Make sure to click on the links in the article to get and understand what Michael Graham's positions really are and decide for yourself whether or not he's bigoted or perhaps even right! For myself, all I need to know that he's right is the fact that the Muslim march on Washington for peace was a complete fizzle a couple of months ago. I too am waiting for the Muslim Ghandi or Martin Luther King Jr. to reveal him/herself.
Jewish World Review

Jewish World Review July 29, 2005 / 22 Tamuz, 5765


By Binyamin L. Jolkovsky

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http://www.JewishWorldReview.com | Yesterday Michael Graham wrote in his column: "I take no pleasure in saying it. It pains me to think it. I could very well lose my job in talk radio over admitting it. But it is the plain truth: Islam is a terror organization."

And then his fears came true.

Hours after his column appeared here, Graham, a mid-morning talker at WMAL in Washington, D.C., was suspended without pay pending an investigation.

Graham's column and previous on-air comments were not the first time he's had a run-in with CAIR.

In an April, 2004 column, he details other attempts by the Muslim group to silence him.

But as late as this week, a WMAL executive, Randall Bloomquist, told the Washington Post that despite CAIR's protests about some of Graham's on-air utterances, the station had no intention of reprimanding him. Describing Graham's rhetoric as "amped up", he said, according to the paper, it is justified within the context of the program.


To write a polite but passionate letter to WMAL radio, CLICK HERE.
"Remember that this is talk radio," Bloomquist added. "We don't do the dainty minuet of the newspaper editorial page. It's not 'Washington Week in Review.' It depends on pungent statements to drive it. Michael is rattling the cage. It's designed to start and further a conversation, and it has certainly done that."

Graham, on-air, explained his position on Islam:

"Because of the mix of Islamic theology that — rightly or wrongly — is interpreted to promote violence, added to an organizational structure that allows violent radicals to operate openly in Islam's name with impunity, Islam has, sadly, become a terrorist organization. It pains me to say it. But the good news is it doesn't have to stay this way if the vast majority of Muslims who don't support terror will step forward and re-claim their religion."

CAIR sent a mass e-mail to its sympathizers, who responded to their call.

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Binyamin L. Jolkovsky is JWR's editor in chief. To comment, please click here.

© 2005, JWR

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Mathematician in the Bar

Every Friday afternoon, a mathematician goes down to the
bar, sits in the second-to-last seat, turns to the last seat,
which is empty, and asks a girl who isn't there if he can
buy her a drink.

The bartender, who is used to weird university types, always
shrugs but keeps quiet. But when Valentine's Day arrives,
and the mathematician makes a particularly heart-wrenching
plea into empty space, curiosity gets the better of the
bartender, and he says, "I apologize for my stupid questions,
but surely you know there is NEVER a woman sitting in
that last stool. Why do you persist in asking out empty

The mathematician replies, "Well, according to quantum
physics, empty space is never truly empty. Virtual particles
come into existence and vanish all the time. You never know
when the proper wave function will collapse and a girl might
suddenly appear there."

The bartender raises his eyebrows. "Really? Interesting. But
couldn't you just ask one of the girls who comes here every
Friday if you could buy HER a drink? Never know --she might
say yes."

The mathematician laughs. "Yeah, right -- how likely
is THAT to happen?"

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The Kosher Top 10


Top Ten Things that would be different if Darth Vader had been Jewish
By Dark Helmet

10. Under his usual black attire, he'd be wearing a white-on-white shirt, and his cloak would have tzitzis

9. Along with a Light saber in one hand, he'd have an esrog in the other

8. The Death Star would be renamed, The David Star

7. "Luke, I am Your Father, No?...now cut that hair and get a real job"

6. Instead of trying to conquer the galaxy, Him and Natalie Portman would try finding a place to settle in Ramat Bet Shemesh

5. His rebbeim, Yoda and Obe Wan Knobe, may have tried keeping him on the derech by having him read Mesilas Yesharim a few more times

4. He would have renamed trusty robots - C613PO and r770d770

3. He never in a million years would have allowed his tznius daughter, Princess Leia, to get involved with a wild guy named Han

2. Getting people to come to the dark side would have involve a mitzvah tank

1. The term, "May the Force Be with You" would end off with an "Im Yirtzeh Hashem"

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Governor Announces Grants For Two EMS Programs

By Marianne Sullivan
Published on 7/14/2005

Governor M. Jodi Rell joined U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd and Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro this week in announcing that the state has received two federal grants totaling $268,854 to improve emergency medical services for children and to purchase defibrillators.

