Sonoma Council considering increasing bike parking

The Sonoma, California city council is considering increasing plaza bicycle parking from twenty-nine to seventy-seven. Kudos to them, this is the sort of bicycle infrastructure that needs more attention. It's hard to use a bicycle for everyday activities when there is no place to safely and securely park your ride while you accomplish your business.

There have been several occasions when, lacking parking facilities, I have brought my bike into a business with me. Every once in a while a storekeeper will object, and I have pointed out that since they lacked a place to secure my vehicle, I assumed they wanted me to keep it with me since I doubted they would want the liability if it fell over on somebody. This point politely made, as well as my pointing out the value of my bike, usually gets them to allow me to put my bike in a safe place inside.

Council ponders Plaza bike parking : Sonoma Valley Sun

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