cyclist news

Cyclist-driver clash photos spark online debate
CBC Toronto - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
... filtered through the internet, with links to citynoise.org on some foreign-language websites, spurring spirited online discussions about cyclist and driver ...

Gerrans hurt in fall
sportal.com.au - Australia
Australian road cyclist Simon Gerrans has been injured in a crash during a race in France. Gerrans, who recently won the Tour Down ...

Ellington Shul: Shabbos Services this Saturday: Parsha Bo & Tu BeShvat

Dear Fellow Congregants;
This is a reminder that we will having Shabbos Shacharis Services at Congregation Knesseth Israel this Saturday, February 4th at 9am.
I have attached a very insightful mailing from Torah.org explaining aspects of the Plague of Darkness and of the question of the "Wicked Son" that are found in this week's parsha.
As always, you can find links to the OU's and to Aish Ha'Torah's Parsha insights on our website, www.ellingtonshul.org.
Please feel free to forward this email to friends that you think may be interested. If they'd like to get this emailing directly, they can sign up at our website , or by sending an email to Ellington-Shul-subscribe@googlegroups.com.
Have a Gut Shabbos everyone. I will be telephoning tomorrow. :-)

Elias Friedman A.S., NREMT-P
& Pongo the Spotted Wonder!

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Volume XIII, Number 8 - Bo & Tu BeShvat - Exodus 10:1-13:16

In This Issue:

  • Note from the Director
  • Rabbi David Fohrman on TorahMedia.com
  • Understanding The Plague of Darkness
  • New Installments of our Ongoing Classes
  • This Week's Torah Reading: Bo and Tu BeShvat
  • Feature Dvar Torah: Questions and Answers

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    Good Shabbos!
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    Rabbi David Fohrman on TorahMedia.com

    Listen to this insightful analysis of the Torah text by the popular lecturer, Rabbi David Fohrman.

    Download or Stream this informative and timely lecture, related to Parshas Bo, entitled Firstborn Children and Chosen Nations.

    Understanding The Plague of Darkness

    New from JewishAnswers.org:

    I read Rabbi Kirshblum's article (questions to ponder) where he writes about 2,400,000 jews dying during the plauge of darkness. I cant find this in the Bible. Please help me to understand why G-d would kill four fifths of his chosen people before he sets them free? thank you

    The Rabbi responds:

    This is a comment found in the Midrash.

    Basically, the Egyptian society was filled with immorality and impurity -- the antithesis of G-dliness. Most of Israel had sunk to such a degree that they could not be redeemed.

    Therefore G-d decreed that they should pass into the next world rather than being left behind. He made this happen during the Plague of Darkness in order that the Egyptians not see this and misconstrue it as their own victory over the Jews.

    It is said that before the Messianic Age something similar will happen. If we look around us -- it is happening now. Today there are countless Jews who have been lost to the Jewish people, who no longer consider themselves Jewish! So perhaps this is the decree we learned about so many years ago...

    New Installments of our Ongoing Classes

    Courts and their Punishments
    by Rabbi Dr. Azriel Rosenfeld
    "In the fourteenth book I will include commandments that are the responsibility of the courts, such as the death penalty and the acceptance of testimony and laws regarding the king and his wars. And I have called this book the Book of Judges"....
    Read more in Halacha Overview

    Challenges, Not Problems
    by Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld
    The Talmud writes that if someone was born under the planet Mars (which astrologically signifies a thirst for bloodshed), he can be a bandit, a doctor, or a shochet (who ritually slaughters animals). Such a person has a predilection towards blood....
    Read more in Pirkei Avos

    The Great Redemption - Exile: Ch. 3
    by Rabbi Yaakov Feldman
    But let's begin by underscoring the fact that on one level or another, our people have always somehow trusted in G-d...
    Read more in Ramchal

    The Connection
    by Rabbi Dr. Meir Levin
    Boaz and Ruth build their relationship, their recognition and understanding of one another, upon a lifetime of spiritual growth. They seek purity and unselfish commitment to God and it unites them....
    Read more in Ruth

    Eight Chapters - Chapter One (Part 2)
    by Rabbi Yaakov Feldman
    Let's delve into our beings now by beginning to explore the five parts of our Spirit as Rambam depicts them....
    Read more in Spiritual Excellence

    New torah.org classes on Bo and Tu BeShvat

    Really Big
    by Rabbi Raymond Beyda
    Read more in Table Talk

    The Torah Starts Here
    by Shlomo Katz
    Read more in Hamaayan

    Going Up?
    by Rabbi Pinchas Winston
    Read more in Perceptions

    Read previous years' classes on Bo and Tu BeShvat on torah.org:

    Featured Dvar Torah: Questions and Answers

    By Rabbi Yaakov Menken

    "And it will be, when your sons will say to you, 'What is this service to you?' And you will say, 'it is the Passover sacrifice to G-d, who passed over the houses of the Children of Israel in Egypt, when He struck Egypt, and our houses He saved.'..." [Ex. 12:26-27]

    The Ohr Somayach, Rabbi Meir Simcha of Dvinsk, notes that the Haggadah classifies the above as the question of the Wicked Son. He then asks -- what is the difference? What is it about this question, compared to the others, that told the writers of the Haggadah that this question in particular was asked by the Wicked Son?

