I couldn't have said it better myself! I guess that's why he makes a living doing it and I just muck around doing it for free... :-)



Many people from many walks of life have been opining on Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. We've heard from the likes of Sean Penn and Michael Moore. Robert Kennedy Jr. weighed in to blame Haley Barbour for the whole mess. Katrina, it seems, was born of the failure of the Mississippi governor to single-handedly arrange for the ratification of the hideously flawed Kyoto accords. Aging hippie Nancy Pelosi says its all George Bush's fault, and the NAACP, after having nothing to say following four Florida hurricanes in 2004, is demanding that the Katrina victims get the same cash payments as did the families of the victims of 9/11.

Nowhere, though, will you find a more screwed-up train of thought (if that's what you want to call it) than in this letter which appeared in the Saturday edition of Atlanta's burden, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
Monied America lacks moral goodness [ bugmenot]
Congratulations, monied America: You wanted your gated communities to keep out the poor, to protect yourselves from crime, to separate yourselves from undesirables. You took the high roads and built your gated communities on them so you would stay dry and clean while the stormwaters of filth and despair flooded their neighborhoods.
You did it. You kept out the poor, you concentrated the crime in the poor neighborhoods, effectively ensuring those neighborhoods would remain poor and broken. You separated yourselves from the undesirables.
And then you left them, to die in attics and on rooftops and in the streets and in the disgusting halls of commerce and sports. The richest nation in the world is the most destitute when it comes to true moral goodness. God could not bless this America at all.
OK ... we're going to give Engle a pass for misspelling "moneyed" and for her failure to realize that "storm waters" are two words. It goes with the territory. And just what territory might that be, you ask? Well, from reading her screed, haven't you already guessed that Sam Marie Engle stalks the halls of academia? Engle is the director of something called the Kenneth Cole Fellowship in Community Building and Social Change and is the senior program associate in the Office of University-Community Partnerships at Emory University. Emory. That says a lot.

Now let's deal with Engle's rant.

Obviously Engle has a problem with achievement. In a word, she harbors great resentment toward those who have gone the extra mile to achieve success and wealth. Somehow she has convinced herself that the problems that afflicted the poor in New Orleans were due to the existence of gated communities and the presence of the evil rich. If there had been no wealthy neighborhoods in New Orleans the poor, somehow, wouldn't have suffered.

Engle also finds great fault with the idea that people would go to extra lengths to protect themselves from crime. How hideously insensitive of the rich! How very un-American! No doubt were we to locate Ms. Engle's automobile wherever it is parked while she is out there community-building, we would find it to be unlocked; ditto for her home. After all, Engle certainly wouldn't want to do anything to protect herself from crime, would she? That would be a certain indicator of a complete lack of moral goodness on her part. Furthermore, when Engle finally moves on to her well-deserved retirement (and it can't be soon enough) I'm certain that she is going to build her retirement home in a flood zone rather than seek higher and safer ground. After all, if a flood were to occur Ms. Engle wouldn't want to be accused by anyone of actually using her wealth and power of choice wisely in selecting a building location. It's all about demonstrating moral goodness, and you can't demonstrate moral goodness making wise and safe choices in your personal life.

Actually, Engle's letter to the AJC editor is a literary achievement seldom matched in our age. How one woman can get so many things wrong with so few words is something that philosophers and scholars in logic will be studying for years to come.

Shall we do a little picking apart?

Engle feels that the evil rich "kept out the poor" from their high-and-dry gated communities. Sorry, Sam, the poor weren't "kept out" of those gated communities; they just failed to make the decisions in life that would have gained them access. The rich did nothing to them. They did it to themselves. It wasn't the evil rich who decided that the poor would ignore the educational opportunities available to all in America, rich and poor alike. Rich people don't teach poor young blacks that learning is a "white thing." It wasn't some rich family living in their gated community that decided that a poor woman was going to have a child she could not afford to raise at 18, then another at 20 and a third at 21. It wasn't "monied America" that made the choice for the poor that living on the taxpayer's teat was a far more desirable way of life than developing a work ethic and putting it to use in our opportunity-rich free market economy.