This money will strengthen the states services in areas where it is very much needed, Rell said. Our rural communities are too often overlooked when, in reality, they need our full attention when it comes to emergency care. I want to get the word out that these funds can help buy automatic external defibrillators [AED] for many of Connecticuts towns.

Rell said, The defribrillators can be placed in schools, public buildings, senior and community centers, as well as police fire and EMS agencies. Officials who volunteer or work at these locations where defibrillators are placed can get CPR and defibrillator training through this grant.

Increasing access to health care is critical for all residents, but especially in rural areas, Rep. DeLauro said. Last week she introduced a bill to help cover costs for advanced paramedic services in rural areas.

The money will support the states Rural Access to Emergency Care Devices and the Emergency Medical Services for Children programs. The Emergency Medical Services for Children program is a national initiative designed to reduce child and youth disability and death due to severe illness and injury.

The towns can apply for the grant funding through the states Department of Public Health and its Office of Emergency Medical Services.

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19:24 Jul 12, '05
Arutz Sheva - Israel
(sraelNN.com) Magen David Adom emergency medical service official Zaki Heller is reporting two persons in critical condition, six serious and seven light. ...

30 hurt in explosion at Hasharon mall in Netanya
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... The bombing took place at the main entrance to the mall, on Herzl Street. Magen David Adom said that some people had been seriously injured. ...

Plane crash kills two flight instructors
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19:19 Jul 12, '05
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When Hitler bombed London, was Churchill to blame?

July 12th, 2005

Last Thursday's London massacre of almost three score innocent people who
were  simply smashed to bleeding fragments on their way to work, has thrown
a harsh light on the British Left. Normal people learned something from
the horror – the shocking inhumanity of the attackers, perhaps.

Not so the Left.

Within twenty-four hours, the Guardian of London was pumping out its daily propaganda line : Don't blame the killers. Blame Bush and Blair for knocking over Saddam Hussein. Which makes me wonder whether the editors' own  parents blamed Winston Churchill for the Nazi bombings of  London.

The Brit Left continues to mix up "the fire and the fire brigade," in Churchill's phrase. That is not by accident. In the upside-down prism of the Left there are no criminals, only police brutality. There are no hard-working achievers, only exploiters of the poor. And there is no jihadist menace, only "Crusader-Zionist" invaders of the House of Islam, as al Qaeda likes to put it. 

The hard Left is a secular religion that is utterly immune to evidence or reason. No facts will change its rock-hard faith. That is why the Guardian doesn't need to think about last Thursday's horrors. It just turned the crank on its daily cliché machine.

A decisive answer has now come from an authoritative source, a certain Dr. Hani Al-Siba' i, who runs an Islamic studies center right in London.   This gentleman explained the bombers' religious basis in no uncertain terms:

"The term 'civilians' does not exist in Islamic religious law. ... There is no such term as 'civilians' in the modern Western sense. People are either of Dar Al-Harb or not ..." [ Dar Al-Harb is the House of War, where Islam is not dominant and infidels may be slaughtered - ed.].

You and I, gentle reader, are living in the House of War, in Dr. Al-Siba'.i's eyes. We are what the US military in Vietnam used to call a "free fire zone," perfectly legal victims of murder in the eyes of God, if some jihadi fanatic takes it in his head to do us in. Our only chance is to submit to Islam, and live as they do.

Islamic law on the killing of civilians is utterly foreign to our tradition. Christianity, Judaism, the Roman law of war according to Cicero, and the Western judicial philosophy of "just war" all protect civilians. Islam does not. Infidels are only protected if they pay Muslims for protection and agree to live as dhimmis, second-class citizens bearing public signs of their disgrace. The London subway travelers were therefore fair game. More
than that, butchering them was a great victory for God and his faithful, according to Dr. Al-Siba' i.