    The question of the Wise Son is found in Deuteronomy 6:20: "When your son will ask you tomorrow, saying, 'What are the witnesses and the decrees and the laws, which Hashem our G-d has commanded You?'" The Simple Son asks in Exodus 13:14, "And it will be, when your son asks you tomorrow, saying, 'What is this?' And you will say to him, 'With a mighty hand G-d took us out of Egypt, from the house of servitude.'" And concerning the son who does not even know what to ask, we do it for him: "And you will tell it to your son on that day, saying, 'it is because of this that G-d did for me when I left Egypt.'" [Shmos 13:8]

    In each of these we find the additional, apparently redundant word "saying." Only wicked sons "say [it] to you" straight the first time. What is the point of the redundant "saying" that precedes each of the other questions, and is this relevant to understanding the question of the Wicked Son?

    Reb Meir Simcha takes us to a Medrash at the beginning of Parshas Vaeschanan, Deut. 3:23. "And [Moshe] prayed to G-d at that hour, saying..." -- again, the word saying is appended. Rashi (Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki) quotes the Medrash, which says that Moshe is demanding an answer. What does it mean when the Torah adds an extra word, "saying?" It means that the speaker is demanding a response.

    And this, says the Ohr Somayach, is the difference between the Wicked Son and the others. The others are all demanding an answer. They want to know! The Wicked Son, on the other hand, has no desire to know. He just wants to mock. "What's it to you? What do you need this for?"

    The Vilna Gaon, Rabbi Eliyahu Kramer, offers the same answer to a different question. In the Torah, the Wicked Sons ask their question and we respond, "it is the Passover sacrifice to G-d..." But the Haggadah tells us that we respond to the Wicked Son by "blunt[ing] his teeth." We say, "because of what G-d did for me when I left Egypt" -- saying that had he been there, he would not have been redeemed. The Gaon explains that since the Wicked Son intends to mock rather than to ask a question, we "blunt his teeth" with a reply which blunts his mockery.

    But if so, why does the Torah give a different reply to the Wicked Son? The Haggadah cannot contradict the Torah, so why do we have two totally different responses to the same question?

    The Vilna Gaon answers: the "reply" given in the Torah isn't intended for the Wicked Son at all. The response is directed back at us -- it is only intended to help us to strengthen ourselves, to remind us that indeed the Haggadah serves a great purpose and has a great meaning. The proof? The Torah says "and you will say..." -- not "and you will say to him." We are not responding to him at all; we are just teaching ourselves.

    When someone comes to mock or make fun, there is no reason to provide a serious answer to his or her question -- it will not help in any case. That person does not want a response, and no response will be acceptable. The only thing you can do is blunt his mockery.

    But we also see a second lesson here, in the Medrash and the Ohr Somayach which say that one who uses the expression "saying" is waiting for an answer. How many times do we see Hashem use this expression? Countless times! From "And G-d spoke to man, saying 'be fruitful and multiply'" until "And G-d spoke to Moshe on that very day, saying 'go up onto this mountain of Avarim, Mt. Nevo... and die on the mountain which you will ascend...'"

    Is there a dialogue with G-d? Of course! He says to each person, "here, I love you, here is my Torah, here is a Mitzvah to do, for you. Will you do it?" And the Torah uses the expression "saying" -- meaning that G-d, too, is waiting for our answer!

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    Magen David Adom News

    Resistance fires homemade shells at Sderot
    International Middle East Media Center - Beit Sahour,West Bank,Israel
    ... pole. The source stated that the injured Israeli suffered mild injuries and was treated on the spot by Magen David Adom paramedics. ...

    Worker visits MDA medics who saved his life
    Jerusalem Post - Israel
    Oni Halaby, a 40-year-old construction worker who fell 14 meters while on the job and was saved from death by a Magen David Adom team recently, surprised the ...

    EMT News

    Hospital closing puts strain on ambulance service: Heckler
    Carmi Times - IL, United States
    ... Some of the EMT-I staff members are now taking the course required to be able to give those drugs and perform more advanced procedures, he said. ...

    emergency medical services news

    Carlisle forum focuses on fire levy
    Middletown Journal - Middletown,OH,USA
    CARLISLE -- City officials outlined what they envision as the future of fire and emergency medical services for Carlisle and fielded a number of residents ...

    Decatur to consider ambulances
    The Decatur Daily - Decatur,AL,USA
    ... Almost exactly a year ago, a five-member panel of Decatur's Emergency Medical Services Committee rejected applications from LifeCare and Med Access, and ...

    Police say man tried to take medical helicopter
    Reno Gazette Journal - Reno,NV,USA
    ... Northeastern California. In 1986, the program was placed under the authority of the Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority. Care ...

    Edmonton suffers ambulance crunch
    CBC Calgary - Calgary,Alberta,Canada
    ... year. Code red is the Emergency Medical Services term for the situation when there are no available ambulances in the entire city. ...