And here's something else for you to ponder as you light those votives under your Che Guevara poster, Ms. Engle: It won't be the poor who rebuild those New Orleans neighborhoods, and it won't be the poor who come back to the Big Easy to invest and to provide the job opportunities that some, but certainly not all, of the poor might seek.

Also, Ms. Engle, can you tell us just how those wicked rich people managed to "concentrate(d) the crime in the poor neighborhoods"? Is it because they take precautions to keep the crime out of their neighborhoods? Well, excuse the hell out of them! How dare they sit there in their fancy homes and not accept willingly their fair share of crime? Maybe we need some new kind of bussing program. That can be your next letter to the editor, Ms. Engle; a demand that some court order the bussing of petty thieves, burglars, rapists and murderers to gated communities so that the rich can enjoy the benefits of the culture of predatory crime together with the poor. The culture of the law-abiding should be forced to mingle with the culture of the lawless, don't you think? Isn't that part and parcel of the liberal mantra of multiculturalism?

And now, Ms. Engle, I need to take the gloves off for a moment, you supercilious jerk. How dare you say that "you left them, to die in attics and on rooftops and in the streets and in the disgusting halls of commerce and sports?" You sure told us a lot about yourself with that sentence, didn't you? Commerce is disgusting? This is the label you attach to the one economic system that has lifted more people out of poverty than any other system in the history of civilization? Disgusting? But then, you work in the academic world, don't you? One wonders if you have a job skill that could earn you a comfortable living in the private sectors. My guess would be that you do not.

"Left them to die?" What in the hell are you talking about? When police and firefighters, the fantastic first-responders we all rely on, went in to rescue the stranded they were fired on by roving gangs of thugs from the poor neighborhoods you so love – and this started happening on day one. Nurses and doctors (who very well may have lived in gated communities) stayed on duty in their hospitals moving their patients to ever-high floors as the looters and predators worked their way up from below. Helicopters trying to evacuate patients from hospitals and from the Super Dome were fired upon. Left them to die? These people were risking death to rescue the poor, and you write that the poor were left to die?

Then you say that "the richest nation in the world is the most destitute when it comes to true moral goodness." You mindless, hate-filled leftist, anti-capitalist gasbag. Katrina has brought forth the greatest show of American generosity since 9/11. Many believe that the charitable contributions of Americans will far surpass that of four years ago. From the very day that Katrina hit New Orleans people of means from across the country were writing checks, making pledges and taking action. The total giving to date is nearing $800 million, and will most likely surpass one billion dollars within a week's time. This is the America, an America of compassion and giving, that you say God would not bless.

Oddly enough, though, I do want to thank you for your letter to the editor, Ms. Engle. You have done more to demonstrate the moral decadence of the left with your pompous diatribe then I could hope to do with five years of talking about your type on the radio.

Please keep writing your anti-individualist rants. You're the best thing the right has going out there.


Now ... think back. Who were the first people to the microphones to start assigning blame for the Katrina disaster. That answer would be Democrats. And who were the Democrats blaming? Anyone Republican, that's who. Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin were virtually immune to any criticisms from Democrats in Washington.

Now here's the best part. The Democrats manage to sharply divide the country with their finger pointing, and then they come up for a solution to that division. (Oh this is rich.) The left's solution to the divide that they caused with their hysterical finger-pointing is for George Bush to (1) appoint a Supreme Court Justice who is "mainstream" (as defined by Democrats) so that the appointment won't cause any rancor on Capitol Hill; and (2) abandon any plans for making the tax cuts permanent or for the repeal of the death tax.

Wonderful -- just wonderful. These Democrats bring this country to turmoil with their "blame Bush" hysterics, then tell Bush that the way to bring the country back together again is to raise taxes and appoint a liberal to the Supreme Court. What gall.

"Tainted Teachings" in US schools: JTA investigates

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: JTA Daily Briefing <newsdesk@jta.org>
Date: Oct 27, 2005 10:00 AM
Subject: "Tainted Teachings" in US schools: JTA investigates
To: Elias Friedman <elipongo@gmail.com>

Saudi Arabia pays to influence the teaching of American public schoolchildren. And the U.S. taxpayer is an unwitting accomplice. To read JTA's special investigation, "Tainted Teachings: What your kids are learning about Israel, America and Islam," go to: www.jta.org/schools.asp

emergency medical service news

BCFD to Host Emergency Medical Service Conference
KTAL-TV - Shreveport,LA,USA
The Bossier City Fire Department, in cooperation with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, will host "EMS Plus ...

