Kosher Phones

Now this is pretty neat!

When I first saw the headline on the Gizmodo blog, I thought it was going to be a phone that was programmed to shut off automatically for Shabbos.

Instead they took out all the features like SMS and Mobile Web and left just the plain, Jane telephone features under the concept that such things are a corrupting influence. Sort of like these
Yeshivas in New Jersey banning students' families from having non-essential Internet connections at home.

They may have something of a point, there certainly is a lot of nasty stuff out here on the Internet, however, in my not so humble opinion, the Internet is acting as a medium to bring so many Jews back to Judaism that any of it's corrupting influence is overshadowed.


Kosher Phones for Orthodox Jews : Gizmodo


Connecting in Charlotte

Sitting here with Krista in Charlotte NC. Due to the snow in Hartford we were late for our original connection to LAX, but now we're waiting for another flight that leaves soon. It's going to be tough to beat Shabbos!

Sitting on the tarmac

This is Krista who is going to L.A. With me. We're stuck on the plane while the airport clears runways.

Before L.A.

23F and heavy snow in Manchester CT. Leaving today for L.A.!


Man steals ambulance; dies in crash

There's an article with a slightly different version of the events to be found here.
What is there to say about this story except, "There but for the grace of G-d, go I" Our service has no means to secure our vehicles on scenes short of shutting them off and locking them up- not really an option in the wintertime when all the fluids and the drugs will get cold. I know we tried using the keyless entry key fobs but they didn't work right for some reason.
As tragic as this incident is, it could have been far worse. Thankfully nobody else was hurt, for one thing.
The other thing that occurred to me was; what if this person hadn't been a case of Δloc but instead had a malicious intent?
One of the few Federal standards we have in EMS is ambulance design so law enforcement has trouble distinguishing our rigs. During long distance transfers I've driven right by cops while doing well over the speed limit and they've just waved "Hi" at me.
With only a few, highly secured exceptions, an ambulance can go just about anywhere without any questions being asked. It's quite a scary thing when you contemplate it and I'm very surprised that Homeland Security hasn't addressed this issue.
I've seen ads for devices that allow you to hit a momentary switch so you can take the keys out of the ignition but the rig will stay running, but if anyone tries to put it into gear without the keys, the truck will shut off. Why we aren't required to use this or similar devices to secure our vehicles is a mystery to me.
I extend my heartfelt sympathies for the family of the man who was killed and to the crew that was involved.

Updated: 12/6/2005 5:42 PM
By: Kenneth Moton & Web Staff

(RALEIGH) -- A man is dead in Raleigh after police say he stole an ambulance and crashed into a ditch.

Authorities say it's a strange series of events they're trying to put together.

It's not what Crystal Burriss expected to see in her front yard.

"It was quite a shock this morning to open the door after hearing all the sirens to see the fire trucks and the ambulances and the police tape everywhere," she said.

Burriss quickly learned it was a bizarre case where paramedics became the victims.

"They had a patient who turned out to be combative," Jeffrey Hammerstein of the Wake County EMS explained. "They called police for assistance. Before the police had a chance to arrive, they got back on the radio and said the subject had actually gotten in the ambulance and driven off."

More Information
Suspect steals ambulance

Officers say paramedics were treating the suspect when he became violent and stole the ambulance.

Hammerstein said it all started at the Circle K on East Millbrook Street around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.

That's when EMS got a call that a man was having a stroke.

Police said the patient soon became the suspect, stealing the ambulance, driving across this field, and slamming it into a ditch at Falls of Neuse and Bland Street.

The suspect died on the scene.

"There are times where ambulances have been taken in the past, maybe a block or two, it's extremely rare, I don't recall an instance of this magnitude in our history," Hammerstein stated.

While the two paramedics were unharmed, Hammerstein said for obvious reasons, they are quite shaken.

"Certainly they are handling it," he said. "They are distressed by the events of the day but we're going to look after them without a doubt."

Burriss said it's all a bizarre story she can't believe played out in her neighborhood. "It's something that happens in New York, you don't steal ambulance in Raleigh, North Carolina."

Police say the wreck is still under investigation.

The man has been identified a Blair Leroy Coffman Jr., 27.

