This is my last shift

This is my last shift with Melissa Eaton, she's going 2 FL. I bought her Ice-cream but we had to wolf it down 2 take care of a 5 day old wrist fx

Hypocrisy Most Holy

Hypocrisy Most Holy
Muslims should show some respect to others' religions.

Friday, May 20, 2005 12:01 a.m. EDT

With the revelation that a copy of the Quran may have been desecrated by U.S. military personnel at Guantanamo Bay, Muslims and their governments--including that of Saudi Arabia--reacted angrily. This anger would have been understandable if the U.S. government's adopted policy was to desecrate our Quran. But even before the Newsweek report was discredited, that was never part of the allegations.

As a Muslim, I am able to purchase copies of the Quran in any bookstore in any American city, and study its contents in countless American universities. American museums spend millions to exhibit and celebrate Muslim arts and heritage. On the other hand, my Christian and other non-Muslim brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia--where I come from--are not even allowed to own a copy of their holy books. Indeed, the Saudi government desecrates and burns Bibles that its security forces confiscate at immigration points into the kingdom or during raids on Christian expatriates worshiping privately.

Soon after Newsweek published an account, later retracted, of an American soldier flushing a copy of the Quran down the toilet, the Saudi government voiced its strenuous disapproval. More specifically, the Saudi Embassy in Washington expressed "great concern" and urged the U.S. to "conduct a quick investigation."

Although considered as holy in Islam and mentioned in the Quran dozens of times, the Bible is banned in Saudi Arabia. This would seem curious to most people because of the fact that to most Muslims, the Bible is a holy book. But when it comes to Saudi Arabia we are not talking about most Muslims, but a tiny minority of hard-liners who constitute the Wahhabi Sect.

The Bible in Saudi Arabia may get a person killed, arrested, or deported. In September 1993, Sadeq Mallallah, 23, was beheaded in Qateef on a charge of apostasy for owning a Bible. The State Department's annual human rights reports detail the arrest and deportation of many Christian worshipers every year. Just days before Crown Prince Abdullah met President Bush last month, two Christian gatherings were stormed in Riyadh. Bibles and crosses were confiscated, and will be incinerated. (The Saudi government does not even spare the Quran from desecration. On Oct. 14, 2004, dozens of Saudi men and women carried copies of the Quran as they protested in support of reformers in the capital, Riyadh. Although they carried the Qurans in part to protect themselves from assault by police, they were charged by hundreds of riot police, who stepped on the books with their shoes, according to one of the protesters.)

As Muslims, we have not been as generous as our Christian and Jewish counterparts in respecting others' holy books and religious symbols. Saudi Arabia bans the importation or the display of crosses, Stars of David or any other religious symbols not approved by the Wahhabi establishment. TV programs that show Christian clergymen, crosses or Stars of David are censored.

The desecration of religious texts and symbols and intolerance of varying religious viewpoints and beliefs have been issues of some controversy inside Saudi Arabia. Ruled by a Wahhabi theocracy, the ruling elite of Saudi Arabia have made it difficult for Christians, Jews, Hindus and others, as well as dissenting sects of Islam, to visibly coexist inside the kingdom.

Another way in which religious and cultural issues are becoming more divisive is the Saudi treatment of Americans who are living in that country: Around 30,000 live and work in various parts of Saudi Arabia. These people are not allowed to celebrate their religious or even secular holidays. These include Christmas and Easter, but also Thanksgiving. All other Gulf states allow non-Islamic holidays to be celebrated.

The Saudi Embassy and other Saudi organizations in Washington have distributed hundreds of thousands of Qurans and many more Muslim books, some that have libeled Christians, Jews and others as pigs and monkeys. In Saudi school curricula, Jews and Christians are considered deviants and eternal enemies. By contrast, Muslim communities in the West are the first to admit that Western countries--especially the U.S.--provide Muslims the strongest freedoms and protections that allow Islam to thrive in the West. Meanwhile Christianity and Judaism, both indigenous to the Middle East, are maligned through systematic hostility by Middle Eastern governments and their religious apparatuses.

