Republican Jewish Coalition Newsletter: Rabbi and the Terrorist; The Next Mumbai; Cantor Promises

December 4, 2008
  • The Rabbi and the Terrorist
  • The Next Mumbai
  • Cantor Promises More Aggressive GOP
  • RJC Congratulates Sen. Chambliss
  • Obama Can Thank Bush
  • Egyptian Jew Hatred
  • Ugly Attacks on Mormons
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    The Rabbi and the Terrorist

    If one assumes that the terrorists primary goals were to destabilize India, weaken growing Indian-Pakistani cooperation in fighting terrorism, and greatly increase Indian-Pakistani tension, hopefully to the point of military war between the two countries, every one of the targets made strategic sense, writes Dennis Prager. But one target seemed to make little sense. With all the Pakistani Islamists hatred of Hindus, they did not attack one Hindu temple in India's major city. With all their hatred of Christian infidels, the terrorists did not seek out one of the 700,000 Christians in Mumbai. For the Islamists, as for the Nazis, the destruction of the Jews -- and since 1948, the Jewish state -- is central to their worldview.

    The Next Mumbai

    Like the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in America, the Mumbai terrorist assault last week began with a hijacking. Islamic militants seized a private fishing boat at sea rather than commercial jetliners, according to U.S. counterterrorism officials. But the attackers displayed the same deadly ability to coordinate a complex operation against multiple targets as did their predecessors on Sept. 11. The Mumbai attacks were a ghastly reminder of the threat still posed by al-Qaeda and related terrorist groups.

    Cantor Promises More Aggressive GOP

    Newly minted House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (Va.) promised Tuesday that a retooled and more aggressive GOP will be better prepared for the 2010 election cycle than it was for 2008. Cantor said Republicans can "expect" that the party will be more active in recruiting and financially backing candidates in tough races. But Cantor added that if the party wants to perform better in 2010 it "can't keep doing things the same way." One of the changes the party needs to make, Cantor said, is to better utilize new media to build its brand and connect with voters. The Republican whip also laid out three principles that the party must adhere to in order to rehabilitate its image with voters.

    "One, we have to stop defending the type of spending that we've always criticized the other side for engaging in. No. 2, we need to stop defending unethical conduct on either side of the aisle, and that includes our own. And third, we've got to go about trying to regain the credibility as adherents to the core principles that this country was based on and our party's based on," he said.

    RJC Congratulates Sen. Chambliss

    Washington, D.C. (December 3, 2008) -- The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) congratulates Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) on winning a second term in Tuesday's runoff election.

    "Senator Chambliss' win is an important victory for the Republican Party and the American people. This strong showing by a GOP stalwart, in one of our fastest growing states, indicates that Republican principles maintain powerful appeal," said RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks. "We sincerely thank all the members of the RJC who contributed their time, energy and financial support to this effort. Senator Chambliss has a great relationship with the RJC and we are thrilled he will serve Georgia residents for another term."

    Obama Can Thank Bush

    As the transition progresses and Barack Obama's inauguration draws closer, it's a good moment to mull the gifts George W. Bush has left for the incoming president. Bush has made the world a better place, and if Obama wants to do the same, he will take the good things Bush has done and move forward with them, says Boston Herald editor Jules Crittenden.

    Egyptian Jew Hatred

    There are few places where Jews are blamed for so many of the world's ills, from carcinogenic pesticides to the war in Iraq to the current financial crisis than in the Egyptian media. These examples are especially notable because they have nothing to do with Israel or Zionism. They expose the popular falsehood -- that hatred of Jews is not one of the great motivating factors in the Arab world's overall objections to Israel.

    Ugly Attacks on Mormons

    Jonah Goldberg writes that Mormons are being singled out for attack only because they are the most vulnerable of the culturally conservative religious denominations and are therefore an easy target for those campaigning against religious freedom of conscience. However one comes down on the questions raised by California's "Proposition 8", the scorched-earth campaign to victory pushed by gay-marriage advocates may well be disastrous, and "liberals" should be ashamed for countenancing it.

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