Coffman was from Largo, Fla. He had reportedly been in Raleigh for about a week.

For the latest on this story, stay with News14 Carolina.


Magen David Adom News

Syria demands humanitarian access to Golan
Ynetnews - Israel
Israel's Magen David Adom - or Red Shield of David - and the Palestine Red Crescent struck a mutual recognition deal last week allowing each other's paramedics ...

Syria Disrupts Israel's Red Cross Plans
Leading The Charge - Milton,Queensland,Australia
... Israel's Magen David Adom -- or Red Shield of David -- and the Palestine Red Crescent struck a mutual recognition deal last week allowing each other's ...

Syria Delays Israel's Red Cross Plans
San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA
... Israel's Magen David Adom -- or Red Shield of David -- and the Palestine Red Crescent struck a mutual recognition deal last week letting each other's ...

Hamas slams Palestinian Red Crescent deal with Israeli counterpart
Combined Jewish Philantropies - Boston,MA,USA
... Tuesday slammed a cooperation agreement signed in Geneva between the Palestinian Red Crescent and its Israeli counterpart in the Magen David Adom (Red Star of ...

Syrians delaying neutral emblem agreement
Jewish Telegraphic Agency - New York,NY,USA
Syrian demands were holding up passage of a measure to smooth Magen David Adom's acceptance into the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent ...

Indiana LODD


Tuesday, December 6, 2005 · Last updated 9:11 p.m. PT

Ind. ambulance driver slips on ice, dies


MIDDLETOWN, Ind. -- An ambulance driver leaving his house to respond to an emergency call slipped on ice, hit his head and died, authorities said.

Jeremy Rodecap, 29, was discovered dead outside his home late Saturday or early Sunday, authorities said.

Middletown EMS Chief Phil Chandler said emergency crews had been dispatched to an accident Saturday night. Moments later, they were told to disregard the call because there were no injuries.

A few hours later, rescue workers were sent to Rodecap's house, he said. An autopsy was to be conducted Tuesday, he said.

Middletown is 15 miles southwest of Muncie.

ambulance news

Ind. ambulance driver slips on ice, dies
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
MIDDLETOWN, Ind. -- An ambulance driver leaving his house to respond to an emergency call slipped on ice, hit his head and died, authorities said. ...

Patient nabs ambulance , drives off, killed in crash
Lexington Dispatch - Lexington,NC,USA
A man who was being helped by paramedics became disoriented and combative, then stole their ambulance and was killed when he crashed it into an embankment ...

Sorry, no ambulance!
Wanganui Chronicle - Wanganui,New Zealand
THERE WAS no ambulance immediately available when a man collapsed outside a bar in Wanganui's Victoria Ave on Monday evening -- so he was taken to hospital ...

Man steals ambulance; dies in crash
News 14 Carolina - Raleigh,NC,USA
(RALEIGH) -- A man is dead in Raleigh after police say he stole an ambulance and crashed into a ditch. Authorities say it's a strange ...

EMT News

Teens are first responders in EMT program
USA Today - USA
... Since this fall, Bayside students have been able to enroll in a year of specialized courses to earn a basic EMT certification. Specific ...

EMS News

Officials want to improve EMS communication
News 14 Carolina - Raleigh,NC,USA
The report said emergency responders need to have better and faster ways to communicate during a disaster. When emergencies happen ...

EMS volunteers critically needed, speaker says
LimaOhio.com - OH
... "We have to start look-ing into it.". Ottawa EMS has seven squads capable of responding to calls, with at least a paramedic and a driver in each squad. ...

State examines funding: UP-EMS on the block
Marquette Mining Journal - Marquette,MI,USA
... emergency personnel, along with the rest of the Upper Peninsula's ambulance services, get their training, examinations, and ambulance inspections from UP- EMS. ...

Peters refused EMS before his death
AntiguaSun - St' John's,Antigua and Barbuda
... However, when contacted by the SUN, supervisor of Emergency Medical Services (EMS ) Linton Paul asserted that the matter was handled by his emergency medical ...

bicyclist news

Police seek leads in hit and run
Contra Costa Times - CA,USA
Alameda police are again appealing for information as they try to track down a driver who struck a bicyclist last month -- leaving the man with serious brain ...

emergency medical service news

EMS volunteers critically needed, speaker says
LimaOhio.com - OH
OTTAWA -- Rescue crews throughout Putnam County face a desperate need for volunteers, even the once-strong Ottawa Emergency Medical Service squad, its ...

