Benefit for Jeff Sneller; Manchester Firefighter

Brothers / Sisters:
One of our Brother Fire Fighters from Manchester Fire (Local 1579) is undergoing chemotherapy.  He is a true Brother and as a show of solidarity and support, we have decided to cut our hair (BUZZCUT) at the same time that Jeff loses his hair.  This will be an opportunity to raise funds to help his family get through this difficult time.
Jamie Roth, Channel 3 Reporter will be our emcee.
The 'event' will be held this Saturday, October 1st, 2005, at Station One, 138 McKee Street (exit 2 off of I-384) starting at 1200 (noon).
Anyone wishing to participate is asked to donate $20.00 for their haircut.  As most of us Manchester guys will be getting our shave, we realize that not all that wish to support Jeff may want to do the same.  However, YOU can still help by 'sponsoring' a Fire Fighter with his BUZZCUT.
Anyone wishing to 'sponsor' me or any other Firefighter can make dontations anytime between now and October 1st or join us on Saturday to witness the event and share in a family style picnic.
Thanking YOU in advance for your generosity and support.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.
Kevin E. Cooney
Fire Fighter / EMT
IAFF Local 1579
(860) 647-3265 (FD)
(860) 982-9227 (cell)
God Bless, Stay Safe and Keep the Faith!

This is a must read for EMSers!

September 11, 2001 and Now Hurricane Katrina
The Senate & Congress Still Don’t Get It
(Neither do many Fire Fighters)
Public Not Aware
By Dave Dubay

“A group of Democratic senators pressed Congress for a $5 billion upgrade of communications equipment that would make it easier for police, firefighters and other law enforcement authorities to talk to each other during emergencies. A similar measure was rejected in July as part of a homeland security bill. "They must be able to communicate with each other. This is a life and death issue," said Sen. Carl Levin, D-Michigan.”

On the heels of Hurricane Katrina and four years after terrorists attacked our country on September 11, 2001, our Government still does not get it.  To date hundreds of rounds of “Federal Dollars,” have been given to Fire Departments and Police Agencies to improve equipment for disaster response.  EMT’s and Paramedics work in the field of Emergency Medical Services that has not received the necessary funding to coordinate response for the injured and sick.  EMS Services affiliated with twenty (20) percent of Fire Departments and departments such as FDNY have not allocated money they received to better prepare EMS.  The remaining EMS Services have yet to receive Federal Funds to improve their readiness.

Wake up and Think; after Katrina struck, the roles of firefighters should have shifted to assist Emergency Medical Services, as they could not battle fires, and Police Officers did not prepare to deploy to restore order.  Prior to, during, and after the hurricane Emergency Medical Personnel consisting of trained EMT’s and Paramedics and who are well versed in handling Mass Causality Incidents were not properly equipped nor were they located in safe areas so that they could move in rapidly to treat the sick, injured and traumatized patients.  EMT’s and Paramedic’s administer to both the sick and injured.  On September 11, 2001, the initial response was not about fighting fires or crowd control instead it centered on and around rescuing, evacuating and “Treating,” patients who suffered burns trauma, shock, heart attacks, and respiratory emergencies.

So why has Emergency Medical Services, not received the money needed to improve inter-agency communications, and purchase biohazard equipment to protect the EMTs and Paramedics who continue to be ignored?  One answer is that politicians just do not get it and I mean both Democrats and Republicans.  EMS Agencies do not have unions or organized lobbying groups like those that the Firefighters and Police Officers have.  Fire and Police Unions court Politicians with special interest groups, which wine and dine Politicians.  This in turn guarantees monies go to Fire and Police Services first.  Grant awards have created investigations and sanctions to a few Fire Agencies due to inappropriate use.  

Human Life must be the first priority in disaster response, why would you fight a house fire in twenty blocks of water, when the family is out of the home and in more need of medical attention for the preservation of Life.  The statistical information is not yet out for Medical and Traumatic Emergencies suffered directly or indirectly from Katrina, but I can guarantee that the biggest need was and remains for EMT’s and Paramedic responders.

