Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe's moving & inspirational speech "Some thoughts on Mumbai"

This past Sunday Congregation Agudas Achim's Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe, whom I would flatter myself to call my friend, gave a speech at the Chabad of Westmount in Westmount, Quebec (on the Island of Montreal in Canada). He was the featured speaker for a seminar on the energy crisis and the environment and their relation to halacha. We all know what happened that weekend . In the morning before the energy seminar, Rabbi Yaffe gave a spectacular speech providing comfort and inspiration on what we can take from this tragedy to move on into the future.

The speech references subjects ranging from the 91st Psalm to Rabbi Haninah ben Teradion (חנניה בן תרדיוןז ק״ל) and was riveting throughout its forty minute length, even for me who hates sitting through long audio files.

It is available as an 18MB download from: Holtzberg Hazkara Montreal.WMA (18008 KB) I highly recommend listening, you won't regret it.

Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe is a brilliant scholar who has lectured extensively on the topics of Law and Ethics. He serves as Dean at Chabad Harvard of Institute of American & Talmudic Law. He is ongoing Legal Education Lecturer at the CLE accredited Institute of American and Talmud Law at Chabad of Midtown Manhattan, the Founder of the Connecticut Symposium on Contemporary Legal Issues and Jewish Law, the Rabbi of Congregation Agudas Achim in Hartford, and is continuing lecturer at Chabad of Westmount Irwin Beutel Torah and Law Seminars. In addition to his vast knowledge of Jewish law, Rabbi Yaffe also has expertise in secular law and legal ethics and has lectured widely on subjects including evidence, torts, consumer law and criminal law. Rabbi Yaffe also serves as a legal consultant and lecturer for the New York Legal Assistance Group.

Elias Friedman A.S., EMT-P ⚕
אליהו מתתיהו בן צוי

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