Orange merging rescue services
The Free Lance-Star - Fredericksburg,VA,USA
... In other action, the supervisors voted unanimously to hold a public hearing Nov. 22 on a proposed ordinance to establish fees for emergency medical service. ...

Search on for missing boater
Bainbridge Post Searchlight - Bainbridge,GA,USA
... However, firefighter Sam Hughes of Fire and Rescue was treated at the scene by Emergency Medical Service personnel for overheating, said Fire and Rescue ...

Ambulance Assoc. facelift
Portsmouth Herald News - Portsmouth,NH,USA
... Staffers also represent, Stowe stresses, fully professional levels of training and experience in emergency medical service , from those at the "basic," or ...

EMS News

MassTech EMS Offers Pb-Free Conversion Program
Circuits Assembly - Atlanta,GA,USA
WOBURN, MA -- Masstech EMS today announced a family of service offerings designed to help customers comply with changing environmental regulations. ...

Stony Creek rescue squad wins regional EMS award
Petersburg Progress Index - Petersburg,VA,USA
STONY CREEK - The 14-member Stony Creek Volunteer Rescue Squad has been named the 2005 Old Dominion EMS Alliance's Regional Award winner for the 2005 ...

Westport Fire and EMS Respond to Fiery I-95 Accident
Westport Now - Westport,CT,USA
Westport firefighters and EMS early today responded to a fiery, five-vehicle accident on Interstate-95 in Norwalk that sent 12 persons to area hospitals. ...

emergency medical services news

State Medical Teams Return From Gulf Coast
Southern Pines Pilot - Southern Pines,NC,USA
... "It's been quite an experience for all of us," said Drexdal Pratt, chief of the NC Office of Emergency Medical Services, which coordinated the relief ...

BCFD to Host Emergency Medical Service Conference
KTAL-TV - Shreveport,LA,USA
The Bossier City Fire Department, in cooperation with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, will host "EMS Plus ...

Orange merging rescue services
The Free Lance-Star - Fredericksburg,VA,USA
... service. The "revenue recovery" proposal would allow for patient billing for emergency medical services starting Jan. 1, 2006. Also ...



PHOTO RESCUE MISSION: David Lee Roth, who went from "Just a Gigolo" as a rock star to a Bronx EMT, is taking Howard Stern's early-morning time slot after the shock jock takes his act of lesbians and porn stars to Sirius Satellite Radio.
Photo: Rick Dembow
October 26, 2005 -- A middle-aged Bronx paramedic with a receding hairline has been tapped to take over for Howard Stern when the shock jock moves his raunchy morning gabfest from K-Rock to Sirius Satellite Radio.

David Lee Roth — the once-hunky rocker who fronted Van Halen only to swap his mike for a stethoscope to save lives as an emergency medical technician on city ambulances — will begin broadcasting in Stern's 6-10 a.m. slot starting Jan. 3, it was announced yesterday.

What he'll talk about is a mystery, but Roth is expected to focus more on politics — a dramatically different approach from Stern's daily offering of strippers, porn stars, lesbians and various wackos.

Also different will be Roth's salary. He'll earn a reported $4 million a year, compared to Stern's $25 million.

Stern, who'll do his last live K-Rock show Dec. 16 and move to Sirius next year at a reported salary of $100 million a year, had Roth on his show yesterday and quickly tweaked his future rival.

"I'm hoping you fail in a way because that will drive more listeners over to satellite where I'm going," Stern said.

Roth, who like Stern is 51, admitted: "I don't have any writers. I don't have any specific crew. I'm gonna start off solo. Actually, the empire I'm more interested in is the [Rush] Limbaugh empire. I'm looking for . . . the [Bill] O'Reilly approach there.

"I think probably I have a view on politics that might be unique. I've been to almost 40 countries."

Asked by Stern if he supported the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Roth replied: "I think I'm a hippie with a pistol."

In a conference call with reporters, Infinity Broadcasting CEO Joel Hollander fired a nasty blast at Stern's often controversial material, which had Infinity paying millions in FCC indecency fines over the 20 years he spent at K-Rock.