Tech Center widens educational choice
Tooele Transcript-Bulletin - Tooele,UT,USA
... Classes are offered in pharmacy or veterinary technician, phyical therapy, emergency medical service , auto collision and repair, electrical installation ...

Clayton, WT work on ambulance plan
The Gloucester County Times - Woodbury,NJ,USA
... A shrinking volunteer squad coupled with an increase in call volume has created a growing concern in Clayton for emergency medical service. ...


Beyond Lawyer Lips

So these people are suing because their quick releases came loose. Now of course you have to work pretty hard nowadays with the lawyer lips on quick releases to get a front wheel to come off.

It was litigation like this that got us the lawyer lips that pretty much made the whole idea of quick releases pointless anyway. So, what do the lawyers want now? Just because these people couldn't be bothered to read instructions and follow them my next bike is going to be less optimized yet again.

Thanks trial lawyers... not!

AP Wire 12/05/2005 Bicycle defect case begins against Wal-Mart, Dynacraft

emergency medical services news

Emergency Medical sets 7.8 million share IPO
Reuters - USA
WASHINGTON, Dec 5 (Reuters) - Emergency Medical Services Corp. on Monday set its planned initial public offering at 7.8 million ...

IPO Report
MarketWatch - USA
... a share. PixelPlus plans to trade on the Nasdaq, under the ticker symbol "PXPL.". Emergency Medical Services Corp. said Monday that ...

Former EMS chief is guiding hospitals
Louisville Courier-Journal - Louisville,KY,USA
He came to Louisville in 1977 to run the Emergency Medical Services and retired in 2003 as executive administrator of the Louisville Metro Emergency Management ...

4 injured in 2-vehicle wreck
Seymour Daily Tribune - Seymour,IN,USA
... Jones and a 1-and-a-half-year-old passenger were not ejected, but all four were treated by Jackson County Emergency Medical Services before being taken to ...

Fire Calls
The News Journal - Wilmington,DE,USA
Accident. Volunteer Hose of Middletown and Odessa fire companies assisted by county Emergency Medical Services and state police helicopter. ...

Magen David Adom News

Israeli's entry into Red Cross considered
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
... The Israeli Magen David Adom, or Red Shield of David, and the Palestinian Authority's Palestine Red Crescent last week signed an agreement to mutually respect ...

Israeli shopping centre attack kills four
ABC Online - Australia
... A Reuters witness saw two bodies and the Magen David Adom ambulance service says 35 people are wounded, seven of them seriously. ...

Netanya bombing kills at least 4
Globes - Rishon Le-Zion,Israel
... people had been killed. Magen David Adom reports six people moderately to severely injured, and score of lightly injured. The El-Aqsa ...

Several killed in Israel mall blast
Aljazeera.net - Qatar
... Police told public radio that four people were known to have died in the blast while sources with the Magen David Adom ambulance service said that 35 people ...

ambulance news

£2.8m award for ambulance delay
BBC News - UK
A woman who suffered brain damage after taking an overdose has accepted £2.8m damages from an ambulance service over delays in reaching her. ...

Ambulance staff ban paperwork
Manawatu Standard - Manawatu,New Zealand
About 200 ambulance officers in the Midland and Central regions of the North Island are refusing to do paperwork in what may be the first in a series of ...

Ambulance workers threaten strike
CBC New Brunswick - New Brunswick,Canada
Ten private ambulance workers in northern New Brunswick have voted unanimously in support of a strike in a weekend vote. The emergency ...

Reporter with gun shows up Millennium security
Guardian Unlimited - UK
An undercover reporter posing as a St John Ambulance volunteer got into Cardiff's Millennium Stadium for last month's rugby international between Wales and ...

Rayal hospital needs ambulance, X-Ray machine
GreaterKashmir.com (press release) - Srinigar,India
Jammu: Balvinder Singh Sambyal, chairman Pradesh Congress Seva Dal has demanded ambulance and X-Ray machine for Government Hospital Rayal. ...

