Posted in Hartford's South End

Well, here I am posted at the corner of Wethersfield Ave and Airport Rd in Hartford providing coverage for Aetna Ambulance who doesn't have enough cars evidently.

I spent the early part of my shift on a fruitless quest for Diet Coke bottles with yellow caps... meaning that they're Kosher for Passover... I ended up finding some Dr. Brown's Black Cherry Soda... I think I'll be sick of the stuff by Monday...

Had two great Passover Seders at my sister Irene's house. My sister Adelle and her husband John made it up for the second Seder. It was really nice to see everyone.

I was going to ride my bike to the second Seder, it seems silly to hop in the car to go just three miles... the car doesn't even have time to warm up! Anyway, I go to turn on my headlight before I leave, and "poof" it went out! I went online to www.performancebikes.com and ordered a brand new HID bike light system and asked for two day delivery since I'm going to need lights for my day shifts this weekend (I'll need to be at work at 5am...) Well the order went through without any hitches, and I got the order acknowledgment and it didn't mention any problems. However when I got the package from FedEx, it only had the jersey and shorts I had purchased at the same time, the invoice stated that the lights were on backorder and might be available on 5/6... I was P.O.ed! The whole reason for my order was for the lights... if I had known they weren't in stock I would've bought another set that was in stock! It annoys me mightly that they couldn't have dropped me an email about the item being on backorder. I'll be calling them when they open in the morning, you bet!

I got a phone call on Tuesday after I got home from work (and another fruitless yellow cap quest) that a gentleman by the name of Jorma Kaukonen was visiting town to see his relatives graves and wanted to visit our shul. Well I dragged myself over with almost no sleep and opened the place for them. They had a nice visit. Turns out that Mr. Kaukonen is the founder of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna and has a nice website and blog of his own www.jormakaukonen.com

Jorma seemed like a genuinely nice man. I'm glad I got to meet him and didn't have the idea that he's a celebrity on my mind until afterwards.