"One thing you can expect from Infinity Broadcasting moving forward is no 24-hour channels of farting and, you know, people with mental illnesses. You won't get that here," Hollander said.

Roth's hire is part of an overall makeover of K-Rock, which will dump its rock format to become "Free FM" — an all-talk station, which will play some music on weekends.

Infinity is using several hosts to replace Stern on its 27 radio stations around the country.

Aside from New York, Roth will air in Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, West Palm Beach and Dallas.

Adam Carolla, known for his comedy work on "The Man Show" and "Loveline," will take over in Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Portland and Las Vegas. A virtual unknown named Rover will be carried in Detroit, Cincinnati and Memphis.

Stern's longtime rival Don Imus said he expected the replacements to fail and "then they'll have to come to me, won't they?"

EMT News

New York Post - New York,NY,USA
By JOHN MAINELLI and BILL HOFFMANN. October 26, 2005 -- A middle-aged Bronx paramedic with a receding hairline has been tapped to ...

Brockton Firefighters Contract Raises Questions
Brockton News - MA, United States
... Additionally, there is an 'EMT compensation', adding another minimum of 4 percent and up to 7.5 percent of their maximum salary every year. ...

Wilson on-call at NRHS
Beacon Villager - Concord,MA,USA
... In fact, she's already put what she's learned at school to good use, working as an EMT for the Town of Stow in the summer. [continue].

Magen David Adom News

Three killed in blast in south Tel Aviv apartment building
Ha'aretz (subscription) - Tel Aviv,Israel
... Magen David Adom emergency rescue personnel also said that part of the fourth story of the building had caved in. Magen David Adom ...

At least five killed in Hadera suicide bombing
Ha'aretz (subscription) - Tel Aviv,Israel
... Magen David Adom ambulances evacuated the wounded to Hillel Yaffeh Medical Center in Hadera; Laniado Hospital in Netanya and Meir Hospital in Kfar Sava. ...

At Least 30 Wounded in Israel Bombing
Guardian Unlimited - UK
... is relatively high, and the last of the wounded are being evacuated at this time,'' said Yeruham Mendola, a spokesman for the Magen David Adom rescue service. ...

Israele, torna l'incubo kamikaze
Paceinmedioriente.it - Roma,Italy
... Magen David Adom ambulances at the scene of the blast evacuated the wounded to Hillel Yaffeh Medical Center Hospital in Hadera and Laniado Hospital in Netanya. ...

Suicide bomber blows up felafel stand, kills 5
Shanghai Daily - Shanghai,China
... suicide bomber. The Magen David Adom rescue service said six people suffered serious wounds and another 15 were injured lightly. The ...

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Bicyclist found dead in Wailua
Lihue Garden Island - Lihue,HI,USA
By The Garden Island. An unidentified male was found dead Sunday night in Wailua, behind a guardrail along Kuhio Highway, according to county sources. ...

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By Tim Reynolds. Erin Mirabella is ready to give back the cycling bronze medal she won after a Colombian athlete was disqualified at the Athens Games. ...

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The St. Petersburg man, 41, collided with the rear of a car, and its tailpipe penetrated his helmet. By ALEX LEARY, Times Staff Writer. ST. ...

Date set for cyclist's funeral
Norfolk Eastern Daily Press - Norfolk,England,UK
26 October 2005 06:15 The funeral of cyclist Zak Carr will be at Attleborough parish church on November 2, followed by a celebration. ...

Cyclist's spine fractured in crash
ic CheshireOnline - UK
SOUTH Cheshire's leading cyclist Emma Davies-Jones is hoping for a speedy recovery following a horrific car crash that could have left her paralysed. ...


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Police were called to a medical centre this week to see a boy who had been knocked off his bike by a driver who did not stop. At ...

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The ups and downs of biking along Oregon's coast
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CRH remains county ambulance provider
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... and one determined commissioner to change Commission President Stephanie Yager's mind to keep Columbus Regional Hospital as the county's ambulance provider ...

Emergency services contract with ambulance company approved
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PMT and its larger rival, Southwest Ambulance, have been vying for the five-year contract with Scottsdale since city officials voted in January to put the ...