On September 11, 2001, the Statistical data is out showing that had the World Trade Center Towers not collapsed, Firefighting would have been secondary to evacuating victims who would have needed treatment for burns, smoke inhalation, and trauma.  In addition to the medical emergencies that would most likely include heart attacks, chest pains, and respiratory emergencies.  Firefighters, Police Officers and Emergency Medical Personnel focused the primary response at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, on evacuation, triage, treatment and transport.

It is now time for Congress, the Senate and Homeland Security to wake up and begin providing funding to Emergency Medical Services.  It is also time that certain fire departments and their memberships wake-up.  Too often firefighters, refer to EMT’s and Paramedics in the following manner:

The city's decision to include EMS in the firemen's memorial is disappointing and entirely inappropriate. Where they are assigned is irrelevant. Who the hell follows those orders? The real travesty is that in the coming weeks, EMS will begin sharing qtrs w/ E265/L121/BN47,” “If anything, we need to show them that this CANNOT WORK, so as to prevent any further integration.”

In New York FDNY Firefighters want the September 11, 2001, count altered for the number of Firefighters lost from 343 to 341 because the count includes two FDNY Paramedics who gave their lives while attempting to not only to save victims of the attacks, but also firefighters who were suffering chest pains and heat exhaustion.  In addition, one hundred and sixteen (116) EMT’s and Paramedics were injured in New York as well as nine (9) volunteer and Private Service EMT’s and Paramedics were killed.  The merger of NYC EMS Services with FDNY Fire Services came at the demands of the FDNY Fire Commissioner, elected commissioners and then Mayor Giuliani. FDNY Firefighters are now crying over placing FDNY Paramedics and EMT’s in the station house an idea they (firefighters) find repugnant.

It is time Americans realize that in this new world or terrorism along with “Catastrophic Natural Disasters,” Emergency Medical Services is a very critical component of homeland security and response.  Since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, EMT’s and Paramedics still have not received money from the federal government necessary to provide EMS the ability to communicate in a Mass Casualty Incident.  Communications channels with Police and Fire Agencies, currently do not allow EMS Personnel to coordinate operations.   Funding would provide this critical link and if funding were provided it would allow the additional training and exercises.  

Since September 11, 2001, EMS Agencies still have not received federal funding necessary in providing EMT’s and Paramedics with protective biohazard equipment, along with money to purchase much needed equipment.  In addition funding would allow EMS to stock surplus backboards, c-collars, first aid equipment such as bandages, and advanced airway equipment.

Do you know the poverty incomes (See http://www.davesems.com/emshq.html paid to highly trained Paramedic’s and EMT’s?  EMS Personnel must spend thousands of dollars for training with EMS Educational Programs.  Did you know that EMS Personnel must maintain between 45 and 65 credits hour every three years to maintain their state certification?  In addition to maintaining State certifications, Paramedics and EMT’s must maintain certification in many States with the National Registry.  They must also hold and maintain certifications in Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, Cardiac Life Support and finally Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

Did you know that an average of forty, (40) EMT’s, Paramedics, Flight Nurse and Medical Evac Pilots are killed in the Line of Duty each year?  Many caused by inattentive drivers who have struck and Killed medics on the road, accidents, assaults, and murders. (http://www.davesems.com/lodd.html)  This by no means represents the percentage of medics who have suffered injuries and permanent disabilities from inattentive drivers, accidents, and assaults. (The yearly numbers are very alarming)

The United States Senate, Congress, Homeland Security and the American Public need to know the simple principles of “triage,” should and must be applied with funding dispersal putting lives first rather than last.  

Flamers and even some politicians will attack this editorial; however, it is not an editorial.  This information is factual and can be verified by several points.  

Or the next time you see one of your local EMT’s or Paramedics simply ask them if this material is not one hundred percent factual, they may not tell you about their poverty incomes for the critical community and national service they provide out of privacy, they will however confirm that the data stated here is in fact actual sadly.  I wish I was wrong but after 24 years involved in EMS and having tracked EMS Line of Duty Deaths and Injuries since 1999, l am more than qualified to bring this to the light of the public and its disgraceful ignorance shown by Politicians and Government Agencies.  The awful and horrific events of September 11, 2001 were proved by the above information.