The lesson here is simple: If Muslims wish other religions to respect their beliefs and their Holy book, they should lead by example.

Mr. al-Ahmed is director of the Saudi Institute in Washington.

Elias Friedman A.S., NREMT-P
& Pongo the Spotted Wonder!

President's Radio Address

President's Radio Address


THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Today, I can report to you that we are making good progress in advancing the cause of freedom, defeating the forces of terror, and transforming our military so we can meet the emerging threats of the 21st century. As I speak, Laura is in the Middle East to help advance the freedom agenda; and her message is a powerful one -- that by working together for liberty, we will create a future of peace and opportunity for women and men worldwide.

White House Radio Archives
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On Monday, I will meet Afghan President Hamid Karzai at the White House to discuss freedom's remarkable progress in his nation. Afghanistan now has a constitution, an elected President, and its citizens will return to the polls this September to elect provincial councils in the lower house of the National Assembly. We're helping Afghanistan's elected government solidify these democratic gains and deliver real change. A nation that once knew only the terror of the Taliban is now seeing a rebirth of freedom, and we will help them succeed.

Terrorists know that there is no room for them as freedom takes root in the broader Middle East, so they are fighting to stop its progress. But in recent weeks, we have dealt them a series of devastating blows. In Afghanistan, we have brought to justice dozens of terrorists and insurgents. In Pakistan, one of Osama bin Laden's senior terrorist leaders, a man named Al-Libbi, was brought to justice. In Iraq, we captured two deputies of the terrorist Zarqawi, and our forces have killed or captured hundreds of terrorists and insurgents near the Syrian border.

Our strategy is clear: We will fight the terrorists abroad so we do not have to face them here at home. While some difficult days still lie ahead, these recent victories are making America safer and the world more secure.

As we make progress against today's enemies, we are also transforming our military to defeat the enemies we might face in the decades ahead. On Friday, I will speak to future leaders of our military who are graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy about how we are making our Armed Forces faster, more agile, and more lethal.

To deal with the emerging threats of the 21st century, we are building a military that can deploy rapidly and deliver more fire power with fewer forward deployed forces. However, much of our military is still deployed in ways that reflect the threats of the Cold War. So last summer, I announced a plan to reposition our forces over the next decade. This shift will bring home 60,000 to 70,000 uniformed personnel, while still maintaining a significant overseas presence. It will also allow us to reduce the stress on our military families and make the best overall use of our resources. In the months and years ahead, we will continue to do what is necessary to prepare our Armed Forces to protect the American people in this new century.

The war on terror continues, and we are making solid progress, but we must not become complacent. We will continue to pursue terrorists abroad. We will continue to support democratic change throughout the world, including in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the broader Middle East. And we will do whatever it takes to support our men and women in uniform and give them the tools they need to prevail.

Thank you for listening.


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Elias Friedman A.S., NREMT-P
& Pongo the Spotted Wonder!


Bicycle News

School to host bicycle race
The Grand Rapids Press - Grand Rapids,MI,USA
By Kelly Hill. On display Saturday at the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center will be the art of bicycle racing. "The criterium is open ...

Lawmaker's bill would give break to bicycle commuters
Myrtle Beach Sun News - Myrtle Beach,SC,USA
The bill introduced Tuesday by Rep. Doug Smith, R-. Spartanburg, would allow bicycle commuters to deduct 10 cents per mile on their income taxes. ...

CAROL CAIN / MACOMB: Bicycle shop gets busier as temperatures rise
Detroit Free Press - Detroit,MI,USA
BY CAROL CAIN. As bicycling enjoys its warm-weather resurgence in Michigan, things are busier inside Macomb Bike and Fitness at 28411 Schoenherr in Warren. ...

8-Year-Old Boy Killed While Riding His Bicycle in Rayne
KLFY - Lafayette,LA,USA
Information obtained so far indicates the victim was an eight-year-old boy who was riding a bicycle when he was struck and killed by an 18-wheeler on Sixth ...