Anacortes disputes ambulance formula
Skagit Valley Herald - Mount Vernon,WA,USA
... At stake is $250,000 of county property tax money that could go to help the Anacortes ambulance system, but that right now stays in the central part of the ...

New lease on life for ambulance services
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The Gauteng government has announced a major shake-up in the province's ambulance service. Health MEC Gwen Ramokgopa revealed on ...

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Ready to rush to the rescue
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... A spokesman for Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Ambulance and Paramedic Service said the specially-trained volunteers lived across the district. ...

10 Year Old Recovering at Hospital
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... She will have surgery Wednesday to fix her teeth, which were knocked out of place in the accident. Paramedic Dana Russell was one of the first on the scene. ...

Levies would fund emergency services
Everett Herald - Everett,WA,USA
... district that flanks the north end of Bothell, taxpayers also will be asked to pay 25 cents per $1,000 of assessed value to King County for paramedic service. ...

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The town will bill a Stamford bicyclist who challenged the town's beach access policy $120 in fees for riding in Greenwich Point without a pass this fall ...

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Scott 'Saved' by TNT for drama lead
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... Scott stars as Wyatt Henry, a medical school dropout and compulsive gambler who becomes a paramedic in San Francisco. Production begins this week in Vancouver. ...

Two Men Honored For Helping Hurricane Victims
State Journal - Charleston,WV,USA
Bridgeport City Council honored Captain Randy Scott and firefighter paramedic Donnie Lindsey for their hurricane relief work in Mississippi. ...

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Drunk Student Hit by Car Near Campus
The Georgetown Hoya - Washington,DC,USA
... Shortly after Swanson was injured, MPD, the DC Fire Department, and DC Emergency Medical Service arrived on the scene, at which point the Fire Department ...

David Calvert-Jones Named CEO of Helinet Aviation Services
PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA
... pictures "The Island," "Domino" and the upcoming "Waist Deep" and has also volunteered as a co-pilot for the LifeFlight Helicopter Emergency Medical Service. ...

EMS News

Hospital will not help pay for EMS
Sweetwater Reporter - Sweetwater,TX,USA
... The board unanimously approved to deny paying a minimum of $135,000 each year to help pay for the EMS during its meeting Monday night. ...

Original location still the best for EMS in Pickering
Durham region news - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
PICKERING -- Despite objections from several members of Pickering council, Durham Region EMS still believes the best location for a new ambulance facility is ...

3 ambulance businesses submit bids for EMS pact
Toledo Blade - Toledo,OH,USA
... Hart Medical EMS quit its contract in April. Hart, citing financial difficulties, was awarded a three-year contract in November, 2003, replacing AMR. ...

emergency medical services news

Treasure Coast hospitals see babies born, windows broken
WPTV - West Palm Beach,FL,USA
... on Monday at the Warfield Elementary School emergency shelter in Indiantown, according to Joe Ferrera, bureau chief of Martin County Emergency Medical Services ...

Mini-Budget: SA 'hitting the sweet spot'
Mail & Guardian Online - Johannesburg,South Africa
... Health care priorities were improved human resource management, recruitment of health professionals, expansion of emergency medical services and of a new ...

EMT News

City passes lodging tax, EMT transport fees
Mount Vernon News - Mount Vernon,OH,USA
Mount Vernon -- City Council passed legislation adopting the lodging tax, emergency transport fees, and changes to existing park regulations when it met ...

Breaking News: One shot at south Charlotte apartment complex
WCNC (subscription) - Charlotte,NC,USA
... shot multiple times. Medic dispatch told 6NEWS that EMT's were on the scene, but no victim information was available. The Sun Valley ...

Letters, faxes, and e-mail
Mobile Register - Mobile,AL,USA
Originally it was composed of and staffed by dedicated volunteer EMT drivers and paramedics, with only administrative staffers being salaried. ...

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Ambulance driver's call to home of dead daughter and her tot
Glasgow Daily Record - Glasgow,Scotland,UK
... bat. Ambulance driver Mike Ford realised he had been called to the home of Claire's future in-laws as he drew up outside. Yesterday ...

