New job!

Patches and cap from my new job at SeniorCare EMS! I'm excited about working here- the company seems to be very serious about safety and customer service- things very important to me as well. First road shift (as a third) this Sunday.

I almost thought I would lose my opportunity here yesterday. On my way into the third day of orientation, when we were to meet the company owner, I got a flat tire!

It was pouring rain at about forty degrees in NYC yesterday and I got the flat less than two miles from my destination. First I tried a quick shot from my CO2 canister to see if it was a slow leak that would hold the fifteen minute ride- no dice. So I got out the cell phone to tell them about what was going on and tried to convince dispatch to send a rig on a rescue mission to fetch the bike and me- no dice on getting a ride; I guess I'm too new an employee yet to have built up enough trust for such a favor- fair enough, really.

So I had the distinct pleasure of changing my tube in a cold, driving rain. My front tire has a quarter inch gash in it- I have no idea from what. I improvised a boot from the box my spare inner tube had come in, pumped it up with another CO2 canister (It's amazing just how much ice can form on the valve stem when you use one of those things in a cold rain!) and got on my way. I wound up being about fifteen or twenty minutes late, thank goodness everyone wasn't too upset at me! Not exactly the impression I wanted to make on the boss on my third day of orientation... Such is life, I suppose though. Just gotta' roll with the punches and come back up smiling!


Stephen said...

Congrats. I guess we won't be seeing you around anytime soon.

Elias said...

I'm renting a car and zipping back to Ellington today to pick up a few things I need for work on Sunday. I do need to buy a new tire and new spare tube- and since it seems to be a difficult thing to get the 48mm presta tubes in 700c/38 it'll be easier to just visit you guys rather than waste time searching around down here.

Greg Friese said...

How is your new job going? I have not seen many tweets about it recently. How about an update?