Politicians never really wanted gas prices to drop

All the politicians may have sounded like the were sweet and sincere in their concern for motorists having to pay high prices for fuel, but in truth they were counting on the price remaining high so they could rake in tax dollars from the 7% tax on every wholesale fuel transaction (yes, that tax can be assessed a couple few times before the product gets to the retail level!)

The proof? Now that fuel prices have fallen dramatically due to natural market forces (and where are all the people who were screaming about "big oil" conspiracies, by the way?) the politicians are all whining about how they're going to have trouble funding their pet projects.

Well the budget's going to be cut now, but I'll bet it won't come much out of the "Bread & Circuses" programs. Rather we will see more potholes in the roads and deferred bridge maintenance; more crime due to fewer cops and more criminals being released on "parole" due to underfunded prisons; and cuts in education funding (who needs gym, let 'em get fat!)

As a full-time, car-free bicyclist, I don't notice the fuel price fluctuations very much, but I'm certainly cognizant of the other items. If other taxes are hiked, I'll notice that too.

Falling gas prices harm Conn. tax revenue -- Courant.com

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