Bear in Road Causes Ambulance To Crash
WFMZ-TV Online - Allentown,PA,USA

Ambulance crews call for body armour
Life Style Extra - UK
LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) - Ambulance workers today demanded body armour to prevent potentially fatal attacks on front line crews. At ...

Ambulance donated to local Red Cross chapter
San Bernardino Sun - San Bernardino,CA,USA
On this date in 1984, The Sun reported that Cole-Schaeffer Ambulance Co. ... The ambulance was presented at the Fontana Service Center. ...

Community Newswire - UK
By Community Newswire reporter. Cornwall Rescue Group has today unveiled a new ambulance to replace its 20-year-old Land Rover. The ...

Paramedic sent to murder scene of daughter and child
Telegraph.co.uk - United Kingdom
A paramedic sent to the scene of a double murder arrived to discover that the victims were his daughter and baby granddaughter, a court heard yesterday. ...

Paramedic says hurricane victims generous, resilient
Kinston Free Press - Kinston,NC,USA
A trip through McDonald's drive-thru a week or so ago was routine to paramedic Steve Johnson. He'd just returned from working in ...

School paramedic recruitment drive
Louth Today - Louth,England,UK
... School leavers need four GCSE's at A to C level, to be able to begin training as a paramedic. The first stage is a two year BTEC ...

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Rockdale police ID cyclist hurt in wreck
Bryan College Station Eagle - TX, United States
Rockdale police on Sunday identified James Booker as the man who was seriously injured a day earlier when the bicycle he was riding collided with a truck. ...

McEwen attacked
sportal.com.au - Australia
Leading Australian cyclist Robbie McEwen is recovering after being attacked by a group follwoing the Gold Coast Indy carnival. McEwen ...

"A bicycle is a toy. A car is a weapon of mass destruction." ...
Grist Magazine - Seattle,WA,USA
So Todd thinks people don't understand the Critical Mass movement, at least not the NYT Magazine and the NYPD. If you agree, here's ...

Underground Railroad bicycle tour comes to area
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The Underground Railroad Route will be the next addition to the ASA 33,023 mile National Bicycle Network and will run directly through the middle of Aberdeen ...

Artist Lee Quinones to Ride Bicycle from NYC to Miami for ...
PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA
... painter and star of the 1981 classic film Wild Style, will embark, starting October 27th, 2005, on Tour de Lee, a 5-week, 1,500-mile bicycle trip from Brooklyn ...

Bicycle motors take the energy out of pedalling
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CAMBRIDGE is well-known as the cycling capital of Britain - but its reputation for pedal power is being given a new twist. A city ...


A Geek Tech story with Emergency Services Tie in...

Computerworld Home

Cisco builds system to boost emergency communications
IP technology will be used to make workers' devices interoperable

News Story by Matt Hamblen

OCTOBER 24, 2005 (COMPUTERWORLD) - Cisco Systems Inc. today will announce plans for a communications system designed to allow walkie-talkies and other devices used by emergency personnel to interoperate via the Internet Protocol and Session Initiation Protocol.

The technology attempts to address a problem that many public officials believe has reached crisis proportions. For example, after hurricanes Katrina and Rita struck the Gulf Coast, state and local police were unable to communicate with each other because their systems weren't interoperable, Audwin Samuel, mayor pro tem of Beaumont, Texas, said in testimony last week before the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security.

"Communications interoperability has always been a concern with first responders, going back to the first radios," said Michael Griffin, assistant chief of law enforcement for California's Office of Emergency Services. "There's a growing realization from public safety experts that we need to look at new technologies."

Cisco's new offering, called the IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS), will be rolled out globally over the next six to 12 months, according to Shah Talukder, general manager of the networking vendor's safety and security systems business unit.

With 10 to 15 years of life left in expensive handheld radios that use proprietary networks, Cisco decided to take the legacy infrastructure "and tie it all to IP, and from there to other modalities," Talukder said. He added that IPICS can be used to connect push-to-talk radios to each other and to analog, cellular and IP phones, handhelds and laptop PCs with Wi-Fi links.

Cisco plans to demonstrate the technology at a press conference in New York, and the company said it has several trial projects under way in both the public and private sectors. Pricing has yet to be finalized, said Talukder.