Finally, with all the finger pointing in New Orleans it is both  the Mayor of New Orleans and Governor of Louisiana who should be the ones to blame for the initial disaster of disaster operations by failing to mobilize the National Guard ahead of time, and by failing in the organization of Police, Fire and EMS Personnel. This is and was inexcusable. In addition, several hundred EMTs, Paramedics, and Doctors were in New Orleans attending an EMS Expo just prior to Katrina.  The attendees were not asked to stay and help mobilize for the needs of individuals injured or in need of medical care during evacuations and the aftermath that followed Katrina.  EMS Personnel and Doctors were not staged in a “safe area,” for rapid response; instead, they were left to fend for themselves without medical equipment and or vehicles and boats needed.   EMS Needs Representation and it is my belief that the NREMT is the appropriate choice to fight for us and to help setup an organized governmental agency.

Written by:  Dave D.
Posted September 14, 2005


Roberts Is Confirmed As New Chief Justice

The Wall Street Journal Home Page
Attention Turns to Bush Nomination
To Succeed O'Connor on the Court

September 29, 2005 11:43  a.m.

John Roberts was confirmed as the next leader of the Supreme Court, with a commanding majority of the Senate backing him to lead the court through turbulent social issues that will affect generations to come.

Judge Roberts received solid confirmation Thursday by 78 senators, or more than three-fourths of the 100-member chamber, as the new chief justice of the U.S., succeeding the late William H. Rehnquist.

"With the confirmation of John Roberts, the Supreme Court will embark upon a new era in its history, the Roberts era," said Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R., Tenn.) whose 55 Republican members voted unanimously for the conservative judge. "And for many years to come, long after many of us have left public service, the Roberts court will be deliberating on some of the most difficult and fundamental questions of U.S. law."

Watch an Associated Press report on the Senate's debate on Judge Roberts's nomination.

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The 50-year-old U.S. appeals court judge was to be quickly sworn in at a White House ceremony so he can take his seat in time for the new court session Monday. Justices will tackle issues like assisted suicide, campaign-finance law and abortion.

Among the Senate's Democrats, 22 opposed the nomination, saying the candidate could turn out to be as conservative as Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court anchors on the right.

"I hope I am proved wrong about John Roberts," said Sen. Edward Kennedy, (D., Mass.), the Senate's longtime liberal stalwart. "I have been proved wrong before on my confirmation votes. I regret my vote to confirm Justice Scalia, even though he, too, like Judge Roberts, was a nice person and a smart Harvard lawyer."

The Bush administration wants the Supreme Court to reinstate a national ban on a type of late-term abortion, and the court already has scheduled arguments on whether New Hampshire's parental-notification law is unconstitutional because it lacks an exception allowing a minor to have an abortion to protect her health in a medical emergency.

Antiabortion and abortion rights activists both have their hopes pinned on Judge Roberts, a former government lawyer in the Reagan and first Bush administrations. While Judge Roberts is solidly conservative and his wife, Jane, volunteers for Feminists for Life, both sides were anxious to see how he will vote on abortion cases.

Judge Roberts told senators during his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings that past Supreme Court rulings carry weight, including the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in 1973. He also said he agreed with the 1965 Supreme Court ruling in Griswold v. Connecticut that established the right of privacy in the sale and use of contraceptives. But he tempered that by saying Supreme Court justices can overturn rulings.

During four days of sometimes testy questioning by Democrats, Judge Roberts refused to hint how he would rule on cases. "If the Constitution says that the little guy should win, then the little guy's going to win in the court before me," Judge Roberts told senators. "But if the Constitution says that the big guy should win, well then the big guy's going to win because my obligation is to the Constitution."

[John Roberts]

Over and over, he has assured lawmakers his rulings would be guided by his understanding of the facts of cases, the law and the Constitution, not by his personal views. "My faith and my religious beliefs do not play a role," said Judge Roberts, who is Catholic. The Vatican strongly opposes abortion.

Judge Roberts has the potential of leading the Supreme Court for decades. Not since John Marshall, confirmed in 1801 at 45, has there been a younger chief justice.