EMS News

DUI charge in van-ambulance crash
Chicago Tribune - Chicago,IL,USA
A motorist was cited for driving under the influence early this morning after his van crashed into a Chicago Fire Department ambulance on an emergency call on ...

Versatile motorbike doubles up as ambulance
Independent Online - Cape Town,South Africa
The answer is an innovative product called the Ranger Ambulance, a combination of a motorcycle and ambulance which is fitted with a multi-function stretcher ...

Ambulance in cyclist crash
Cambridge Evening News - Cambridge,England,UK
AN AMBULANCE racing to an emergency call was involved in a crash with a cyclist. The collision left a 22-year-old man from Linton ...

Ambulance plan gets Gaines' brush-off
The Grand Rapids Press - Grand Rapids,MI,USA
By Gary W. Morrison. GAINES TOWNSHIP -- Gaines Township Supervisor Don Hilton is not sure when trustees might decide on a contract with Rockford Ambulance Co. ...

Man Seriously Injured In Collision With Ambulance
NBC5.com - Chicago,IL,USA
CHICAGO -- A man was seriously injured after his van collided with a fire department ambulance Thursday morning. It happened at ...

EMS News

EMS week being observed
Pittsburg Morning Sun - Pittsburg,KS,USA
Crawford County Emergency Medical Services are celebrating the 32nd annual EMS week, which is used to help promote and raise the profile of Emergency Medical ...

Tax hike for EMS knocked by board
Greenville Daily Reflector - Greenville,NC,USA
... respectively. EMS officials wanted a 2-cent tax increase to fund a $900,000 shortfall in the county emergency medical services program. ...

Warren EMS unhappy with changes in pay
Henderson Daily Dispatch - Henderson,NC,USA
... The complaints boiled down to two things: the new pay system won't be as lucrative for EMS workers as the old one, and they feel the system for accruing sick ...

Allentown EMS Award Ceremony
WFMZ-TV Online - Allentown,PA,USA

Kiwanis Club hears overview of EMS
Winchester Sun - Winchester,KY,USA
... Bryon Schroedel, Winchester Fire/EMS. The program was held in conjunction with the observance of EMS Week. The speaker was introduced ...

Bicycle News

Cyclist French appealing against drug ban
ABC Online - Australia
Cyclist Mark French is appealing against a two-year ban from the sport at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Melbourne. French ...

Armstrong's successor as America's star cyclist could be Durango's ...
Denver Post - Denver,CO,USA
That chasm between Lance Armstrong and the next great American cyclist could be bridged on the endless mountain trails of Durango. ...

Ambulance in cyclist crash
Cambridge Evening News - Cambridge,England,UK
AN AMBULANCE racing to an emergency call was involved in a crash with a cyclist. The collision left a 22-year-old man from Linton ...

Attempted-murder charge filed after car hits cyclist
Chicago Tribune - Chicago,IL,USA
LAKE COUNTY -- A Chicago man was charged with attempted murder Wednesday after he struck a woman on a bicycle with his mini-van in Zion, authorities said. ...


EMS News

Former Firefighter/Paramedic Turns SWAT Team Doctor in Dallas
Firehouse.com (subscription) - USA
... Eastman was no stranger to public safety when he took on this role; before medical school he was a firefighter/ paramedic in Kensington, Maryland, he said. ...

Lee paramedic is named tops in state
The News-Press - Fort Myers,FL,USA
By SARAH LUNDY. A Lee County paramedic was named the 2005 paramedic of the year by the Florida Department of Health Bureau of Emergency Medical Services. ...

County paramedic tapped as tops in nation, state
Howard County Times - Columbia,MD,USA
... Butler, whose main job is full-time paramedic, also serves as the leader of a tactical medic group that provides assistance for Howard County's SWAT team, and ...