    Gilbert hospital focused on curing ER waits
    East Valley Tribune - Mesa,AZ,USA
    ... "We're teetering on the brink every day," Ron Ryals, director of emergency medical services at Southwest Ambulance, told Reinhart. ...

    bicycle news

    Campus bicycle mishap alters Florida's plans
    Jackson Clarion Ledger - Jackson,MS,USA
    ... The injury occurred when Humphrey was riding his bicycle on campus and took a spill. "Maybe it was defective spokes," Florida coach Billy Donovan said Monday. ...

    International Bicycle Fund
    Dirt Rag - Pittsburgh,PA,USA
    The International Bicycle Fund (IBF) is a non-governmental, nonprofit, advocacy organization that promotes sustainable transportation and international ...

    Bicycle Fixin'
    The Lumberjack Online - Humboldt,CA,USA
    The undeclared freshman is one of the 20 or so bicycling community members who take advantage of the HSU Bicycle Learning Center's services every week. ...

    Council reveals Melbourne transport strategy
    ABC Online - Australia
    ... "We will be allocating more road space to pedestrians and cyclists by installing wider pavement and bicycle lanes and we could look at more end-of-the-trip ...

    ambulance news

    Ambulance crews take pay action
    BBC News - UK
    Ambulance crews in the West Midlands and Shropshire have started industrial action in a dispute over pay and conditions. Members ...

    Edmonton suffers ambulance crunch
    CBC Calgary - Calgary,Alberta,Canada
    There's been a big jump in the number of "code reds" in Edmonton this year. Code red is the Emergency Medical Services term for ...

    Hospital closing puts strain on ambulance service: Heckler
    Carmi Times - IL, United States
    ... 20 closing of the hospital in Carmi has, as expected, put quite a strain on the men and women of the White County Ambulance Service--and on its vehicles. ...

    Neil's Ambulance wants answers
    CBC Prince Edward Island - Charlottetown,Prince Edward Island,Canada
    The operators of Neil's Ambulance would like to know why they were unsuccessful in bidding on a province-wide contract, but they say government won't tell them ...

    Ambulance firm seeks help from lawmakers
    Salt Lake Tribune - United States
    ... wait up to 12 years. The city's 911 business will gross Southwest Ambulance $70 million over a dozen years. Salt Lake City recently ...

    EMS News

    Man gets probation for menacing trooper, EMS
    Oneonta Daily Star - Oneonta,NY,USA
    By Patricia Breakey. DELHI -- A Texas man was sentenced Monday in Delaware County Court to three years of probation on charges that ...

    Two Found Dead After Fire Guts House
    KOMO - Seattle,WA,USA
    Firefighters from Southeast Thurston Fire and EMS responded to the fire shortly after 1 pm, said Mark King, the department's chief of operations. ...

    Edmonton suffers ambulance crunch
    CBC Calgary - Calgary,Alberta,Canada
    ... the patient. EMS says there were 36 code reds last year, and nine so far this year -- including two Monday afternoon. Randy Littlechild ...

    emergency medical service news

    Police say man tried to take medical helicopter
    Reno Gazette Journal - Reno,NV,USA
    ... Center. It provides emergency medical service and rescue to remote and rural areas of Northern Nevada and Northeastern California. ...

    Fire department to get 9th ambulance, debate on locations ...
    Shreveport Times - Shreveport,LA,USA
    ... to purchasing a ninth ambulance and hiring nine paramedics to help ease pressure from the ever-growing increase in calls for emergency medical service. ...

    bicyclist news

    Missing bicyclist presumed drowned
    Brattleboro Reformer - VT, United States
    By BOB AUDETTE. HINSDALE, NH -- A man who jumped into the Connecticut River Saturday night is presumed to have drowned, according to fire personnel. ...

    Bicyclist killed in Indian River County
    Fort Pierce Tribune (subscription) - Fort Pierce,FL,USA
    By ADAM L. NEAL. INDIAN RIVER COUNTY -- A bicyclist was struck by a vehicle and killed this morning on State Road A1A near Sea Oaks, officials said. ...

    paramedic news

    RANDY COHEN: Paramedic has no right to hand out placebos
    Detroit Free Press - United States
    Dear Randy: I am a paramedic. Many of my patients suffer from ailments that are not strictly medical: hysteria, hypochondria or simple loneliness. ...

    Nine Network - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
    eBroadcast Australia - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
    ... George Smith, 53, Paramedic and Deputy Director, NSW Health Counter Disaster Unit, and Terry Marshall, 43, Paramedic and Clinical Support Officer (VIC). ...

    Progress reported in ALS meeting
    York Dispatch - York,PA,USA
    ... A paramedic unit from Dover Township and a Memorial Hospital-based unit currently serve the area. the pros and cons of the two options. ...

    Ontario Paramedic Association (OPA) responds to report from ...
    Canada NewsWire (press release) - Canada
    ... media_releases/offload_delay.html www.ontarioparamedic.ca/downloads/HEDAE_WG_Recommendations.2005.02.25.pdf The Ontario Paramedic Association represents over ...


    Giving the Palestinians What They Want

    With Hamas having taken over the P.A. parliament, now the Fatah party is moving towards a harder line on Israel... which is evidently what the Palestinian people want...


    Now Fatah Demands a State from the Jordan to the Mediterranean Arutz Sheva - Israel National News

    Israel, the USA, and Hamas

    The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs has written a very insightful article on the current situation with the election of a Hamas majority in the P.A. parliament.

