Sceptical of the Ground Zero Mosque's Imam

For the second time in less than a week the Imam behind the proposed Islamic Cultural Center, formerly known as the Cordoba House, has threatened us with Muslim violence unless he gets his way. "Man of peace"? Yeah, right!

I've been getting more and more sceptical of his announced motives of "bridge building" and "peacemaking" given that his refusal to compromise even one iota is actually BURNING bridges and DESTROYING peace.

If he offered to move this center even just a couple more blocks away, he'd not only take all the wind out of the sails of the opposition, but he'd likely vastly increase support for the project and even get donations! The fact that he hasn't done this and is now making unsubtle threats makes me very suspicous of his motives.

Ground Zero Mosque Imam: "If I Could Do It Again, I Wouldn't" - DNAinfo.com


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Elias Friedman A.S., EMT-P
אליהו מתתיהו בן צבי

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Anonymous said...

So you are an UWS resident, with a very modest salary, a bicycle enthusiast, and you're single--I really don't get how you are a republican (and don't you know your beloved Wikipedia is socialist?)? And what's the deal with tweeting about your patients? Is that as you are rushing to their aid? Or after you've attended to them? That's really weird--possibly a violation of some sort.

That's the most republican thing about you, by the way. And don't say 9/11 made you conservative. I live in NYC.

Giuliani and Bush both were total screw ups before and after it. Watch Fahrenheit 9/11. It's all in there. Giuliani insisted on putting the communication centers in the Twin Towers, even those people told him not to. So they were destroyed.

Bush sat there for 7 minutes, while our country was under attack. And then he just randomly flew about the country. This is after being handed a doc, weeks earlier, stating "Bin Laden determined to strike inside the US" (which mentioned airplanes), and he said to the person "you've covered your ass now". Bush didn't give a crap--he blew it.