Wow, it's actually been seven months since I last posted here. It's hard to believe. A lot has happened. The biggest thing, I suppose is that my Dad, Harry Friedman, died Thirty-two days ago today on July 12, 2004. I know the exact number of days because we buried him on the fourteenth and Orthodox Judaism requires mourners to abstain from certain things for the first thirty days after the burial.

The other big thing is that I graduated Paramedic class. I was only one of three in my class who got through both ends of the National Registry exam on my first try. There was some paperwork holdup at CT's Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) that held up my CT license until July. I was all set to take my local Protocols test when my Dad died... I've got it rescheduled to take tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck!

Being that it is the political season, I was trying to find gear to show my support for the president's re-election. While I could find Bush gear for Firefighters, Cops, and Military; I was unable to find anything for those of us in EMS! I decided to solve the problem myself by creating a site on Cafeshops... Here's the URL: http://www.cafeshops.com/ems4bushcheney

Hmmm... I suppose I could also mention here that with having to go to the synagogue daily to recite Kaddish, I've gotten a little more spiritual and in touch with my religous side. Don't know where that'll lead...

I suppose that's about all for now. C'ya l8r