Paramedic on child porn charges
Comet 24 - Herts,UK
A PARAMEDIC has appeared in court charged with 18 counts of possessing and downloading child pornography. Nicholas Colclough, 43 ...

ic Coventry - Coventry,UK
We are currently seeking to recruit Trainee Paramedics for our first intake in 2005. You will need to have strong communication ...

EMS News

Easton EMT 'Volunteer of the Year'
Easton Courier - Easton,CT,USA
... As a police officer, EMT and assistant chief of operations for the Easton EMS, Arnold has organized and been involved in numerous Easton youth and community ...

Tryon heeds firefighters' objections
Tryon Daily Bulletin - Tryon,NC,USA
... Covil told the town council that the firefighters may accept a full-time paid firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), but not a paid chief/ EMT. ...

Age no issue for Eaton EMT
Dayton Daily News (subscription) - Dayton,OH,USA
Two nights a week, Barbara Horigan dons a uniform and badge to perform the duties of an EMT with the City of Eaton Emergency Squad. ...

Terror Training at Idaho Falls Regional Airport
KIDK - Idaho Falls,ID,USA
... plus emergency response teams. Student nurses from Eastern Idaho Technical College and high-school EMT students also participated as part of their training. ...

Health worker has hepatitis C
Biloxi Sun Herald - Biloxi,MS,USA
... An open wound exposure may occur in an auto accident. This is obviously a very important issue for any medical personnel, doctors, nurses, EMT's etc. ...

Sitting here on the town

Sitting here on the town line waiting to find out if I have relief. I'm not sure where alpha-2 is and why they're not relieving us from 10-3.


At work. Changed. Ready for

At work. Changed. Ready for duty!

Leaving now for work on

Leaving now for work on my bike!

JTA Daily Briefing (May 19, 2005)

Thursday, May 19, 2005 sign up
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  • To reduce Arab anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism, the United States should better inform the Muslim world about how U.S. foreign policy is made, a new study says.

  • Hamas bombarded Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip with mortars and rockets.

  • The Palestinian Authority pulled a link to "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" from one of its Web sites.

  • An Israeli soldier was sentenced to prison for shooting an unarmed Palestinian.

  • A court in Kenya delayed a ruling on whether four men can be charged with murder for their alleged roles in a 2002 bombing at an Israeli-owned hotel.

  • Jews came under Palestinian fire during a trip to a West Bank synagogue.

  • More Holocaust survivors around the world, including those who were incarcerated in North Africa, will receive benefits from Germany.

  • More than 300 films, including some rare old footage, are available to viewers at Hebrew University's Web site.

  • An exhibit on the relationship between Pope John Paul II and the Jews opened at Xavier University in Cincinnati.

  • The Israeli government gave Gaza Strip settlers a week to accept a special relocation deal.

  • For more on these items, visit www.jta.org

    Militants refuse to give up weapons
    A scheme to disarm wanted Palestinian terrorists is in crisis because hundreds of gunmen are refusing to take up jobs in the Palestinian Authority security forces -- and many who do enlist are being allowed to keep their weapons. ( Daily Telegraph)

    The Holocaust through Arab eyes
    The owner of a new Holocaust museum in Nazareth believes his fellow Arabs have to understand Jewish suffering at the hands of the Nazis before there can be peace in the Middle East. ( Guardian)

    Apartheid misses the point
    The careless and tendentious use of the Israel-South Africa comparison blurs the major differences between the two societies and political cultures, Meron Benvenisti writes. ( Ha'aretz)

    Was Allende anti-Semitic?
    A new book on Chilean President Salvador Allende is causing a stir by suggesting that this icon of the left -- who killed himself during a 1973 putsch -- was racist and anti-Semitic. ( Der Spiegel)

    Hostile to a soccer takeover
    How do English soccer fans hate Malcolm Glazer, the billionaire Jewish businessman who this week took control of Manchester United, one of the world's most famous soccer teams? Let us count the ways. ( New York Times)

    Brian Hendler
    Labor leader Shimon Peres talks to the Knesset during disengagement debates in Jerusalem in October 2004.

