Well, I found out that I passed my protocols test yesterday. I will be precepting under Paramedic Jon Damon. In other news, I went to my fraternity brother's stag party the other night. I hadn't seen Greg and the other guys in years, but they all pretty much look the same... except for Vinnie Mure, he lost a ton of weight and looks great! I didn't even recognize him, and when I figured out who he was I was too embarassed to admit my mistake!

The latest poll here in CT shows Kerry only ahead by 7%, with the 3% margin of error that only a nose, especially considering the lead was over 20% some weeks ago. I feel like I should be doing more for the campaign, especially since I fear for my and the country's safety if the senator from MA is elected. But with davening Kaddish for my father daily and now getting started precepting as a medic, I'm not sure how much I can do.

I did put together the website for getting EMS for Bush apparel and stuff- I even put in an order and am expecting delivery soon. Feel free to visit, the link's at your left.

The dog's resting comfortably. I'm going to make some breakfast.