    I most like it because they're the first ones I've seen that have said what I was saying from the start. Hamas didn't "take over" or anything like that... the Palestinian people voted for exactly what they wanted...


    JINSA Online -- #546 Unilateral Action and the Price of Democracy


    ambulance news

    NTSB: Air ambulance crashes avoidable
    USA Today - USA
    ... Regulators need new safety requirements for rescue planes and helicopters in order to slow the pace of a dramatic rise in air ambulance crashes, federal ...

    Ambulance rolls in heavy rain
    New Zealand Herald - New Zealand
    An ambulance has crashed and rolled onto its roof as heavy rain causes disruption across Wellington. The ambulance crashed at the ...

    Fire unit forced to act as ambulance
    Advertiser Adelaide - Adelaide,South Australia,Australia
    ... Fire officers gave oxygen for almost 1 1/2 hours to retired NSW police officer John Kenny, 57, until an ambulance was available. ...

    Pilot flies ambulance
    Wodonga Border Mail - Albury,New South Wales,Australia
    ... They decided to join Rural Ambulance of Victoria and for the past 10 years Mr Kelly has been co-ordinator of the Mitta ambulance service as a full-time ...

    New generation ambulance with autonomous capacity makes Middle ...
    AME Info - United Arab Emirates
    A new generation ambulance with the power capacity to run autonomously for three hours and with enough patient and crew space and operational capabilities to ...

    ambulance news

    Emergency sparks call for Bribie Is ambulance boost
    ABC Online - Australia
    The wife of a man who was treated for chest pain by firemen because ambulance crews were too busy, says more resources are needed on Bribie Island. ...

    SMH adds to ambulance fleet after acquiring city franchise
    Benton Courier - Benton,AR,USA
    After learning that the city of Benton has given Saline Memorial Hospital an exclusive franchise to operate an ambulance service, the SMH Board of Directors ...

    Man killed in car-ambulance collision
    WSTM-TV - Syracuse,NY,USA
    CHENANGO BRIDGE, NY A 38-year-old man died early today after his car collided with an ambulance near Binghamton. Authorities say ...

    Ambulance -dweller now faces eviction
    Edgware Times - Edgware,England,UK
    A homeless man who has been using a rusted old ambulance as a makeshift home is to be evicted from waste ground which he is parked on. ...

    paramedic news

    Fire district official probed
    Sacramento Bee - CA, USA
    ... to change the entrance test scores of candidates - including the son of its then-chief - who applied for a spot in the district's paramedic internship program. ...

    Berkeley Firefighter Arrested For Child Porn
    abc7news.com - San Francisco,CA,USA
    Jan. 27 - KGO - A Berkeley firefighter who also works as a paramedic is in custody on child pornography charges. Forty-nine-year ...

    Paramedics happy with ambulance choice
    CBC Prince Edward Island - Charlottetown,Prince Edward Island,Canada
    The president of the Paramedic Association of PEI is pleased with the choice of Nova Scotia-based Emergency Medical Care as the preferred bidder for the new ...

    State police close sex abuse investigation of dead firefighter
    News-Review - Roseburg,OR,USA
    Oregon State Police have closed an investigation into the Sutherlin firefighter and paramedic who committed suicide last month after he was arrested on a ...

    Suspect Fires Gunshot at Paramedic Unit
    KOLD-TV - Tucson,AZ,USA
    ... hole. The bullet penetrated the window about a foot from the paramedic's face, but no one was hit. The medic kept on driving. "He ...

    cyclist news

    Cyclist, wife convicted on doping charges
    Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
    BONNEVILLE, France -- A French court convicted a Lithuanian cyclist and his wife on doping charges Thursday and gave them suspended four-month prison sentences ...

    Cyclist is mugged by two attackers
    Cambridge Evening News - Cambridge,England,UK
    The 19-year-old city man was pedalling through the underpass between East Road and Elizabeth Way, heading towards Newmarket Road, when he was stopped by two men ...

    Driver who hit cyclist in N. Fort Myers sought
    The News-Press - Fort Myers,FL,USA
    By The News-press. Troopers today are looking for a pickup truck that hit a bicyclist and fled late Wednesday in North Fort Myers. ...

    emergency medical service news

    Ambulance plan leaves private carriers out
    Galveston County Daily News - Galveston,TX,USA
    Some private ambulance companies are unhappy about a change in the way mainland communities will provide emergency medical service . ...

    Ambulance fees set to increase
    nwitimes.com - Munster,IN,USA
    ... Echterling agreed to take on the billing for the Cedar Lake Emergency Medical Service at the beginning of this year after the agency faced a growing list of ...

    bicyclist news

    Boston College basketball notebook: Eagles bus kills a NC ...
    MetroWest Daily News - Framingham,MA,USA
    ... The team's charter bus struck and killed a male bicyclist on its way to a late practice Tuesday night. Though the driver and BC ...

    Bicyclist killed crossing Sheridan street
    Rocky Mountain News - Denver,CO,USA
    By Felix Doligosa Jr., Rocky Mountain News. The 51-year-old man, whose name wasn't released, was eastbound in the 3300 block of ...

    paramedic news

    Man Charged As Paramedic Impersonator
    WBAL Channel.com - Baltimore,MD,USA
    Rob Smith, 24, allegedly dressed as an Abingdon rescue worker and would assist at rescue scenes -- even though he wasn'ta licensed paramedic and wasn'ta member ...