EMT News

Health Briefs
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Pittsburgh,PA,USA
... The Indiana University of Pennsylvania Division of Emergency Services Training will offer its 2006 Spring Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B) Training ...

EMS News

Former EMS chief is guiding hospitals
Louisville Courier-Journal - Louisville,KY,USA
After 26 years of emergency services work in Louisville, Dick Bartlett announced his retirement two years ago. He came to Louisville ...

Several Injured After School Bus, Car Collide
NBC5.com - Chicago,IL,USA
... An EMS Plan 1 was called, which automatically sends five ambulances, two fire trucks, two engines, a battalion chief and an EMS field officer to the scene. ...

Good News For The Budget, For Now
Gotham Gazette - New York,NY,USA
... weaknesses in the administration of the commercial incentive and abatement programs), and the fire department (inadequate controls over EMS ambulance transport ...

paramedic news

Firefighting not all glamour
High River Times - High River,Alberta,Canada
... directing his men and women and coming up with his successful strategy to ensure the fire didn't spread, I was on the sidelines, asking a paramedic on stand ...

NW Evening Mail - Barrow-in-Furness,Lake District,UK
A PARAMEDIC from Grange is spearheading a scheme which could help save lives across Furness and South Lakes. Cumbria Ambulance Service ...

bicyclist news

Devil Dish: Bicyclist sexually exposes himself to female student
ASU Web Devil - Tempe,AZ,USA
by Brian Indrelunas published on Monday, December 5, 2005. An unidentified man allegedly exposed himself to an 18-year-old female ...

emergency medical service news

Safety will be in city's hands
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - Fort Wayne,IN,USA
... provide ambulance service; that will be taken over by Three Rivers Ambulance Authority, which has a contract with the city to provide emergency medical service ...

Reddy to respond
Urbana/Champaign News-Gazette - Champaign/Urbana,IL,USA
... A native of India who was raised in Springfield, Reddy was a member of the Illini Emergency Medical Service while studying at the UI. ...

Springhill receives federal grant for firefighting
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Bozeman,MT,USA
... Fire departments and emergency medical service organizations receive training, first responder health and safety programs, equipment and response vehicles from ...

bicycle news

Fancy bikes to drive bicycle market: AICMA
Newindpress - Chennai,India
... DELHI: Buoyed by the impressive demand of fancy bicycles, an industry body has pegged the segment to account for half of India's total bicycle production of ...

Bicycle defect case begins against Wal-Mart, Dynacraft
Monterey County Herald - Monterey,CA,USA
The suit claims Wal-Mart and San Rafael, Calif.-based Dynacraft BSC Inc. conspired to hide defects in a key bicycle part even after injuries were reported. ...

LaBelle couple tossed from bicycle
The News-Press - Fort Myers,FL,USA
By Staff Report. A LaBelle couple was listed in critical condition Sunday after being tossed from a motorcycle in a two-vehicle collision in south Fort Myers. ...

Bicycle and car collide causing serious injuries
Wingham Chronicle - Wingham,New South Wales,Australia
A 15 year-old Wingham boy was in a serious condition in John Hunter Hospital after being injured during a collision between a bicycle and a car in Wingham on ...

Editorial: State President on bicycle? No indeed
The Nation, Malawi - Chichiri,Blantyre,Malawi
... s itinerary, government spokesperson Patricia Kaliati is not failing either to remind Dausi that a whole President cannot be riding on a bicycle in any public ...

cyclist news

Asiad bronze winning cyclist dead
Hindu - Chennai,India
5 (PTI): Renowned cyclist Netai Chandra Byasack, who won a bronze at the Delhi Asiad in 1951 besides representing the country in two Olympic Games, died at his ...

Cyclist drawn to heat
London Free Press - Canada
By BROCK HARRISON, CP. KINGSTON -- Michael Coo kicks at the ice and snow that have collected on the tires of a bicycle he's owned since he was nine years old. ...

Deputy Youth Minister Highlights Cyclist Action Towards Children
AngolaPress - Angola
... and Sports Goncalves Muandumba on Monday here considered as gesture of high patriotic sense the solidarity mission performed by the former cyclist Alberto da ...