Judge Roberts also will hold a record of sorts -- nominated to succeed two different Supreme Court justices within seven weeks. Mr. Bush originally named him to succeed retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor in July. Chief Justice Rehnquist's death led to the second nomination on Sept. 6, and Judge Roberts now will be sworned in as chief justice while Justice O'Connor remains on the court until the president selects a new nominee.

Bush's Next Choice

Mr. Bush now faces a delicate political choice. Should the president, whose approval rating in polls is lower than at any time during his presidency, select a candidate who -- like Judge Roberts -- hasn't written extensively about abortion, and try to recapture ground with disenchanted moderates and independents?

Or should he pick someone who will satisfy his conservative base but spark a battle with Democrats that could snarl the Senate and cut against polls that show most Americans don't want to see the high court overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling on abortion?

Conservative activists are pressing the White House, which could announce a nomination soon, to pick a candidate openly opposed to abortion for the second Supreme Court seat, even if that means a confrontation with Senate Democrats.

"We don't want a stealth candidate," says Phyllis Schlafly, president of the Eagle Forum, a conservative lobbying group. "I think the grass roots wants somebody who is upfront, who is out there and is a Scalia or Thomas," she added, referring to the court's two most conservative justices. The antiabortion Family Research Council is urging members to sign a petition to "encourage and embolden" Mr. Bush as he ponders a successor to retiring Justice O'Connor.

Circumstances have changed significantly since Mr. Bush nominated Judge Roberts in July. Back then, the president's energy bill was headed toward passage, the outlines of an Iraq constitution were emerging, and the deficit picture was brightening. Today, gasoline prices are at record highs, Iraq's insurgency persists, and the government's response to Hurricane Katrina is being criticized on Capitol Hill. While Democrats pounced on the government's initial slow response, economic conservatives have balked at Mr. Bush's decision to approve so much spending to rebuild the Gulf Coast.

With the president eager to marshal support on Capitol Hill, much hinges on his decision. This nomination "not only affects the court, it affects the whole relationship with Congress" and possibly the course of other legislative priorities, says pollster Richard B. Wirthlin, a former Reagan political strategist. "There are other battles he's got to keep an eye on."

Substantial Maneuvering Room

The range of candidates to succeed Justice O'Connor gives Mr. Bush substantial maneuvering room. If willing to risk an all-out fight with Democrats, he could name Fifth Circuit Judge Edith Jones, who has publicly urged the Supreme Court to rethink its abortion-rights ruling; Tenth Circuit Judge Michael McConnell, who has called for a constitutional amendment overturning it, or Fifth Circuit Judge Priscilla Owen, who has a record of supporting restricted access to abortion. Any of those choices would reopen the abortion fight in Congress and could provoke a Democratic filibuster.

A more complicated, yet still heated, fight likely would result from the nominations of Fourth Circuit Judge Michael Luttig or Third Circuit Judge Samuel Alito. Both have written opinions upholding restrictions on abortion that came short of challenging the Supreme Court on Roe.

[High-Court Choice]

Or Mr. Bush could try to reprise the tone of the Roberts hearings -- and avoid a battle over abortion rights -- by nominating Michigan Supreme Court Justice Maura Corrigan, Ninth Circuit Judge Consuelo M. Callahan or Larry Thompson, the former deputy attorney general and now a corporate attorney. All have conservative credentials but no substantial record on abortion rights.

Mr. Bush also could prompt criticism from the left and right by nominating Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Mr. Gonzales has infuriated liberals for writing the legal underpinning for the Iraq war. But he dismayed conservatives with an opinion, issued when he served on the Texas Supreme Court, that upheld some restrictions on minors seeking abortions, but didn't go as far as abortion foes wanted.

Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, a potential 2008 presidential candidate from the Republicans' social conservative wing, says the party's base believes "this is worth a big fight if that's what is necessary."

He says he delivered that message to Mr. Bush during a recent dinner for Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Richard B. Myers at the home of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Mr. Bush kept mum about whom he might select, recalls Sen. Brownback, adding that it is clear the president has heard the base's message. "He understands this very well," Sen. Brownback says.