    Gunman kills mother of 3
    Florida Today - Melbourne,FL,USA
    ... Matthews said Madison-Sanford, a Canaveral Groves grandmother studying to be a paramedic, was visiting a friend to pick up an injured Rottweiler mix named ...

    cyclist news

    7:45 am | Cyclist killed by team bus in Chapel Hill
    Charlotte Observer - Charlotte,NC,USA
    CHAPEL HILL -- A bicyclist was struck and killed Tuesday by a charter bus carrying the Boston College men's basketball team. Police ...

    City cyclist chosen for Commonwealth Games
    Wanganui Chronicle - Wanganui,New Zealand
    ... PICTURED:Wanganui cyclist Catherine Sell's phone has been overloaded with congratulatory calls after she was named yesterday in the New Zealand Commonwealth ...

    Cyclist talks about not bullying
    Burlington Union - Concord,MA,USA
    By Nikki Misra/ Staff Writer. It took a bicycle stunt champion like Chris Poulos to breach the subject of bullying to students at Fox Hill Elementary School. ...

    Accident leads to chaos on the road
    Hindu - Chennai,India
    It so happened that a cyclist carrying a box of nails met with an accident, spilling its contents on the road. According to the ...

    Driver charged in cycling death
    Saanich News - Saanich,British Columbia,Canada
    Nicholas Mathers gave a courtesy wave to a fellow cyclist travelling in the opposite direction down Richmond Road moments before the 18-year-old Mathers was ...

    bicycle news

    Hop on the bicycle to save oil
    Chandigarh Newsline - Chandigarh,India
    Chandigarh, January 25: The oil PSUs have been organising Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight (OGCF) every year since 1991 to spread awareness among all ...

    Bicycle Safety
    WOWT - Omaha,NE,USA
    ... roads. The driver of a lumber truck rear-ended 60-year-old Mike Ledent's bicycle on 36th and Cornhusker in October, killing him. ...

    Bellevue Bicycle Club reaching out to city council
    Bellevue Leader - Bellevue,NE,USA
    The Bellevue Bicycle Club wants to make sure that what happened to two of their fellow cyclists doesn't happen again. The club is ...

    0 to 60 in 5 Seconds: On a Bicycle
    RealTechNews - San Francisco,CA,USA
    ... "Wimp!" Of course, any rider will tell you that the smaller the two wheeled vehicle, the more dangerous - making the bicycle the champ in terms of overall ...

    Stolen bicycle
    Devon 24 - UK
    BAD luck certainly dogged the owner of an expensive mountain bike after it was stolen from outside a Braunton shop on Friday the 13th! ...

    EMS News

    Upgrades in EMS helicopters urged
    Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
    ... NTSB Acting Chairman Mark Rosenker. "Operating an EMS flight in an unsafe environment just makes no sense.". A surge in fatal air ...

    Scioto Township looking to make its EMS better
    Chillicothe Gazette - Chillicothe,OH,USA
    ... the trustees have scheduled a public hearing to explain and receive feedback from residents on the possibility of charging insurance companies for EMS runs. ...

    Don Boehly Update

    As the Wheels Turn
    Don Boehly has been riding his bike for 16 months now in an effort to raise money
    for policemen, firemen, and American troops. He's promoting his website ...

    Joshua Martin Update

    Woman who lost daughter finds no comfort in jail time for man ...
    Kingsport Times News - Kingsport,TN,USA
    ... Joshua Martin, 25, of Bristol, Va., this week entered an Alford plea in the case, maintaining his innocence but admitting that there was enough evidence for a ...

    TimesDispatch.com | Online news, classified and lifestyle for ...
    Joshua Martin was in his fourth day on the job as a rescue-squad worker when he
    ... War in Iraq: Va's Deaths. » School & College Guide. » Taylor Marie Behl ...

    EMT News

    EMT Accuses Firefighter Of Using Racial Slur Against Him
    NY1 - NY,USA
    EMT Russell Harris says Firefighter Michael D'Angelo cursed him and used a racial epitaph while they were both responding to an accident in Brooklyn this past ...

    EMT rips Bravest as a racist
    New York Daily News - New York,NY,USA
    ... "I was publicly humiliated while trying to provide a service to the citizens of New York," said EMT Russell Harris, 45, who is black. ...

    Programs from Park and Rec
    Littleton Independent - Concord,MA,USA
    ... The instructors are certified EMT's and have been teaching for many years. ... The instructors are certified EMT's and have been teaching for many years. ...

    emergency medical services news

    Southern Ocean Good Causes
    Asbury Park Press - Asbury Park,NJ,USA
    ... DOVER TOWNSHIP: Pleasant Plains First Aid Squad is looking for volunteers to continue providing first aid and emergency medical services. ...

    Upgrades in EMS helicopters urged
    Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
    ... jetliners. "The very essence of the emergency medical services mission is saving lives," said NTSB Acting Chairman Mark Rosenker. ...