Potential private-sector uses include transportation and manufacturing applications in which independent drivers or contractors use different radio networks but need to be able to communicate, he said.

"This is unique technology, and it solves a glaring problem with first responders and federal agencies and the military," said Bradley Curran, an analyst at Frost & Sullivan Ltd. in New York.

Curran has seen IPICS demonstrated for voice applications but said the technology's true value will be realized as Cisco adds more features, such as support for linking GPS information with other data and even video feeds. That functionality could, for example, give disease-control experts located far from the scene of a biological attack the ability to communicate with local officials via their laptops and perhaps share medical drawings and pictures, he said.

Griffin agreed that more is needed than just support for voice communications between devices. "Major events require not just voice interoperability but integrated mapping, data and video," he said, noting that firefighters need architectural drawings of buildings that are on fire.

Other efforts to provide emergency communications interoperability are in progress at the state and local levels, and the U.S. Department of Justice's CommTech program provides grants for technical research.


bicyclist news

Bicyclist dies after being struck by Foley police car
Mobile Register - Mobile,AL,USA
By GUY BUSBY. FOLEY -- A Foley public works employee died Thursday after being hit by a city police car on Alabama 59 while riding his bicycle to work. ...

Bike ride to honor teacher struck by car
San Mateo County Times - San Mateo,CA,USA
By TS Mills-Faraudo, STAFF WRITER. It could have been any bicyclist who was killed after being struck by a car on Oct. 2. 34-year ...

Troopers say bicyclist killed crossing road
2theadvocate.com - Baton Rouge,LA,USA
... The bicyclist , Terrebonne, was not wearing a helmet. No citations were issued in the crash. The driver of the truck wasn't injured, State Police reported.

cyclist news

Bangkok Post - Thailand
Thaweeporn Thongkhambai liked to cycle to work as he could exercise and breathe fresh air in the mornings. He always left his house ...

Ace Jimmy: I hit cyclist
The Sun - UK
PREMIERSHIP hitman Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink has been fined £250 for knocking a cyclist over -- putting him in hospital for five days. ...

Bicycle club honors memory of cyclist struck and killed by car
AZ Central.com - AZ,USA
SCOTTSDALE - Local bicycle club members plan to rally around the family of a cyclist struck by a truck and killed earlier this week as Scottsdale police ...

Cyclist dies after collision
expressandstar.com - Birmingham,UK
A 55-year-old Stone man was killed when his bicycle was in collision with a car in the town. Michael Benbow, of Redhill Gardens, was ...

ambulance news

No ambulance fees for heroes, NDP says
CBC Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia,Canada
The NDP wants to prevent people who get hurt while helping others from being saddled with an ambulance bill. New Democrat MLA Dave ...

Firefighters critical of ambulance response time
WATE.com - Knoxville,TN,USA
... department. Rural/Metro spokeswoman Ranee Randby replied the first ambulance was at the scene within 5 minutes, not ten. Randby ...

Ishpeming moving forward with planned fire, ambulance cuts
WOOD-TV - Grand Rapids,MI,USA
ISHPEMING, Mich. The Ishpeming City Council is moving forward with selling its ambulance service and turning the fire department into an all-volunteer force. ...

Ambulance With Israeli Markings Spotted in the PA
Arutz Sheva - Israel
The vehicle, belonging to the HaGalil Ambulance company - a private Galilee area ambulance service - was spotted by Samaria District police officers on ...

Ambulance plan puts lives first
ic NorthWales - North Wales,UK
IN the beginning - and not very long ago either - it was all so simple. In an emergency you could dial 999 and ask for police, fire or ambulance. ...

RJC Weekly E-Newsletter

October 21, 2005
  • President Bush Meets Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas at the White House
  • Free Speech on College Campuses: The Case of DePaul University Professor Thomas Klocek
  • President Bush Signs Homeland Security Appropriations Act: Allocates Millions for Protection of Jewish Institutions
  • Senate Moves Closer to Passing ANWR Legislation
  • Jerusalem Post Features RJC Board Member Bernie Marcus

  • President Bush Meets Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas at the White House

    Yesterday President Bush welcomed Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to the White House. At their conference in the Rose Garden, the President said most of the responsibility to move forward with the peace process rests on the Palestinian government.