Meanwhile, Maine Sen. Susan Collins, a party moderate, has urged Mr. Bush to name a Roberts-like candidate who will express respect for precedents such as Roe v. Wade. "The president is going through a difficult time, and I'm confident he will get through it," she says. "If he chooses a nominee who has the kind of credentials that John Roberts has, it would be very well received, and that's been my advice to him through aides." If the president goes the other way, "that would concern me," she said.

The White House is paying attention to concerns of moderates such as Sen. Collins because it will need nearly all Republican senators on its side if Democrats resist the next nominee and wage a filibuster.

If that were to happen, the Senate likely would see a return of the spring standoff between the parties with Republicans threatening to exercise the "nuclear option": rewriting Senate rules to prohibit filibusters of judicial candidates. A bipartisan deal among 14 senators including Ms. Collins brought the chamber back from that brink. But Mr. Bush knows that he risks returning the Senate to that point by nominating someone committed to overturning Roe v. Wade.

--Staff reporter Jeanne Cummings contributed to this article.

Write to the Online Journal's editors at newseditors@wsj.com.

Elias Friedman A.S., NREMT-P
& Pongo the Spotted Wonder!

bicyclist news

Bicyclist Finds Philadelphia Mayor's Wallet
NBC 10.com - Philadelphia,PA,USA
PHILADELPHIA -- A Philadelphia man found a familiar name in a brown billfold he discovered in the road as he was bicycling along Martin Luther King Drive. ...

Friends to honor bicyclist in tribute ride
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Suit filed against railroads in cyclist's death
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Ambulance deal made
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... from the Northampton and Westhampton fire departments, as well as the Easthampton Fire Department, which is ending its emergency medical service coverage for ...

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Canada NewsWire (press release) - Canada
... cent. Toronto EMS issued the CPR Challenge to raise awareness about the importance of learning CPR - for people of all ages. Free ...

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By Mary Eslinger. On Friday, Sept. 23, five members of Lakes Region EMS left for the Reliance Center in Houston, Texas, to help the hurricane victims. ...

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By Brad Buck. Putnam County Sheriff Dean Kelly said Monday he has proposed taking over emergency management and 911 services for the county. ...

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Not yet ready for big one
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Arcadia Fire And Rescue
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Collaboration and partnership have always been a set of "buzz" words for those in Emergency Medical Services for Children. The prevalence ...

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Ambulance board OKs 1-paramedic minimum
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... State protocol calls for a paramedic and an emergency medical technician as the acceptable measure for ambulance staffing. Monroe ...

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Tucson community aids Katrina victims
Arizona Jewish Post - AZ, USA
... about the American Red Cross because of the International Committee of the Red Cross's denial of full membership to Magen David Adom , Israel's equivalent to ...

Katrina blows volunteer to Israel
Ynetnews - Israel
... of "Israel Experience," where we pursue a volunteer job of our choice, whether it be on kibbutz, Marva, a youth aliyah village, Magen David Adom, or anything ...

Police Say Man Who Stole Ambulance Played Doctor To Dead Deer


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Police say the man who led authorities on a three-county chase in a stolen ambulance had his "patient" hooked up to an IV.

Davidson County, NC -- We have new and bizarre details about the man accused of stealing a Davidson county ambulance and strapping a week-old deer carcass to the gurney.

Investigators say Leon Hollimon stole the ambulance and led police on a three-county chase this past weekend.

When they caught him, he was wearing a stethoscope, pager and had two latex gloves in his back pocket.

The deer was attached to an IV.

Investigators say they're not sure where Hollimon is from, but he has a large number of arrests in the Jacksonville, Florida area and may be from there.

They say they don't yet know how he ended up in Lexington.

He's currently having a mental evaluation at a state hospital in Butner.


WFMY News 2
 Maila Rible, Web Producer  
created: 9/28/2005 5:04:19 PM
Last updated: 9/28/2005 5:44:51 PM

Elias Friedman A.S., NREMT-P
& Pongo the Spotted Wonder!