    As withdrawal approaches, Labor
    faces key party leadership ballot

    By Leslie Susser

    JERUSALEM, May 16 (JTA) -- After a new membership drive that almost trebled its ranks, Israel's Labor Party is gearing up for a crucial leadership race that will decide its ideological direction for the next few years -- and, to a large extent, whether it can mount a serious challenge for national power.

    The outcome of the Labor leadership primary, set for June 28, also could determine how long Labor remains in Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's coalition government. Most candidates are bent on leaving the government right after the planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and the northern West Bank this summer, but incumbent party leader Shimon Peres, who at 81 is still the front-runner, is prepared... Full Story

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    NPR Mideast coverage may be monitored
    Following years of complaints alleging bias, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is considering monitoring National Public Radio's coverage of the Middle East. Full Story

    Gay pride fest rescheduled
    A controversial gay pride celebration, slated for Jerusalem this August, has been postponed for a year so it won't overlap with Israel's planned Gaza withdrawal. Full Story

    Arab-Latin summit angers Jews
    Brazilian Jewish leaders are criticizing a recent summit of South American and Arab countries for not sticking to economic and cultural issues and instead taking a stance on terrorism that seems to justify attacks against Israelis. Full Story

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    Next Bike to Work Event is May 27th!

    Bike to Work - May Events:  We had an amazing turnout at our April Bike to Work day, let's make May bigger and better!  Join us on May 27th from 7 to 9 am at the Old State House.  Employees of DEP will be sponsoring the downtown event and DEP Commissioner Gina McCarthy will be speaking at about 8 AM.  A group of DEP employees will ride in together from Elizabeth Park - you can meet up with them at 7:30 am.   Councilmember Bob Painter will present a City Proclamation declaring May 27th bike to work day in Hartford.

    In addition to the downtown event there will be events in Windsor (Town Green, 7 to 9 am), Granby (Geisslers Supermarket, 6:30 to 8:30 am), and Farmington (UConn Health Center, 7 to 9 am).   Check the Central CT Bicycle Alliance website, www.wecyclect.org for details.

    We have special PREMIUMS this month at all events, choose either a packet of Reflexite reflective items, or Pathways through Connecticut, the state's guide to multi use trails.

    TUNE-UP DEMO:  Bicycles East of Glastonbury will be at our Downtown event to demonstrate "How to adjust gears."

    This month's Avon Ski Market Super Bike Commuter is Jerry Ledger, an employee of Alstom Power of Windsor.  Jerry has been biking to work since 1973, when he began relying on his bike for travel to work in Jackson, Michigan.   Currently he commutes 10 miles each way from his home in Granby, 4 to 5 days a week, from April through October.  He keeps in shape in the winter by going to the YMCA, and he finds that bike commuting actually saves him one hour per day.   Alstom makes it easy for him to be a bike commuter - they have bike racks, large locker rooms and showers available.  Jerry encourages and promotes biking to work wherever he goes, he even co-produced a video on biking to work last year.   Jerry advises would be commuters, "Commuting by bike is a great way to start and end the work day.  I enjoy my ride, and don't go fast.  You can do it too."  Gerry will be awarded a bike jersey, provided by Avon Ski Market at the downtown Bike to Work event.

    Be sure to send your nominations for Super Commuter, just reply to this email.

    Upcoming rides:  Have you been yearning for the Hartford Parks Tour?  Join an informal ride that will start at Bushnell Park by the bandshell at 9 am on Saturday May 21.   The ride will be about 25 miles.  Contact Mark Lucas if you are interested:  bikerman.1962@sbcglobal.net

    Interested in the Glastonbury-Rocky Hill Ferry?  A 350th Anniversary Festival will be held on Saturday June 11th (rain date June 12), 10 am at the Rocky Hill landing.  

    And remember to patronize our sponsor bike shops - see the list of shops on the website, www.wecyclect.org.

