No, I don't support a stay for Martin Grossman's execution

I've been getting a lot of emails lately asking me to sign a petition
to save one Martin Grossman from execution. Many rationals are given
for this, but I don't support clemency for this cop killer just
because he's Jewish?

The actual facts of the case are easy enough to Google up.

Grossman and a 17 year old friend were shooting a STOLEN gun on public
state park land. They were approached by 26 year old forestry officer
Margaret Park who asked to see their weapon permit.

Grossman was out on parole for previous burglaries. He begged Park not
to take him in for his multiple Parole violations. When she refused,
Grossman and his friend proceeded to savagely beat her 20 - 30 times
using her flashlight and radio. When she attempted to defend herself
with her weapon, Grossman - who alone outweighed her by more than 100
pounds and was more than a foot taller - took her gun from her and

I'm sorry but I don't buy that he was in a "panic" when he shot her in
the BACK of the HEAD after beating up the much smaller woman.

I don't care that his IQ was once measured at 77, he obviously knows
right from wrong and the meaning of consequences to actions. Not to
mention that multiple experts and courts have judged him competent.

Addicted to and high on meth & drinking? Nobody forced him to drink
and do drugs. If you think this is an excuse go hug a DUI who mowed
down kids on the sidewalk while you're at it.

Broken home? Same lame excuse as most every other convict. Lots of
people (myself included) come from difficult backgrounds yet are
productive and successful members of society - not cop killers.

Capital punishment is reserved for the worst of the worst offenses? I
would say severely beating then execution style killing a cop just to
try to beat a parole violation rap qualifies as "worst of the worst".

He's a different man than he was 25 years ago. Perhaps so, but Officer
Margaret Park is exactly the same as she has been for the past 25
years - DEAD. The fact that he feels bad (on the eve of his execution)
doesn't excuse the deed or make her less dead. The fact that this is
even brought up reinforces my opinion that death sentences should be
carried out more quickly. Dragging them out for decades is itself
cruel & unusual punishment; and, as the saying goes, justice delayed
is justice denied.

A Jew shouldn't be executed before he completes teshuva? I call
shenanigans on that one. Complete teshuva is not possible for murder
because one can neither make restitution to nor ask forgiveness of the
victim. We're not Christians who can say a few Hail Marys and have
Jesus forgive them their sins against others.

Pikuach nephesh? Give me a break! This a legitimate execution for a
heinous crime carried out under the laws of the State of Florida. The
Torah itself prescribes capital punishment for several offenses.
Murder is a violation of the Ten Commandments.

I'm really burned at how these emails I've been getting try to
sugarcoat the incident. "They were shooting a found gun.", nope - it
was a stolen gun and Grossman was already on parole for burglary. "He
struggled with her in a panic and snatched her gun when she drew it."
implying the shooting was almost accidental. In fact what happened was
that two large men severely beat a smaller woman dozens of times with
a large metal flashlight and a heavy radio, then when she attempted to
save herself with her weapon, Grossman wrenched it from her hand then
executed her with a shot to the back of the head. The only panicked
struggle I see here is that of officer Park to stay alive.

Quite frankly I see not only Martin Grossman as, but also the clemency
drive within the Jewish community as a Shanda fir de Goyim. Let the
Florida justice system run its course.

Elias Friedman A.S., EMT-P ⚕
אליהו מתתיהו בן צבי