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bicyclist news

New York Post - New York,NY,USA
September 25, 2005 -- SHERYL Crow spent much of the last year and a half supporting her blazingly successful fianc‚, bicyclist Lance Armstrong, as he won his ...

emergency medical service news

Local flood fears fail to materialize
Muskogee Daily Phoenix - Muskogee,OK,USA
... supported by OEMA, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Oklahoma State Health Department, Muskogee Fire Department, Muskogee County Emergency Medical Service, as well as ...

Washington Sunday Municipal News
Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Pittsburgh,PA,USA
... First responders include police, firefighters, medics, emergency medical service personnel and public works employees who would be called to a disaster and ...

New Fire Rescue Vehicle To Serve New Tampa
Tampa Tribune - Tampa,FL,USA
... "This new rescue car and crew will provide enhanced emergency medical service and augment the overall response capabilities to the residents of New Tampa ...

cyclist news

Troopers try to identify cyclist killed Saturday
Daytona Beach News-Journal - Daytona,FL,USA
... out riding.". Fleming said investigators are hoping the public will be able to help shed light on the cyclist's identity. He was ...

Providence cyclist begins long journey to Medellin, Columbia
Providence Journal (subscription) - Providence,RI,USA
BY CAROLYN THORNTON. A dream that's been 10 years in the making finally became a reality yesterday, as Bladimir Rodriguez and two ...

Great result for Kiwi Dean
TVNZ - New Zealand
France-based New Zealand cyclist Julian Dean has finished ninth in the men's race at the World Road Cycling Championships in Madrid. ...

Cyclist to ride with Lance
Charlottesville Daily Progress - Charlottesville,VA,USA
By Jessica Kitchin / Daily Progress staff writer. Jaymie Smolens had big plans to bike with Lance Armstrong this fall to help raise ...

EMS News

Council considers auxiliary EMS facility
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Pittsburgh,PA,USA
O'Hara Township Council Tuesday night laid the ground work to potentially enable Parkview EMS to set up an auxiliary home at the municipal office. ...

Hospital to specialize in treating strokes
Sun-Sentinel.com - Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA
... The Legislature last year passed the Florida Stroke Act, requiring communities to establish emergency stroke systems with proper EMS assessments and ...

Minor injuries to pedestrians
Edmonton Sun - Canada
Emergency crews responded to three minor vehicle-pedestrian collisions yesterday, something EMS Supt. Craig O'Callaghan says "isn't all that rare.". ...

Eight injured in 2-vehicle accident
Enid News & Eagle - Enid,OK,USA
... Saturday night. Ambulances from LIFE EMS in Enid, and Helena and Garber ambulance services transported eight people to St. Mary's ...

emergency medical services news

Ajit Pawar promises 300 more ambulances
Pune Newsline - Pune,India
He was speaking at the convocation of the students of Diploma in Emergency Medical Services, at Ruby Hall Clinic, on Saturday. The ...

House party turns ugly
Edmonton Sun - Canada
... He was found in the bathroom of a house near 131 Avenue and 39 Street with several stab wounds to his back, said Emergency Medical Services Supt. ...

Hospital to specialize in treating strokes
Sun-Sentinel.com - Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA
... "It's a long transport time, and there's a risk of getting in an auto accident," said Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue Emergency Medical Services Capt. ...

Good Samaritan Overload
Washington Post - United States
... 12, we arrived in Baton Rouge on a donated private jet, then were taken downtown to the state command center for emergency medical services. ...

paramedic news

Paramedic tries to defuse myths about rattlesnakes
kgw.com (subscription) - Portland,OR,USA
... The rattler can put you in the hospital or worse, but Bale, a paramedic with the Redmond Fire Department, says they don't do that very often. ...

What's happening
St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg,FL,USA
... Tom Challis, paramedic with Spring Hill Fire Rescue (strike team leader), along with firefighter/paramedics Steve Lawson and Eddie Falk, also from Spring Hill ...

Magen David Adom News

MDA Stepping Up Negev Area Deployment
Arutz Sheva - Israel
(IsraelNN.com) Magen David Adom emergency medical service officials report on Sunday morning the agency is stepping up its presence in western Negev areas in ...