Former Olympian Cyclist passes away
Webindia123 - India
Former Olympian Cyclist Netai Chand Bysack died here today following a heart block. He was 84. He is survived by a son and two daughters. ...

10 great gifts for the cyclist under $50
commercialappeal.com (subscription) - Memphis,TN,USA
Have you been a good little rider this year? Here are some helpful tips for Santa. Helmet Despite all the bonehead choices you've ...

Israeli strategic concerns with a strike against Iran

Israel has been hedging her bets on this one, I've noticed. I thought it was principally due to them wanting to preserve a good image in the international community (a wasted effort, in my opinion) but now I see that there are perhaps some more pragmatic reasons for their wanting more backing if it comes to physical force against Iran.

As for diplomacy working; the leader of the International Atomic Energy Agency is named Mohamed ElBaradei. That board is blocking attempts by the USA to get this Iranian nuclear issue referred to the Security Council. Perhaps my bias is showing here, but I'm not in the least bit surprised. With a name like his he's probably rooting for the Iranians to follow through on their threat against Israel.


Strike on Iran Not Easy, Israeli Military Chief Says -- 12/05/2005

Anti-Israeli Bias?

This article is mostly about China's barbaric practice of harvesting the organs of executed prisoners.

However, the only people specifically cited as providing a market for this disgusting practice are Israelis.

With the British Media's previous track record of Anti-Israeli (and dare I say Anti-Semitic?) bias in their reporting, I'm not inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt in this case.


China to 'tidy up' trade in executed prisoners' organs

Diplomatic Turkeys

A very interesting article offering some insight into the perception of the meaning of conflict by Arabs. The article wasn't about what I thought it would be at first, and led into an entirely new direction. A good read.


Fowl Bargaining


Bicycle News

A long way on bicycle
Poughkeepsie Journal - Poughkeepsie,NY,USA
... relatives. "This bicycle trip was taken during the War years, when gas was rationed," Diesing explained in a letter to Good Life. ...

Bicycle raffle set for Dec. 24
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Pittsburgh,PA,USA
Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, Zone 5, will have a bicycle raffle at 11 am Dec. 24 at the station along Penn Circle West, East Liberty. ...

PSTA will adapt to attract more bicycle riders to buses
St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg,FL,USA
... fronts. The Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority board also voted Wednesday to install bicycle racks at 12 bus stops in St. Petersburg ...

Cycling success
TheReporter.com - Vacaville,CA,USA
By Amanda Janis/Business Writer. Thousands of bicycles, many sporting the biggest names in the bicycle manufacturing industry, roll through Vacaville each day. ...

Cyclist killed on highway
NEWS.com.au - Australia
A CYCLIST has died in a collision with a car on the Princes Highway near Traralgon, in Victoria's south-east. Police say the cyclist ...

Cyclist Samai pedals to gold in men's criterium
Jakarta Post - Jakarta,Indonesia
MANILA (Antara): A little cooperation helped Indonesian cyclist Samai win the gold medal on Sunday in the men's criterium at the 2005 Southeast Asian Games in ...

Patrol postpones bicycle-event cap
Colorado Springs Gazette - Colorado Springs,CO,USA
... But state patrol officials refused, and early this week Bicycle Colorado, a group that advocates for cycling, sent e-mails to members warning that the cap ...

12-Year Old Cycling Sensation
PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
... year for junior cyclist who has won the 2005 overall junior class of the Mid-America Time Trial Series and earned the 2005 American Bicycle Racing Wisconsin ...

Cyclist hurt in Lawnside crash
Cherry Hill Courier Post - Cherry Hill,NJ,USA
By TOM LOUNSBERRY. A Runnemede man was in critical but stable, condition Friday after a bicycle he was riding collided with a police vehicle earlier in the day. ...

Suspicious cyclist spotted near scene of Yuki's disappearance
Mainichi Daily News - Japan
IMAICHI, Tochigi -- A suspicious-looking, middle-aged man who rode a bicycle and often spoke to little girls was spotted on numerous occasions loitering near ...