    Utah copter crash spurs safety list
    Salt Lake City Deseret News - Salt Lake City,UT,USA
    ... into requirements. The NTSB approved a special investigation report Wednesday that focused on emergency medical services. It will ...

    EMS News

    EMS training covers forensic evidence, infection control ...
    Hancock County Journal Pilot - Carthage,IL,USA
    Hancock County EMS, fire and law enforcement personnel received an eyeful in the last presentation of the 7th Annual Hancock County EMS Conference Saturday at ...

    Dark and Stormy Nights Raise Crash Risks for EMS Helicopters
    MedPage Today - Little Falls,NJ,USA
    ... 25 - Darkness and bad weather significantly increase the risk of EMS helicopter crashes, and a subsequent fire greatly reduces the chances of surviving, a ...

    Court hears EMS report
    Kerrville Daily Times - Kerrville,TX,USA
    EMS committee members, who were appointed by Kerr County Commissioners last fall, gave an interim report Monday on their progress. ...

    emergency medical service news

    FAA issues fact sheet on Helicopter Emergency Medical Service ...
    Rotorhub (press release) - Burnham,UK
    Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) operations are unique due to the emergency nature of the mission. In August 2004, the ...

    County Ambulance Proponents Ask For Organization's Support
    Sequoyah County Times - Sallisaw,OK,USA
    Seeking support for a county-funded ambulance service was the aim of those heading up the Sequoyah County Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Action Committee when ...

    Coder honored for service
    Atchison Daily Globe - Atchison,KS,USA
    ... Ambulance Service. Dan Coder received a certificate for 25 years of service to the Atchison County Emergency Medical Service team. He ...

    Toronto EMS - The largest Emergency Medical Service in Canada
    Toronto EMS provides prehospital emergency and non-emergency care and transportation
    for individuals experiencing injury or illness.

    Alaska Emergency Medical Service Programs
    Provides guidelines, regulations, and publications for planning, treatment, and

    bicyclist news

    Bicyclist killed in collision with BC team bus
    Pioneer Press - St. Paul,MN,USA
    CHAPEL HILL, NC - A man from Carrboro died when his bicycle collided with a charter bus carrying the Boston College men's basketball team, police said. ...

    NO evacuee killed when truck strikes bicyclist
    KATC - Lafayette,LA,USA
    SHREVEPORT, La. A 51-year-old bicyclist was killed when he was hit by a pickup that crossed the center of the road then slammed into a tree. ...

    NO evacuee killed when truck strikes bicyclist
    Shreveport Times - Shreveport,LA,USA
    The driver of this pickup lost control and struck a bicyclist, knocking him into a cemetery and killing him at the corner of Greenwood Road and Mission Street ...

    Oxnard bicyclist struck by car, killed
    Ventura County Star (subscription) - Ventura county,CA,USA
    An 80-year-old Oxnard man died Tuesday after a car hit the bicycle he was riding broadside, the Oxnard Police Department reported. ...

    Bunnel bicyclist dies in US 1 accident
    Daytona Beach News-Journal - Daytona,FL,USA
    A Bunnell man was killed Tuesday afternoon after his bicycle was struck by a minivan on US 1 near Palm Coast, authorities said. ...

    Magen David Adom News

    Police Injured in Jerusalem Rock-Throwing Incident
    Arutz Sheva - Israel
    Police explain they were dispatched to the home of a 50-year-old area resident who died but upon their arrival with Magen David Adom emergency medical service ...

    Buried Alive As Building Collapses In Nairobi City Centre
    Reuters AlertNet - London,England,UK
    ... The Israeli team, in close collaboration with the Magen David Adom in Israel (Israeli National Society) have also trained the Society in mass disaster ...

    cyclist news

    Bus with BC team kills cyclist in N. Carolina
    Boston Globe - United States
    ... Cousins said the bus and cyclist were traveling in the same westbound direction on Highway 54 when the unidentified rider was struck near the intersection of ...

    Cyclist tragedy
    Milton Keynes Citizen - Milton Keynes,England,UK
    A CYCLIST who was hit from his bike by a four wheel drive died of massive head injuries, an inquest ... more ». A SECOND man has ...

    Cyclist peddles for 9-11 charity awareness
    Brookhaven Daily Leader - MS, United states
    Don Boehly, 50, stopped to spend Saturday night at the Brookhaven Fire Department's central station. He has cycled 15,302 miles ...

    Captive hawk put down after attack on cyclist aged 9
    Times Online - UK
    By Michael Horsnell. A SCHOOLBOY told yesterday how a hawk sank its talons into his face as he was riding his bicycle. Timothy Mills ...

    Don Boehly Update

    Cyclist peddles for 9-11 charity awareness
    Brookhaven Daily Leader - MS, United states
    Don Boehly, 50, stopped to spend Saturday night at the Brookhaven Fire Department's central station. He has cycled 15,302 miles ...

    bicycle news

    Still Leading the Way, but Not on His Bicycle
    New York Times - United States
    BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Jan 24 - The Discovery Channel pro cycling team kicked off the post-Lance Armstrong era Tuesday by announcing that the public face of ...

    Mapleton Man Killed While Riding Bicycle
    The BYU Newsnet - Provo,UT,USA
    ... Eli Miller, 38, was riding his bicycle while crossing at 780 S. University Ave. when he pulled out in front of a Blazer going southbound on the road. ...

