[Ellington Shul] Hartford North End reunion

Not sure how many on the list this applies to, but hopefully someone
will find it good to know.

~ Eli

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From: Bea Brodie <bbrodie@jewishhartford.org>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 15:27:26 -04
Attached is a flyer for a reunion of those who lived in Hartford's North
End. There will be two programs, one in the afternoon and one in the

We would appreciate it if you would share this with your congregation
through your weekly e-mail announcements or from the bimah.

Thank you so much.

Bea Brodie
Project Manager
Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford
333 Bloomfield Ave.
West Hartford, CT 06117
860 727-6170

Elias Friedman A.S., EMT-P ⚕
אליהו מתתיהו בן צבי

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