"If Al-Qa'ida indeed carried out this act, it is a great victory for it. It rubbed the noses of the world's eight most powerful countries in the mud."

Al-Siba' i is an extremist, obviously, and does not necessarily speak for millions of other Muslims. His Islamic center is presumably paid for by the Saudis, who are themselves Wahhabi radicals, barely one generation from desert blood feuds just like those carried out by Mohammed himself. Indeed, the tribe of Al-Saud made great slaughter of its Muslim tribal enemies while coming to power. Many Muslims still hate them for it.

We would be fooling ourselves, however, if we ignored the fact that Al-Siba' i can quote chapter and verse from the Hadith, second in authority only  to the Koran itself:

"[The Mujahideen] tell (that) the Prophet drove nails into and gouged out the eyes of people from the 'Urayna Tribe. They were merely a group of thieves who stole from sheep herders, and the Prophet drove nails into them and threw them into the Al-Hrara area, and left them there to die. He blinded them and cut off their opposite legs and arms. This is what the Prophet did on a trifling matter, let alone in war."

According to a recent scholarly book, the Prophet Mohammed waged an average of nine desert wars each year he was in power. His example is enshrined in the Hadith.

Hitler laid out his goals in Mein Kampf. Marx and Lenin made it pretty clear what Communist regimes were going to do. Those two totalitarian ideologies accounted for some 150 million victims in the 20th century. We would be fools indeed if we did not pay attention to the words of radical Islamists.

But not the Guardian, not the BBC, and not the Left, here or abroad.  Oddly enough, the hard Left agrees that civilians have no special status. That is why the BBC finds it so hard to figure out the difference between "terrorists" and "freedom fighters." The Geneva Conventions have no problem with that, just as you and I don't. 

Terrorists target innocent civilians,  that's all there's to it.

Civilized combatants do everything in their power to avoid hurting civilians, often risking their own lives to spare the innocent. The civilized military of America and Britain have defended us against ruthless murderers for a century. That is why they are heroes, while terrorists are dirt.

An Israeli cartoon tells the difference. On the left side of the picture is a soldier of Israel, aiming his gun while shielding a baby carriage with his body. On the right side is a soldier of Palestine, aiming his gun while his body is shielded by a baby carriage. The difference is obvious to a child of ten, but not to the sophisticated minds of the Left.

Just to drive this point home, in September 2002 al-Qa'ida spokesman Suleiman Abu Gheith said:

"We have the right to kill four million Americans - two million of them children - and to exile twice as many and wound and cripple hundreds of thousands. It is our right to fight them with chemical and biological weapons."

There is, in fact, an astonishing similarity between jihadis and the Left. Both peddle tales of endless victimhood. Both excuse the deliberate slaughter of civilians. Both blame civilized nations for defending themselves against primitive savagery from the tribal badlands of the 7th century. And both follow totalitarian creeds.

Which raises the question of who is more to blame for the London massacre: the fanatics who did the deed, or those who have spent decades justifying terrorism, peddling their perversity through the BBC and the Guardian of London?

James Lewis is a frequent contributor.

James Lewis

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The Left doesn't support the troops and should admit it

Welcome to Townhall.com!

Dennis Prager (archive)

July 12, 2005 | printer friendly version Print | email to a friend Recommend to a friend

Liberals, Democrats and others on the Left frequently state that they "support the troops." For most of them, whether they realize it or not, this is not true. They feel they must say this because the majority of Americans would find any other position unacceptable. Indeed, for most liberals, the thought that they really do not support the troops is unacceptable even to them.

 Lest this argument be dismissed as an attack on leftist Americans' patriotism, let it be clear that leftists' patriotism is not the issue here. Their honesty is.

 In order to understand this, we need to first have a working definition of the term "support the troops." Presumably it means that one supports what the troops are doing and rooting for them to succeed. What else could "support the troops" mean? If you say, for example, that you support the Yankees or the Dodgers, we assume it means you want them to win.