    SLO city/chamber seeks volunteers for Tour of California bicycle ...
    San Luis Obispo Tribune - San Luis Obispo,CA,USA
    Fans, volunteers and the just plain curious can find out more about the massive Tour of California -- a eight-day bicycle race modeled after the Tour de ...

    WeeklyDig.com - USA
    That's my fitness tip.". Amanda Skuldt is standing behind the counter at Broadway Bicycle School, drumming the surface with grease-streaked hands. ...

    Helmets give 'vital' protection to bicycle riders
    East Texas Review - Longview,TX,USA
    by Jill Parker. Learning to ride a bicycle is more than just child's play. ... One of the most important rules of safety on a bicycle is to wear a helmet. ...

    Joshua Martin Update

    EMT enters plea in defibrillator death of co-worker
    Kingsport Times News - Kingsport,TN,USA
    Russell County Commonwealth's Attorney Michael Bush told the Times-News Tuesday that Joshua Martin, 25, of Clarks Street, Bristol, Va ., entered the plea in ...

    bicyclist news

    Bicyclist killed in collision with BC team bus
    CNN/SI - USA
    ... The name of the bicyclist, who lived in Carrboro, was not immediately released because the victim's family had not been notified.

    Teen sentenced to prison for assaulting bicyclist
    Lincoln Journal Star - Lincoln,NE,USA
    An 18-year-old has been sentenced to 2 to 4 years in prison for beating a bicyclist who had to be hospitalized for two days last May. ...

    Careening truck kills bicyclist
    KTBS - Shreveport,LA,USA
    A pickup weaving in and out of traffic hit and killed a bicyclist on a Greenwood Road sidewalk today before its driver crashed into a tree, seriously injuring ...

    Bicyclist Hit By Car For 2nd Time In Year
    NBC Sandiego.com - San Diego,CA,USA
    SAN DIEGO -- Lightning strikes twice for a local cyclist -- in about a year's time, he has been hit twice by drivers and seriously injured. ...

    Bicyclist killed in collision with BC team bus
    WWAY NewsChannel 3 - Wilmington,NC,USA
    Police spokeswoman Jane Cousins said the wreck involving the bus owned by Southern Coach of Durham and the bicyclist occurred this evening on NC Highway 54. ...

    emergency medical services news

    FAA issues fact sheet on Helicopter Emergency Medical Service ...
    Rotorhub (press release) - Burnham,UK
    ... tools and training to all flight crews, including medical staff (Notice 8000.301 Operational Risk Assessment Programs for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services ...

    County's new 911, trauma boss says hello, goodbye
    San Diego Union Tribune - United States
    ... disappointing. "This is a very important position -- director of (emergency) medical services for the whole region," Ott said. ...

    Casper briefs for Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2006
    The Casper Star Tribune - Casper,WY,USA
    Casper Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services units responded to a structure fire at 930 S. Cedar St. at 10:30 am Monday ...

    EMT News

    EMT on probation in false death report
    Newsday - Long Island,NY,USA
    STONINGTON, Conn. (AP)_ A mistaken belief that a lightning strike victim was dead will mean probation and new training for the head ...

    Former EMT convicted in defibrillator death
    WAVY-TV - Portsmouth,VA,USA
    A former rescue squad worker in southwest Virginia has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter for zapping a fellow EMT on the chest and shoulder with a ...

    EMT enters plea in defibrillator death of co-worker
    Kingsport Times News - Kingsport,TN,USA
    ... Bush said in interviews with Martin, who had been on the job as an EMT with Highlands less than a week when the accident occurred, Martin said he had intended ...

    John Grogan | New frontiers in EMT medicine
    Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
    By John Grogan. Some members of the Plymouth Community Ambulance Association are under heavy fire for a series of questionable purchases. ...

    EMT shortage worries Stockbridge officials
    Berkshire Eagle - Pittsfield,MA,USA
    ... Weston said he hoped to find ways to increase the town's EMT numbers. "We don't have a solution," he told the board. "We're looking for suggestions.". ...

    paramedic news

    Paramedic training delayed, but will still be available locally
    Mount Vernon News - Mount Vernon,OH,USA
    ... Ohio Technical College classes are no longer being held at the Knox County Career Center, COTC medical advisor Dr. Tracy Schermer said paramedic training will ...

    Fairfield fire union supports adding personnel
    Hamilton Journal News (subscription) - Hamilton,OH,USA
    ... relationship. 1981 -- Permanent fire levy established to fund department operations; five-year paramedic referendum levy passed. ...

    Magen David Adom News

    Address by Dir-Gen Prosor to the 6th Herzliya Conference
    Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs (press release) - Israel
    ... We have also recently witnessed several precedents on issues that have been stalemated for many years now, such as the status of Magen David Adom and changes ...

    ambulance news

    At-Large Ambulance License
    KELOLAND TV - Sioux Falls,SD,USA
    He tried setting up a second ambulance service in Sioux Falls 14 years ago known as Caretraum, but ran into a dead end. Now Jay ...

    Ambulance service questions linger
    Connecticut Post - Bridgeport,CT,USA
    It's been a year since state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal issued a disturbing report about fiscal malfeasance within the Seymour Ambulance Association. ...