EMT News

Still No Promotion For 26 Of City's EMTs
... The EMTs' union tells the Post that many of the medics were told that they'll have to wait until January to start at the Fire Academy -- but one EMT says he's ...

Programs Seen As Boost to Storm Response
Washington Post - United States
... 11 and coordinated the response to a crippling ice storm. He's been a volunteer firefighter, worked as an EMT and did first aid in the mountains of New Mexico. ...

ambulance news

Ambulance service 'got it wrong'
NEWS.com.au - Australia
THE SA Ambulance Service has admitted it "made a mistake" in failing to provide a booked ambulance to a woman with spinal problems, forcing doctors to cancel ...

Private ambulance rolls down embankment
Janesville Gazette - Janesville,WI,USA
No patients were in the ambulance. Two ... Janesville. State Trooper Carl Rowan said the ambulance was enroute to Mercy to pick up a patient. ...

Rossley leaves Lambeau Field in ambulance
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee,WI,USA
Offensive coordinator Tom Rossley of the Green Bay Packers was taken from Lambeau Field by ambulance Sunday morning, according to a source who witnessed the ...

Ambulance, crew on way to Houston
Pioneer Press - St. Paul,MN,USA
An ambulance and crew from Lakeview Hospital in Stillwater is en route to Houston to be part of the Hurricane Rita relief effort. ...

Jeep, ambulance collide on Avenue B
Yuma Sun - Yuma,AZ,USA
According to witnesses, at about 2:15 pm, an accident involving a Jeep and an ambulance led to the Jeep bursting into flames in the middle of Avenue B, just ...

bicycle news

Special Broadcasting Service - Australia
A suicide bomber on a bicycle has blown himself up in a busy marketplace in Hilla, south of Baghdad, killing at least three people and wounding more than 30 ...

Bicycle bomb explodes in Iraq market
Unison.ie (subscription) - Ireland
A bomb mounted on a bicycle exploded in a crowded market today killing at least one person and wounding 17 others, Iraqi police said. ...

Man dies in bicycle accident
WSTM-TV - Syracuse,NY,USA
SYRACUSE, NY A 79-year-old Syracuse man who was thrown from his bicycle died yesterday despite having worn a helmet. Police say ...

Man dies in bicycle accident
New York Newsday - New York,NY,USA
SYRACUSE, NY -- A 79-year-old man who was thrown from his bicycle died Saturday despite having worn a helmet, police said. Walter ...

Breakthrough in Lahore bicycle-bombings, claim police:
NewKerala.com - Ernakulam,Kerala,India
Lahore: With the arrest of a couple and two men, the Lahore Police claimed to have achieved a breakthrough in Thursday's Lahore bicycle-bombings killing six ...

EMT News

Ghana Ambulance Service personnel pass out
GhanaWeb - Accra,Ghana
... GAS), with access number 193 on the Ghana Telecom Network, would be an Agency under the MOH, where skilled Emergency Medical Technicians ( EMT) would be given ...

News from Lord Fairfax Community College
Rappahannock News - Washington,VA,USA
... Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) recently announced the addition of a new Emergency Medical Technician (EMT )-Intermediate program at the College, with ...

Hurricane hits home for athletes
Truman Index (subscription) - MO,USA
... Kieffer worked for New Orleans Charity Hospital as part of an EMT crew. ... EMT crews, including Kieffer's unit, were slowed by another deadly problem: guns. ...

2 EMT cops head to New Orleans
The Independent Press - Bloomfield,NY,USA
... On completion of his EMT classes in 2001, he was assigned to Bloomfield Police EMS in 2003. McCracken comes from a long line of law enforcement family. ...

bicycle news

Witness identifies South Phila. teen as bicycle gunman
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
A teenager testified yesterday that he saw his college-bound cousin get fatally shot in the back as the pair fled a bicycle-riding gunman in South Philadelphia ...

Bicycle expedition to Malaysia
Borneo Bulletin - borneo,Brunei Darussalam
The Temburong District's Coordination Committee for Development and Economical Services recently organised a bicycle expedition to Sarawak, Sabah and Federal ...

