Re: Five questions with ‘The 9-11 Cyclist’

Hi Everyone!
I got this reply to my November 11th post about Don Boehly from the man himself!
He asked me to forward it to the entire group.
He says in his message that he's looking for sponsors for AK and HI, anyone able to help him should contact him directly, he's not on this group.

Elias Friedman A.S., NREMT-P


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From: Don Boehly < cross_country_don@msn.com>
Date: Jun 16, 2006 6:09 PM
Subject: Re: Five questions with 'The 9-11 Cyclist'
To: Elias Friedman < elipongo@gmail.com>

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> *I've been following Don Boehly's travels for the past year or so.
I have
> great respect for what he's doing and I wish him well. He doesn't
> money directly, but instead asks people to donate directly to
> charities that support emergency responders and their families.*
> **
> *I think, however, I may drop him a note suggesting he add the
NAEMT's fund
> for EMSers to his list. He seems to have overlooked it.*
> **
> *-Eli*
>   http://www.thestate.com/mld/thestate/news/local/13118186.htm
>  <http://www.thestate.com/>
> Don Boehly, who calls himself "The 9-11 Cyclist," spent the night
> Columbia Fire Department headquarters Tuesday.
> For Boehly, a 50-year-old from Grayson, Ky., South Carolina was
his 32nd
> stop on a 50-state bicycling tour he began in September 2004 to
> Sept. 11 charities, law enforcement agencies and military
> A handyman by trade and cyclist by hobby, he carries about 100
pounds of
> gear and travels 30 to 50 miles per day.
> People can make donations to charities directly on Boehly's Web
> www.9-11usa.com <http://www.9-11usa.com/>.
> *How much money has your trip generated?*
> "I don't know. I prefer not to know."
> *What has been your scariest experience on the road?*
> "Right over the guardrail in California, I spotted a .357 handgun
and just
> down the road, a prison road crew. All I could think was those
guys getting
> a hold of that thing, so I called California Highway Patrol."
> *Where did you have your best meal?*
> "San Francisco (fire department) hit me with a shocker. The last
day I was
> there we had rib-eye steaks with calamari at Station 1."
> *How will you get to Alaska and Hawaii?*
> "I'm hoping to get sponsored this year for Hawaii and Alaska — a
flight or
> cruise to Hawaii and a flight to Alaska.
> "The distance riding through Canada to get to Alaska is about the
same as
> driving from the East Coast to the West, and I don't relish the
thought of
> going through a foreign country with grizzly bears."
> *You plan to wrap up the tour in New York on Sept. 11, 2006. What
> "Another tour. This will be a book tour."
> — Allyson Bird
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It is great that many are inspired by what I do. And I greatly
Appreciate it.
Most of what I do on the road is for the Men and Women that train
very hard to save our life, but at the same time risking there life.
The is a great enspiration to follow.
I started this tour of 50 states as a Fundraiser, and it has turned
into allot more down the road. Most of which helps me to continue to
spread the word, and to give these great men and women the
appreciation they need for the work and training they do.
I find it hard to get the News coverage I need for these Org.s
mainly because people of the press believes that if I got into a
accident, it would be better news. They want the Blood, Guts and
Gore, that makes better news.
But this does not stop me, I have my goals, and many people whom
believe in the work I do, and for the right people is very important.
I have 9 states to complete before 9-11-2006 in NYC then seeking
sponsors for Hawaii and Alaska to complete 50 states before 9-11-
As in the name of the book "Failure Is No Option!" I will complete
this, and donate my bicycle to the NYC Fire Department in 2007 after
completeing 50 states, and then go back to my normal life as a
I look for nothing special from this 9-11 Tour and the future of the
Charities I do this for. I seek no Cash or Donations other then the
material donations that help in continueing and finishing this tour.
And when it is over, anything that is exstreme in prizes or awards
that involve cash or monies, I am not interested in, that will be
given to the charities of this tour, or a families that is directly
involved in losing a loved one IODD (in The Line Of Duty Death).
Thanks, and God Bless