Cyclist assaulted by another cyclist

Does it have to come to things like this?

It seems a 51 year old man was night cycling in Madison, Wisconsin when two unlit cyclists passed him. He told the male-female couple, "Get a light!" The male assailant tried to run the victim off the road, then the couple followed him to his house. The victim gave the female one of his extra lights, then the male wrested him to the ground an kneed him in the chest.

All I can think is that they originally misunderstood him and thought he said "Get a life". I've also seen some cyclists be very disparaging towards urban cyclists or "cycling ninjas", but it would be pure speculation on my part whether his attitude played any part in the continuation of hostility.

I myself try to be less confrontational when I encounter an unlit cyclist. I simply tell them, "I think you forgot your headlight!" in a friendly jaunty tone of voice. Usually just gets me a wave, but on occasion we've stopped for a discussion about how even a flashlight taped to the handlebars will do the trick.

Well, try to be happy cyclists everybody!

Bicyclist beaten after telling other riders to get lights - JSOnline

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