 But most of the Left does not want the troops to win in Iraq. The Left's message is this: "You troops may think you are winning; you may think you are doing good and moral things in Iraq; you may believe you are fighting the worst human beings of our age and protecting us against the scourge of Islamic terror. But we on the Left believe none of that. We believe this war is being fought for oil and for Halliburton and other corporations; we believe you are waging a war that is both illegal and immoral; we believe you have invaded a country for no good reason and have killed a hundred thousand Iraqis [the Left's generally mentioned number] for no good reason; but, hey, we sure do support you."

 Honest people on the Left need to understand that the two positions are not reconcilable. A German citizen during World War II could not have argued: "The Nazi regime's army is engaged in an evil war of aggression and is slaughtering millions of innocent people, and I therefore completely oppose this war, but I sure do support the Nazi troops."

 One example is the claim made by Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry and almost all other Democrats and liberals that the war in Iraq is "the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time." How does one support troops that are fighting a wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time? A few leftist writers have been honest enough to say, "Nothing personal, guys, but I sure don't support you." But the vast majority of the Left and all Democratic politicians have not been honest on this matter.

 A second example is the oft-repeated line, found on liberal bumper stickers, "War is not the answer." Aside from the idiocy of this claim -- war has solved slavery, ended the Holocaust, destroyed Japanese Fascism, preserved half the Korean peninsula from near-genocide, and saved Israel from extinction, among other noble achievements -- the claim offers no support to those who do engage in war.

 How could one believe that "war is not the answer" and also claim to "support the troops," the very people waging what is "not the answer"? The answer is, by being dishonest.

 A third example is the Left's opposition to military recruitment on most of the elite and many other college campuses. So deep is leftist disdain for troops that most on the Left regard the mere presence of military personnel on a university campus as a form of contamination. Yet, the Left claims to "support the troops."

 Many on the Left express far more contempt than support for the troops.

 A Democratic senator compares our interrogators to the Nazis and Communist torturers; the head of Amnesty International in America defends likening Guantanamo Bay to the Gulag; and liberals routinely speak of troops as coming from the lowest socio-economic rungs of society (maybe that's one reason they oppose recruiters on campuses, lest the best educated actually join the military). But, hey, the Left supports the troops.

 An honest leftist would say: "Because I view this war as immoral, I cannot support our troops." What is not honest is their saying, "Support the troops -- bring them home." Supporting people who wish to fight entails supporting their fight; and if that fight is opposed, those waging it are also opposed.

 Many on the Left angrily accuse the Right of disparaging their patriotism. That charge, too, is false. I have never heard a mainstream conservative impugn the patriotism of liberals. But as regards their attitude toward our troops, the patriotism of those on the Left is not the issue. The issue is their honesty.

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Why Terrorism Works

Preview Image

Within a day of the horrific multiple bombings in London, the G8 announced a $3B grant to the Palestinian Authority.  The symbolism of this connection may be lost on some Westerners, but it clearly sent a powerful message to terrorists and potential terrorists: namely, that terrorism works. 

There were no grants announced to the Tibetans, who have been occupied more brutally and for a longer period of time than the Palestinians.  The Tibetans, however, have never resorted to terrorism. 


The Palestinian Authority, and its leaders, are the godfathers of international terrorism.  They developed airplane hijacking into a high art.  They invented the high-profile murder of athletes and other prominent public figures.  Were it not for their employment of terrorism, the Palestinian cause would today be regarded as the fifth-rate human rights issue that it rightfully is.  But because the Palestinian leadership has always used terrorism (from the 1920's on) as the tactic of first resort, their cause has received worldwide recognition.

The primary cause of terrorism is not occupation, humiliation, or desperation.  If it were, the Tibetans would be the greatest terrorists.  The primary cause of terrorism is that it works.  And it works because the craven international community gives into it and rewards it.  It also works because too many Islamic leaders praise it and too few condemn it.  Terrorism will continue as long as potential terrorists believe they will benefit from using that tactic.


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CUMBRIANS are continuing to support the county's air ambulance service, hoping that it will soon be back in the skies following a five-month grounding. ...

City Council set to finalize ambulance deal
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... meeting of the Paris City Council is scheduled for Monday night, with the main focus on finalizing a deal with Lamar County on a three-year ambulance deal. ...

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By Troy Buchanan. The question will be answered by city leaders when they consider a proposal by Pafford EMS. City leaders and administrators ...

Rants and raves
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