so I did that all day... pretty easy really. No lifting, no runforms, no assessments... well I can't help doing them anymore really, but all the transports were basically okay, really. Especially nice that I got paid more than all those guy while doing it too! Conley was razzing me about it when I pointed all this out and he shut up quick! lol!


Class to day was interesting... It was our first day with Mike Moran as our main instuctor- we started off with two tests to see where exactly we're at and what we need to work on. So far so good but April sure is looming!

I visited one of the girls I met at the Matzoh Ball while she was at work today. She said she was busy and she wouldn't accept the chocolates I had brought (Munson's even!)... when I asked her if I could call her later, she said no... so I pretty much figure that she's not interested... funny she seemed the most interested while at the dance. And after I telephoned the first time she took the effort to find one of my ads on one of the jewish singles websites and write to me. Oh well...

Nothing else of consequence to report today.


Well, spent the day at Glastonbury Ambulance today... did a couple of calls nothing to exciting. Gotta go back to class tomorrow it was a nice two weeks off!