Train hits, kills bicyclist in Old Town
San Diego Union Tribune - United States
A train struck and killed a bicyclist yesterday at Taylor Street and Pacific Highway in Old Town shortly before 11 am, according to the California Highway ...

Man Runs In Honor Of His Brother
WSOCtv.com - Charlotte,NC,USA
... bus. Todd Weever died in front of the "CATS" maintenance shop on South Tryon Street. He was a passionate athlete and bicyclist. The ...

EMS News

Motorcycle wreck injures 3, backs up both sides of I-430
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (subscription) - Little Rock,AR,USA
... accident that snarled traffic in both directions of Interstate 430 in Little Rock, according to a spokesman for Metropolitan Emergency Medical Service. ...

Pension plan for emergency responders goes to voters
The Journal News.com - Westchester,NY,USA
... The village has about 100 active volunteers in its combined fire and emergency medical service, said First Assistant Chief Martin Gallagher. ...

Jackson's ISO rating changes for the better
Southeast Missourian - Cape Girardeau,MO,USA
... The firefighters go through more emergency medical service training sessions. All these improvements resulted in the lower ISO rating, Golden said. ...

Familiar face to lead Social Services
Greenville Daily Reflector - Greenville,NC,USA
... study group of three county commissioners and three other representatives has been directed to look at changes to the county's emergency medical service system ...

Assistant fire chief joins national board
Salem Statesman Journal - Salem,OR,USA
... chief for the West Valley Fire District in Willamina, has been appointed to the National Native American Emergency Medical Service Association's board of ...

Negev: 2 Qassams hit moshav
Ynetnews - Israel
... The rocket fell a few meters from her, but she was not physically injured. The woman was treated by a Magen David Adom crew and is suffering from shock. ...

Judgement day looms for new Red Cross symbol
Swissinfo - Switzerland
... This would open the door for Israel's Magen David Adom (MDA) to finally join the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement after more than 50 years. ...

Bascom EMS needs volunteers; classes forming now
Tiffin Advertiser Tribune - Tiffin,OH,USA
The EMS squad needs volunteers to become basic EMTs, said Steve Hoover, the EMS coordinator in Bascom. The ambulance district will ...

Sun Prairie trying out new 911 procedure
Wisconsin State Journal - Madison,WI,USA
... EMS officials in the county say the switch allows the more experienced county dispatchers to determine the severity of a call and provide consistency in the ...

Fifty Displaced after Three-Alarm Fire in Oxon Hill
WJLA - Washington,DC,USA
Fire and EMS spokesman Mark Brady says firefighters went to the Heather Hills Apartment Complex on Fisher Road around 2:45 am, where they found a fire in a ...

A Perfect Union? Try Living Together First
ChallengerNKY.com - Covington,KY,USA
... The Northern Kentucky Water Service District serves all of Campbell and Kenton counties. Dispatch services for fire, police and EMS continue to consolidate. ...

Saving lives at home
Columbia Missourian - Columbia,MO,USA
... The state health department works with the Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association, the University of Missouri and the American Heart Association to ...

Latest BUZZ about JAVA
Orlando Sentinel - Orlando,FL,USA
... compressions, the better," said Dr. Sal Silvestri with the Florida College of Emergency Physicians and a director of Orange County's Emergency Medical Services ...

'Rice will address secret prisons issue'
Daily Times - Lahore,Pakistan
... Bush motorcade's ambulance in an accident: President George W Bush's motorcade had a minor accident Sunday when the ambulance that routinely trails the ...

Ambulance Service Launch Defibulators Scheme
Lakeland Radio - Kendal,UK
A new scheme is being launched this week by Cumbria Ambulance Service, which will make it easier for everyday people to offer first aid treatment. ...

Struggle for life as divers run out of air
MyTown Bay of Plenty - Bay of Plenty,New Zealand
... The men were taken to Tauranga Hospital by St John Ambulance at 11.30am yesterday. The Tauranga based TrustPower TECT rescue helicopter ...

Doctors in Bihar to be appointed on contract basis
Hindu - Chennai,India
... Roy said district authorities had been asked to provide an ambulance to government hospitals and the hospitals not having ambulance facilities could hire the ...

Son finds parents' bodies in garage
ABC Online - Australia
... the rear of the home. "Ambulance officers attended but were unable to detect any signs of life. Detectives are continuing their ...