    Patriot Act Posturing


    Patriot Act Posturing
    How desperate is the ACLU?

    Thursday, May 19, 2005 12:01 a.m. EDT

    Several provisions of the Patriot Act come up for renewal this year and debate is already under way in Congress. Today the Senate Intelligence Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing on the FBI's subpoena power in terrorism cases, which the Administration wants Congress to expand. It's a closed-door session so that Senators can weigh classified information.

    Enter the ACLU. The civil liberties organization is so desperate to derail the Patriot Act that it has gone to the extreme of protesting the closed-door nature of the meeting, saying that "lawmakers are trying to keep legislation to reauthorize the Patriot Act secret." Oh, really? The reason the hearing is closed is because Senators "will discuss actual intelligence operations and how the Patriot Act applies to those operations," a spokesman says.

    The subject under discussion is the "administrative subpoena," which would allow the FBI to subpoena documents without first going to a judge in emergency situations involving national security. Congress long ago gave the FBI administrative subpoena power for cases involving narcotics, health-care fraud, child pornography, and a host of other areas in which fast action can make a difference. A party served with an administrative subpoena can challenge it in court if it believes it is unwarranted.

    As the ACLU surely knows, one of the reasons the FBI is asking for administrative subpoenas for terrorism cases is customer demand. Since 9/11, hotels, Internet service providers and other businesses have voluntarily cooperated when the FBI has asked for emergency information on terrorist suspects. But in this lawsuit-crazed age, they want the legal cover of being able to say they were complying with a subpoena; it's a way of protecting themselves against liability suits from organizations like the ACLU. Now there's a subject for a Congressional hearing.

    New Posts

    Well, you all might have noticed that I've started posting newslinks for EMS and Bikes. I've found out that Blogger is letting me post via email and also via text messaging from my cell phone too. I'll now be putting a lot of the stuff I used to forward to people up here on the blog for people to get at their own convenience rather than clogging up their inboxes.

    EMS News

    EMT taken offline
    Pawtucket Times - Pawtucket,RI,USA
    CUMBERLAND -- After a four-month investigation by Rhode Island state police, a veteran paramedic with the local rescue service was arrested Monday on a felony ...

    EMS history explained at meet
    Winchester Sun - Winchester,KY,USA
    ... Byron Schroedel, Winchester Fire/EMS, explained the advancement of the EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)/Paramedic services to the Clark County Kiwanis Club ...

    RVFD looking for more help with EMS-only program
    Ralston Recorder - Ralston,NE,USA
    ... anyone with a desire to serve the community in this capacity would be welcomed and RVFD would pay for the necessary emergency medical technician ( EMT) training ...

    Decision to pay fire chief draws protest
    Tryon Daily Bulletin - Tryon,NC,USA
    ... with the department for more than 20 years and is also a member of the Polk County First Responders and has been an emergency medical technician ( EMT) for the ...

    BookCast With Sen. Zell Miller

    Dear Elias,

    When Democrat Senator Zell Miller took to the stage at Madison Square Garden during the GOP convention last year, he stood on principle. A lifelong Democrat, Miller supported the President, bucked his party and did what was right for his family and America. His last book, A National Party No More, was a New York Times bestseller and illustrated the Democrat Party's out-of-the-mainstream worldview. His latest book, A Deficit of Decency, calls for the return to a sense of duty.

    Senator Miller discusses his book as our newest guest on BookCast. Listen now on GOP.com!

    In speeches on the Senate floor, Senator Miller outlined a series of issues where he believes an absence of decency is threatening America. His book makes a compelling argument for the return of values in American culture, and he explains his decision to speak in New York.

    He states, "There were two primary reasons I could not go where my lifelong political party wanted to take me. I seriously questioned its judgment on how to respond to the threat of terrorism, the most serious national security issue of the post Cold War era."

    Listen to Senator Miller describe his immense pride in the men and women fighting for freedom overseas, why the President's judicial nominees deserve an up or down vote in the Senate and what he sees at the very heart of America.