Limestone may seek grant for bicycle, motorcycle trail
The Decatur Daily - Decatur,AL,USA
... A bicycle club in Huntsville designed the 163-mile trail for motorcycles and bicycles that would go from Mooresville north to Ardmore, west to Salem, south to ...

Driver charged in fatal hit-and-run bicycle accident
WQAD - Moline,IL,USA
... Shaver was found by a passing motorist on a county road injured and still wearing a safety helmet. His bicycle was missing. Deputies ...

Police: Man on bicycle pedaled away with pot plants under his arm
CourtTV - USA
... Dwayne Earl Anthony Etzel was arrested on drug possession charges after a police officer caught sight of him pedaling on a bicycle with three uprooted ...

ZAKA Rescues Damaged Torah Scrolls from New Orleans

I don't know if you've seen these photos yet. I'm amazed at my own feelings at seeing this... The congregation did right in saving people's lives, but to see these sacred, if yet inanimate, objects subjected to such abuse is very upsetting.
The Orthodox Union


In a dramatic rescue operation, Mr. Isaac Leider, of the New York ZAKA Rescue & Recovery Organization, waded through waist-deep toxic floodwaters yesterday with six Torah scrolls from Congregation Beth Israel, an Orthodox synagogue in New Orleans. A few of the Torah scrolls are believed to be more than 250 years old.

"Out of six, only two are possibly restorable," Leider said, as he sat in an inflatable rescue boat with the Torah scrolls he recovered. "I'm glad that we did this, but I'm terribly saddened. It's hard to see them in this condition." The scrolls are blackened from the toxic water and severely damaged. (A Torah scroll, which is entirely handwritten, can cost over $35,000.)

Mr. Leider, who spent five years with ZAKA's search- and-rescue squad in Israel, arrived in New Orleans last week to ensure that the bodies of Jews killed by Hurricane Katrina are treated in accordance with Jewish religious law.

In the operation to rescue the Torah scrolls, Mr. Leider was joined by members of the National Guard and other volunteers who were brought by ZAKA in a private helicopter from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. The helicopter landed a few blocks away from the synagogue, and an inflatable boat was used to transport ZAKA volunteers to Congregation Beth Israel.

Upon opening the ark, Mr. Leider burst into tears as he removed the Torah scrolls, all of them drenched. The scrolls were subsequently handed over to representatives of the synagogue in Baton Rouge.

Hurricane Katrina Information Center | www.ou.org

Elias Friedman A.S., NREMT-P
& Pongo the Spotted Wonder!

emergency medical service news

Pacific Safety Products Inc. Announces New Member of the Board of ...
CCNMatthews (press release) - Toronto,ON,Canada
... The Company's primary customers include military agencies, law enforcement agencies, private security companies and emergency medical service organizations. ...

Recalling survival
St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg,FL,USA
... Barrett, who is now an emergency medical technician with the Nature Coast Emergency Medical Service, was at the school at the request of United States history ...

Super Stink -- II
Moneyweb - Johannesburg,South Africa
... PSAM established that in fact FAEC manages just 83 out of a total Eastern Cape provincial EMS (emergency medical service, mainly ambulances) fleet of more than ...

cyclist news

Cyclist death-trap
Advertiser 24 - Herts,UK
... Cyclist Pippa Madgwick who used the lane on the first day the street was reopened, asked: "Is this new road layout in St Peter's Street designed to be a death ...

Cyclist in crash
Ottawa Sun - Ottawa,Ontario,Canada
By Sun Wire Services. A 43-year-old bicyclist is in hospital in critical condition after colliding with a pickup truck around 9:30 pm yesterday in Barrhaven. ...

Cyclist discovers rewards of racing later in life
Houston Chronicle - United States
By STEVE SIEVERT. During her 10 years on the Houston-area cycling scene, Zbornak has won a truckload of hardware. Whether it's gold ...

Fatal cyclist's family call for FAI
grampian tv - Aberdeen,Scotland,UK
The family of a cyclist who died after being knocked down by a speeding lorry in the Highlands are demanding a fatal accident inquiry. ...