Honored for their efforts
Boston Globe - United States
Receiving the Meritorious Action Cross were Southborough Fire Lieutenant James Peltier; Firefighter Intermediate EMT Jason Roach; and Fire Chaplain Father ...

Lyon fire district, hospital form training partnership
Reno Gazette Journal - Reno,NV,USA
FERNLEY -- North Lyon County Fire Protection District has gone into partnership with Churchill Banner Community Hospital to initiate a firefighter EMT I program ...

Should volunteers be paid?
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (subscription) - Milwaukee,WI,USA
Grafton expects to pay nearly $13,000 less than Thiensville next year for fire protection and emergency medical service even though Grafton has more than three ...

For emergency personnel in need, a financial boost
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader - Wilkes Barre,PA,USA
... established in his father's memory and dedicated to providing financial help to fire fighters, police officers and emergency medical service workers who have ...

Officials seek plan for trauma-care coordination
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin - Ontario,CA,USA
... was added into the state budget for the first time, said Leonard Inch, executive director of the Sierra-Sacramento Valley Emergency Medical Services Agency. ...

Change in the form of paid rescue workers
Lynchburg News and Advance - Lynchburg,VA,USA
It was only a matter of time before Campbell County approved a plan to provide paid emergency medical services workers for the county. ...

Ups and Downs in the Americas
U.S. News & World Report - USA
... and Palestinian emergency services groups reached an agreement that should end a de facto Muslim nations' veto of membership for Israel's Magen David Adom. ...

Calendar help for air ambulance
News & Star - Carlisle,Cumbria,UK
By Julie Armstrong. A CALENDAR featuring Cumbria's spectacular landscapes will help to raise cash for the Great North Air Ambulance. ...

Rushing to emergency, ambulance becomes one
Shelby Star - Shelby,NC,USA
SHELBY -- Two paramedics and a college student on a ride-along inside escaped with minor injuries when an ambulance headed to an emergency call crashed into a ...

Four treated for overdoses at rave
Advertiser Adelaide - Adelaide,South Australia,Australia
... SA Ambulance spokesman Lee Francis said medical crews treated the four victims at the scene before they were taken to hospital at various intervals during the ...

Toddler hands teacher drugs
Scotsman - United Kingdom
... "The nine people affected had typical decompression stuff like nose bleeds, headaches, nausea," Queensland Ambulance spokesman Michael Franks said. ...

EMT-Basic course will be available here in January
El Defensor Chieftain - Socorro,NM,USA
And as a side benefit, there will be about 10 spots open to the general public for the EMT-Basic course to be held at the New Mexico Firefighters Training ...
Crash mistake to face probe; Doctor, paramedics incorrectly ruled ...
Newszap Delaware - DE,USA
... Levy Court Commissioner Richard E. Ennis, who chairs the committee overseeing the paramedic service, said the two paramedics involved have been placed on ...
Mavis discusses potential sites for future EMS/fire stations
Mount Vernon News - Mount Vernon,OH,USA
MOUNT VERNON -- The idea of building a new EMS/fire station on the east side of Mount Vernon came up at the joint meeting between City Council and the Knox ...

Albany man arrested for abusing child
WNYT - Albany,NY,USA
... week. That's when police and EMS were sent to the child's home and found the boy with severe head and facial injuries. Det. Sgt. ...

Ever Wonder Where Those Wal-Mart Bikes Came From?

A little article about Pacific Cycle who, according to the article, is, "...the biggest seller of bikes in North America...", and that, "Wal-Mart, Kmart, Toys "R" Us and Target - in that order - are their principal clients..."

The Reporter - Business: "Pacific Cycle"

Old Time Transportational Cycling

Isn't it amazing how times have changed?

The bikes from 63 years ago look very similar to the commuting bikes I see today, but can you imagine anyone letting their kids go on a 500 mile bike ride without coming along nowadays?

PoughkeepsieJournal.com - Good Life

12-Year Old Cycling Sensation

Boy, didn't you wish for a bike like that when you were Twelve years old?