    Listen now on GOP.com!

    If you want to get a copy of Senator Miller's book for yourself click here!

    Kevin McLaughlin

    Kevin McLaughlin
    Director of GOP Radio

    PS: Listen to Senator Miller now on BookCast at GOP.com!

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    EMS News

    Scottish Ambulance Service Rings The Bell Of BT and Datapulse For ...
    IT Week - Haarlem,Netherlands
    Although the Scottish Ambulance Service covers the whole of Scotland, employing around 3,500 staff operating out of more than 150 locations, it centres ...

    Hospital CEO looks for allies in ambulance controversy
    Baxter Bulletin - Baxter,AR,USA
    He recommended counties and cities bid for an exclusive ambulance provider contract. The meeting was another move at securing support ...

    Man guilty of misdemeanor in ambulance death
    OCRegister (subscription) - Orange County,CA,USA
    By LARRY WELBORN. He remembers being behind the wheel of the ambulance -- its red lights blazing and siren blaring -- trying to get to a heart-attack call. ...

    Ambulance service won't renew contract
    Augusta Chronicle (subscription) - Augusta,GA,USA
    By Sylvia Cooper | Staff Writer. Rural/Metro Ambulance won't bid on providing ambulance service to Augusta after its contract expires in December. ...

    Ambulance Crash
    WTVG - Toledo,OH,USA
    Police say it was making a u-turn when it was hit by another car. An ambulance on a run ended up involved in an accident Tuesday afternoon. ...

    Bike News

    Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee To Meet
    MedfordNews.com - Medford,OR,USA
    The Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee will meet Friday, May 20, in Room 122 of the Transportation Building, 355 Capitol Street NE Salem ...

    Bicycle ride to honor A&M veterinary researcher
    Bryan College Station Eagle - Bryan-College Station,TX,USA
    ... highway. Humberto Barrera-Compean died May 5 when a vehicle struck his bicycle as he rode on the shoulder of Texas 30 in Grimes County. ...

    Bicycle accidents on the rise in Japan
    Washington Times - Washington,DC,USA
    18 (UPI) -- Bicycle accidents are on the rise in Japan, with most incidents attributed to the carelessness of cyclists, the Mainichi Shimbun reported Wednesday ...

    TO council approves new Bicycle Facilities Master plan
    Ventura County Star (subscription) - Ventura county,CA,USA
    Tuesday night the Thousand Oaks City Council unanimously approved a new Bicycle Facilities Master Plan that will guide the development of amenities for ...

    Bicycle lanes priority in Sunnyvale
    San Jose Mercury News - San Jose,CA,USA
    ... Officials say expanding the roughly 75-mile network of bicycle lanes is a high priority in a city that didn't have any such lanes 10 years ago. ...

    EMS News

    Leaders pay tribute to EMS workers who died in the line of duty
    Newsday - Long Island,NY,USA
    ... NY -- The names of four emergency medical workers who died in the line of duty were added to a memorial Wednesday as state leaders honored EMS personnel across ...

    University of Miami and EMS Team Up to Develop New Medical ...
    PR Newswire (press release) - USA
    ... reality. To help accomplish this, Barach called upon EMS, the industry leader in clinical instruction and assessment technology. ...

    Diverse team players make Cochrane EMS the strong service it is ...
    Cochrane Times - Cochrane,Alberta,Canada
    Cochrane Times -- When you ask Cochrane EMS Manager Grant Brilz just what it is that the Cochrane EMS does, he has a hard-time narrowing it down to one easy ...

    EMS history explained at meet
    Winchester Sun - Winchester,KY,USA
    ... Byron Schroedel, Winchester Fire/EMS, explained the advancement of the EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)/Paramedic services to the Clark County Kiwanis Club ...

    RVFD looking for more help with EMS-only program
    Ralston Recorder - Ralston,NE,USA
    ... The new division will also begin filling a need the department has seen in meeting the increased demands for EMS responses. Speckman ...