    In particular, President Bush urged Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to confront the "armed gangs" that are interfering with the peace process.

    Furthermore, the president charged, "I strongly support your rejection of terror and your commitment to what you have called one authority, one law, and one gun." The President reaffirmed the United State's commitment to helping the Palestinians stand up against terrorist organizations such as Hamas, who will be permitted to vote in the upcoming elections, but he emphasized that President Abbas and the Palestinian Authority remain responsible for ending terror attacks, dismantling its terrorist infrastructure, and for enforcing law and order.

    President Bush emphasized that while there is no "timetable" for peace, the key to succeeding is "to keep moving forward."

    Free Speech on College Campuses: The Case of DePaul University Professor Thomas Klocek

    In this week's issue of National Review, National Political Reporter John Miller delves into the most recent assault on free speech on university campuses.

    Last year, DePaul Professor Thomas Klocek was fired without a hearing or even a written explanation after he objected to Palestinian propaganda being handed out during a student activity fair.

    At the start of the last school year, activists at DePaul University set up a pair of tables along a student thoroughfare and distributed literature to passers-by. They caught the eye of faculty member Thomas Klocek, who took one of their handouts and read about Israel's "brutal and murderous occupation of" Palestine as well as its "apartheid violence" in the West Bank and Gaza. This was provocative stuff ˜ but nothing out of the ordinary for the two groups behind it all, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and United Muslims Moving Ahead (UMMA).

    Klocek's situation reveals the dangerous consequences of political correctness gone awry. As Miller notes, the encounter lasted only about 15 minutes. However, "Klocek's world has turned upside down."

    He was suspended from his classroom duties and probably won't ever teach at DePaul again. Today, he is over-educated and under-employed, struggling to make ends meet as he works at odd jobs, and wondering how he'll earn his next paycheck.

    While conservatives are accustomed to attacks by left-wing academics and are all-too familiar with the threat colleges and universities pose to free speech. What's interesting about the DePaul case is that Klocek is a "conservative Democrat who voted for John Kerry." As Miller shows:

    Even outright liberals can come under fire: Just ask Harvard president Lawrence Summers, who recently sinned by speculating about why there aren‚t more female scientists. Ever since, he has spent much of his time seeking absolution from fist-pumping feminists. At least Summers kept his job. But for many others who are found guilty of violating certain pieties, there is no such guarantee – they become an endangered species on campus, victims of the Left's ruthless determination to hunt them into extinction.

    President Bush Signs Homeland Security Appropriations Act: Allocates Millions for Protection of Jewish Institutions

    On October 18th, President Bush signed the Homeland Security Appropriations Act, which focuses largely on improving the security of our borders.

    "The most solemn duty of the President and the Congress is to protect the American people," President Bush announced at the signing of the HSAA. "The bill I sign today supports our ongoing efforts to protect our homeland with $30.8 billion in discretionary funding for fiscal year 2006, an increase of $1.8 billion over the 2005 levels."

    In addition, the bill again includes $25 million in funding for vulnerable non-profit organizations, including synagogues and Jewish institutions at risk of terrorist activity.

    Senate Moves Closer to Passing ANWR Legislation

    The RJC applauds the Senate Energy Committee for approving (13-9) the legislative language necessary to design and implement "environmentally-sensitive" oil drilling in the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

    New Mexico Senator and Chairman of the Energy Committee Pete V. Domenici (R-NM) announced, "The time is ripe for ANWR. Global and national conditions mandate the environmentally-sound development of oil and gas in the Arctic."

    ANWR has been determined to be the single largest onshore oil reserve in North America. Passing legislation in favor of drilling would provide Americans with approximately 900,000 barrels of oil a day, helping to drive down prices and significantly decrease the U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

    Jerusalem Post Features RJC Board Member Bernie Marcus

    The Jerusalem Post considers RJC board member Bernie Marcus "one of the great American success stories."

    Marcus, who was listed by the Chronicle of Philanthropy as "one of the top charitable donors in the United States," told the Post "his work is not yet done."

    Israel remains on the top of his list. "The State of Israel is the sanctuary of Jews around the world," Marcus said. "I want the State of Israel to survive. I want the state of Israel as a strong, self-sufficient, democracy."

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