12-Year Old Cycling Sensation

Don Boehly Update

This article is a couple of months out of date, and the author needs to learn the difference between pedaling and peddling (LOL!), however it includes a really nice video piece on Mr. Boehly and his cause.

Local Man Cycles for September 11th Heroes


Cases Dropped Against 2 Of 4 Ambulance Members

Day Staff Columnist, Stonington/Mystic
Published on 12/2/2005

Stonington— The state Department of Public Health has dismissed cases against two of the four Stonington Ambulance members it investigated in connection with their treatment of a man struck by lightning in May.

The department released its findings in regard to emergency medical technician Daniel Blackstone and medical response technician Robert Staplin in response to a freedom-of-information request filed by The Day. The department did not release the full reports of its investigations, as The Day had requested.

The newspaper, however, obtained a report of the Blackstone investigation.

In letters to Blackstone and Staplin, Gary Wiemokly of the state Office of Emergency Medical Services said the agency has concluded its investigation of them.

"... Based on the documentation, statements and interviews, it found no violation of agency regulations and has therefore closed the case," Wiemokly said in the letters.

The agency, in a letter to The Day, said that its investigations of two other Stonington Ambulance members are still pending. Those cases involve emergency medical technicians Victor Lima, the ambulance company president, and Iona Lyons, its vice president.

Kevin Crandall, the lightning victim, has filed notice that he intends to sue Lima, Lyons, Blackstone and Staplin. Crandall, a North Stonington resident, was struck by lightning May 31 as he was building a stone wall behind a home at 11 Main St. in Stonington Borough.

Witnesses and police said emergency medical technicians from the ambulance service indicated Crandall was dead and covered him with a blanket, but that 10 minutes later a police officer noticed Crandall was breathing. Crandall was rushed to The Westerly Hospital and then transferred to Lawrence & Memorial Hospital in New London, where he was initially placed on life support. He recovered and was released from the hospital a few weeks later. The Office of Emergency Medical Services then began an investigation into whether the ambulance service properly treated Crandall.

The public health department has said that in accordance with state law, it will not release the results of its investigations into Lima and Lyons until their cases are dismissed, charges are filed and a hearing held or there is a settlement; or one year has passed.

The investigative report on Blackstone says Staplin told state investigators that he saw no one perform CPR on Crandall after he was struck by lightning.

"Mr. Staplin thought that CPR should have been performed, however he did not express this to fellow crew members as they were all senior to him and all had higher certification levels," the report says.

The report also says that based on statements and police reports, it appeared that Blackstone had little or no contact with Crandall while he was in cardiopulmonary arrest and that Blackstone's actions were limited to helping other personnel when Crandall began breathing again.

"It appears that Mr. Blackstone played no role in the decision not to attempt resuscitation of (Crandall) and should not be held accountable for failure to adhere to state guidelines," the report says.

Crandall's notice to sue said he intends to bring legal action because of neurological injuries and anoxic brain damage he suffered. Crandall, who performed in a popular blues band, is still unable to play music, according to his attorney, Stephen Reck.

The report of the Blackstone investigation says a police report prepared by Sgt. Keith Beebe states that when Beebe arrived on the scene, Lima told him Crandall was dead and was not the victim of a lighting strike because there were no wounds or burns. Lima added that when he and Lyons placed an automatic external defibrillator on Crandall, the machine advised them not to shock him.

After Lima showed him the blue pooling of blood on Crandall's back, Beebe said Lima told him that Crandall might have suffered a heart attack and had been dead for a while. It was then that Lyons cancelled a paramedic unit rushing to the scene.

Witnesses told police they saw lightning hit Crandall, and Beebe told Lima it was clear Crandall had been alive five minutes before the ambulance workers arrived. He suggested they might want to reassess their decision not to resuscitate him. Beebe then noticed that Crandall was gasping for air.

In an interview with investigators, Lima said that based on his physical assessment of Crandall and the fact the defibrillator did not indicate a shock, he was convinced that Crandall had been dead for a long period of time. He said both he and Lyons agreed to cancel the paramedics.


Jump School

My nephew Jesse just sent me this photo of where he's going to jump school as part of his Army Airborne training. Looks like fun!

First real snow of the season!

27F,Light Snow
Wind:NE 5mph
M:23-39F,Mostly Sunny