    Ambulance plan still up in air
    Honolulu Advertiser - Honolulu,HI,USA
    ... huge problem.". Approving an application from a private air ambulance service can take up to three months, he said. An emergency ...

    Ambulance proposal awaits council
    Benton Courier - Benton,AR,USA
    An ordinance granting Saline Memorial Hospital an exclusive franchise to operate an ambulance service within the city of Benton is on the Benton City Council ...

    Brown Township Ambulance service to make it through '06
    Reporter-Times - Martinsville,IN,USA
    The motto that Brown Township Trustee Al Hornaday has repeated over the past year was that the LifeStar ambulance service would cease to exist within the next ...

    EMS News

    Babin named new EMS chief for St. Amant VFD
    Gonzales Ascension Citizen - Gonzales,LA,USA
    ... Amant Volunteer Fire Department Chief James E. LeBlanc announced Sunday that Michael Babin has become the department's new EMS Chief, officially beginning at ...

    Fire, EMS impact fees may go up
    WBBH - Ft. Myers,FL,USA
    ... Because new construction continues, Lee County wants to increase fire and EMS impact fees. ... EMS impact fees will increase depending on what will be built. ...

    EMS statistics reflect growth; Medical emergencies up, house fires ...
    Newszap Arizona - AZ,USA
    By Angela De Welles, Independent Newspapers. The growth occurring in Queen Creek, Johnson Ranch and San Tan Heights is evident by ...

    emergency medical service news

    Ambulance plan still up in air
    Honolulu Advertiser - Honolulu,HI,USA
    ... City emergency medical service and state health officials have known that military assistance would end one day, as it has in most Mainland markets, but now ...

    Gilbert may serve as test city
    Arizona Republic - Phoenix,AZ,USA
    County island residents could create a fire district that would require a municipality to provide fire and emergency medical service under an amendment ...

    Emergency room for children at KEM
    Expressindia.com - New Delhi,India
    ... The incident that occurred on December 21, 2005, at KEM Hospital has made the authorities set up an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) for children. ...

    bicyclist news

    Bicyclist Hit And Killed In Provo
    KUTV - Salt Lake City,UT,USA
    Provo Police are investigating a fatal accident after a bicyclist was hit and killed Monday morning while crossing the street. It ...

    Bicyclist Flies 100 Feet After Head-On Hit-And-Run
    NBC Sandiego.com - San Diego,CA,USA
    SAN DIEGO -- The California Highway Patrol is searching for a driver who struck a bicyclist and fled. The hit-and-run took place ...

    Kaukauna bicyclist struck by pickup
    Appleton Post Crescent - WI, USA
    KAUKAUNA -- A 47-year-old Kaukauna bicyclist was injured Saturday when he was struck by a pickup truck while crossing Catherine Street. ...

    cyclist news

    Truck hits cyclist; driver looks, leaves
    San Diego Union Tribune - United States
    ... The CHP spokesman said a silver-colored, smaller-sized pickup crossed the road's center dividing line and drove into the cyclist about 4 pm The impact threw ...

    Cyclist killed by driver in city near Eugene
    Katu.com - Portland,OR,USA
    MARCOLA, Ore. - A motorist struck and killed a 77-year-old woman who was repairing her bicycle on the side of a Marcola road. Mercedes ...

    Cyclist remains unidentified
    Gainesville Daily Register - Gainesville,TX,USA
    By JENNIFER SICKING, Register Staff Writer. Gainesville police officers continued to work to identify a bicyclist killed by Friday evening by an Amtrak train. ...

    Police probe cyclist's death after fall
    Cape Argus (subscription) - Cape Town,South Africa
    A Constantia cyclist has died after he came off his bicycle during a race in the South Peninsula and was then hit by another cyclist. ...

    Cyclist's death spurs reflections on safety
    Toledo Blade - Toledo,OH,USA
    ... Dr. Thomas Cable, a long-time cyclist and Maumee optometrist, said Route 65 is both a beautiful and challenging ride, but it can be unnerving. ...

    EMT News

    New EMT convicted in fatal prank
    Richmond Times Dispatch - Richmond,VA,USA
    ... According to Bush, if the case had gone to trial, a witness would have testified that Martin, an EMT, was in the back of a Highlands Ambulance Service ...

    Evening update: Troopers, EMT testify in Briggs trial
    Towanda Daily Review - Towanda,PA,USA
    The criminal homicide trial of Dustin Briggs continued Monday afternoon when three witnesses were called to the scene. They were ...

    EMT class now forming for February
    Staten Island Advance - Staten Island,NY,USA
    ... emphasizes the care of the sick and injured in the pre-hospital environment, will be completed on June 15, when applicants take the New York State EMT exam. ...

    Town considers EMT service
    Middletown Press - Middletown,CT,USA
    By JOSH MROZINSKI, Middletown Press Staff. HADDAM -- A town meeting Jan. 31 will decide whether a Portland-based company is hired ...

    Trinity's One-of-a-Kind Guy
    Lowell Sun - Lowell,MA,USA
    ... Working as an EMT and talking on the radio constantly may have helped, he says. ... His kid, Gary, had worked for the Red Cross and was trained as an EMT. ...